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  • Team Sport Dres all the way from Denmark & Sweden
  • Steen holding 'Danish Bacon'
  • Fred the fish looking awesome in the Spring sunshine for Kevin.

Team Sport Dres all the way from Denmark & Sweden


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Good evening Gents,

Well, we had a great week, last week and not only due to the fantastic Spring sunshine, or the fish that were banked but for great company the lads from Sport Dres have been.

Having driven from Denmark and Sweden, Sport Dres headed up by Peder Lichtenberg duely arrived and were into fish straight away. This is generally quite uncommon here, a fish first night but Steen, who was fishing in the 'Scotties corner' banked a new venue 40 & a PB at that which we have named 'Danish Bacon' in honour of the Sport Dres lads. Steen, also banked a low 20lb mirror the next night as well putting him ahead. DT baits tutti and N-gage baits scoring for Steen.

We the air temps slowly rising, fish have been seen all over the lake, mainly at night and this movement burns energy that has to be replaced somehow !

With 2 fish lost, it was looking up and water temps were also increasing while the weather was improving day on day.

Kevin, from Sweden and fishing in the tree line banked the awesome 'Fred the fish" at 43.08 which puts this amazing looking fish up just shy of 4lb since its last bankside visit.

Kevin said that whilst it was dark, fish were constantly showing all over the lake between 12am through to sunrise ! Sitting up obviously did Kevin some good as he went on to bag a few more fish, another 3 more fish, the biggest being a 35lb mirror giving him a total of 4 fish landed with another lost. All of Kevins fish falling to Trigga bottom baits and pink pop ups, again proving that, the snowman presentation is the baiting style to fish with here at Gigantica, taking almost all the carp caught throughout the year.

So the suns arrived, its now showing the Springs colours after a long dull and grey winter thats seemingly gone on for ever  !

So in total, 9 bites last week, so great improvement on the previous weeks and showing just a little of what can be acheived once the sun gets on the water for any decent amount of time.