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  • Andy Kendall - 39lb 8oz - "The Terminator" - Stock Pond -  02/07/2020
  • Now that's some goo'd up hook bait ..........
  • Andys rig of choice, the combi rig proved to be a good choice!!.....
  • Luke Cornelius - 20lb - "Pineapple Vintage" - Big Girls - 27/06/2020
  • Ricky Bowden - 28lb 8oz - "Smokey" - Big Southerly - 29/06/2020
  • Just 2 near 40s waiting to be photographed :)..........
  • Aaron Boyle - 32lb - "Kemball" - "Stink" - 03/07/2020
  • Andy in action with a good bend in the rod in Stock Pond.............
  • Rowan Hill - 28lb Common - Co's Point - 03/07/2020

Andy Kendall - 39lb 8oz - "The Terminator" - Stock Pond - 02/07/2020


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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 27/06/2020

Hello once again to your weekly update on the goings on and catch reports from The Main Lake here at Gigantica!


Following our opening week after lockdown and the safe return of our first guests and after a thorough clean down it was time to welcome the next group of anglers with a smile, brew and a good gossip. The walk round was done, the dreaded draw, bait orders in and then everyone dispersed to their pegs to commence their own strategies on how to approach and take on the 35 acre main  lake. 


Some seasoned regulars again frequented the banks along with some lads taking on the challenge for the first time. The previous week had seen blistering temperatures into the mid 30s and the fish had been mainly caught from the corners or on a zig. This weeks forecast looked different. More moody, cloudy but still warm, the chance of a spot of rain, could it be true? 


Let’s begin on “Stock Pond” where new to Gigantica, Andy Kendall was fishing. This swim was perfect for Andy you could tell it’s a very similar style to how he fishes back in England. A little and often approach brought steady bites all week. A mixture of Gigantica’s home prepared maize and and hemp with the addition of Mainline Cell and some secret flavours spread up the margins were the baiting strategy. Mainline cell waiters goo’d up to the max were deadly with a very near double take he landed the two biggest of the week, “The Terminator” and “Two Scales” at 39lb 8oz each. They must like to be together those too. Great angling Andy it was great to witness from the clubhouse.


Now as I stated before the weather was looking allot better than the previous week but, things were different the fish weren’t playing ball they could be seen and heard but not really getting their heads down. Then it was heard in the night. Like the sound of a group of hippos charging through the water a group of smaller fish so it seemed decided to go on a deep water bit of sexy time. This is the third time and last (thankfully) that they have spawned this year but it did answer a few questions.


This being said fish still popped out from across the lake, Luke Cornelius actually had one on the first night fishing 21 3/4 wraps to the left of the water inlet in “Big Girls. A low 20lb mirror that was un caught so Luke named her “Pineapple Vintage”. Luke fished hard all week, he lost a few fish, one being a good one and with a tweak of the rig and a change to 2 pieces of pink maize he slipped up another mid 20 mirror. D rig on a size 2 curve being his choice rig and I was present when we had to use forceps on a hook hold 4 inches into the fishes mouth. Unbelievable !


Aaron Boyle chose to fish in “Stink” for the week but I tell you what his angling certainly didn’t. One thing that has become apparent is at some point during the week you bill given opportunities to catch and it’s all about jumping on it and taking advantage. This opportunity arose with Aaron, he noticed a group of fish down his right hand margin. He had observed them and scattered boilies all around the area and fished a krill pop up over the top. By flicking his rod 6 wraps down the bank he had 3 fish up to 31lb in a few hours. What a great bit of angling and a lesson to always be observant and jump on any opportunity because that maybe your chance for a chunk! Aaron also stuck to a spot at 16 wraps towards the 2 tallest trees towards “Treeline”. Steadily baiting krill and Manila and this came to life on the last night when “Kemball” at a high weight of 32lb, slipped into his net.


The fish had definitely been seen allot in the margins between Big Southerly and Stink and Ricky Bowden who went into “Big Southerly” certainly got on them. With most of the action being on particle he decided to tap into the fish’s aggressive instincts of being boilie lovers. He fished rods to the flag pole at 14 1/2 wraps and also onto the hump aiming at Alcatraz at 25 wraps. The boilie approach worked and Ricky slipped the net under a lovely 21lb common and the beautiful “Smokey” at 28lb  8oz. Unfortunately Ricky had to leave mid week so who knows what else he may have had but sometimes life gets in the way.


Now to one of our regulars, mr consistent Rowan Hill. Banging his rods out at 29 wraps from “Co’s Point”, Spombing over the top really working it trying to get that open water rocking. Well it didn’t quite go to plan BUT he did manage a few fish. There were a few comedy moments with Rowen on this week, watching him totally forget the step and nearly landing in lake was a highlight to trying to take night shots and telling him to take his glasses off because of the glare. The problem was he was then blind trying to hold the fish up hahaha. Steady baiting of maize, hemp and pellet again was the approach to slip up his 2 commons, one being a stocky 18lber but his reward was a 28lb 8oz scale perfect specimen that is going to grow into a giant.


The weather next week is looking like it could really produce some fish, the days are looking mild but the wind is due to pick up AND there’s a full moon. 


Well guys n gals till next week tight lines, be lucky and bag a chunk