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  • Brutus 50lb 8oz
  • Singles Mate 44lb 8oz
  • The Unit 58lb 12oz

Brutus 50lb 8oz


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

Weather started perfect, mild and sw winds. Danny Fairbrass in Co's Point had to wait 24 hours for his first bite then had 6 in a night to 42.8 (Northern Scaly), his action continued during the week ending up with 19 fish to 44.8, all falling to CELL snowmen or bottom baits over lots 20mm freebies at 110 yards. Darrell Peck moved to Oblivion and caught from the first night taking 7 fish including a TOTALLY NEW 50+ nicknamed THE UNIT at 58lbs 12oz, what a result for the lake and for Darrell. He managed two other good uns a new 41 common named THE VIRGIN and BRUTUS at 50lbs 8oz, its first time over 50! Darrell used 15mm Fruitella snowmen on CELL botom baits and fed 3-8kg CELL per night. Darrell commented 'I broke my French pb by 30lbs and was amazed how quickly the fish responded to large beds of boilies'. Billy moved into Alcatraz when Darrell moved out and took a brace of 30 commons in the first hour! The weather deteriorated towards the end of the week and runs slowed down, still an amazing week! This session was filmed for SKY SPORTS show THINKING TACKLE and will go the air Feb/March 2010.