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  • Mark Walford, 69lb 8oz, Bobs Beach, 6.07.20
  • Smile for the camera :D..............
  • Andy accidentally hits a hornet down Marks top............ oops..............
  • Kurt Brewster, 59lb, Pole Position, 07.07.20
  • Paul Higham, 60lb 4oz, 06.07.20
  • Big Southerly, 42lb, 08.07.20
  • John Pike, 22lb 14oz, Alcatraz, 05/07/20
  • Chris Clarke, 26lb, Alamo, 09.07.20
  • Kurt in pole position bent into a fish !!..........
  • Paul from Co's bait of choice, Link and maize.................

Mark Walford, 69lb 8oz, Bobs Beach, 6.07.20


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 04/07/2020

Its that time again to bring you all the on goings on the “Main Lake” here at the place where carp grow to extreme sizes. With the weather being quite consistent in the mid 20s and a full moon cycle too, the conditions really did look good for the weeks fishing. Was it time for a colonkachunk to be banked?? Well, read on as this week was pretty exciting, and as for the bailiffs very little sleep was had, thanks lads!!!


First things first, the draw, the dreaded draw, nobody likes picking out those balls but it has to be done and before they knew it the anglers were making their way to their designated swims to plan out the week in the hunt for a water monster.


One of the main things that is important when setting up in your chosen swim is to plan for every eventuality. Can you cast that spomb if the wind changes into your face? If not, what’s the point in baiting an area you may not be able to fish in a few days. Mark Walford did just this, after a little time with bailiff Phil talking about “Bobs Beach” and comfortable distances to fish it within his means building a swim at 20 wraps was the chosen plan of action. Baiting with a good helping of boilie, maize and pellet and fishing a spinner rig with the magical 3 grains of slow sinking IB maize proved a very wise decision. The very next morning saw Mark bent into a fish which sadly he lost but this wasn’t the end. “Bobs Beach” has a reputation not necessarily of producing lots of fish but good fish. So, with the rod recast after a few hours it roared into life again. A call to Phil which consisted of, I think I’ve got a 50lber in the net saw Phil grab boss man Andy and off they went to look. Mark was wrong it wasn’t a 50lber it was “Big Bollox” at an incredible weight of 69lb 8oz!!!! what a character of a fish and Marks trip was made in that moment. A good soaking later and she was free to go about her journey. How was your first experience of the main lake Mark ?? haha



"Co’s point" before this week hadn’t really produced the goods, however it had been fished at distance the week before and towards the end of the week it had turned a few up. As always here at Gigantica the biggest tip is listen to the bailiffs. We don’t pretend to be the best anglers in the world but we live and breath both lakes here and watch the fish’s movements on a daily basis. Paul Higham did just this and started his session by fishing at 29 wraps straight at “The Tits”. Bait of choice was Mainline Link mixed with maize and pellet with a Mainline link wafter on a german rig to be his weapon and rig of choice.  Putting around 5 to 7 kilos a day over spot proved to be the one and Paul beat his previous PB (set here in Jan) not once but 3 times with “Sammy” at 48lb, “The Stranger” at 50lb 8oz and then to top them all “The Survivor”at a whopping 60lb 4oz. Paul really rocked out Co’s and left a very very happy man. 


“Pole position” had had good form in recent weeks and Kurt Brewster made the most of it and fished like a demon, he fished it like a runs water, spombing after every fish and ringing that dinner bell. He even had fish attacking the spomb at one point!!! Kurt started on a productive spot close in but then changed tactics as the fish moved out, fishing at 28 wraps in the end drew fish after fish with the highlight of the week being a stunning 59lb mirror named “The Clean Fish”. Solid angling, fishing very English style showing what northerners can do ;) haha. Well done Kurt!!!


Kurt wasn’t the only Brewster on the lake this week accompanying him was his father Stuart Brewster who frequented the swim known as “Big Girls” Stuart hit the ball rolling catching right from the off fishing to the oxygenated water inlet that is the overflow off our stock ponds and into the margins to his right. Stuart didn’t get into the bigger fish but he certainly made up for it in numbers. Catching steadily all week he had a fantastic time and left a very happy man. Well done to you and don’t worry those big water babies are waiting for you on your next visit.


Next up fishing from “Stock Pond’ we have yet another family affair Scott Higham, Scott fished solid all week, well, once he actually had his rods in the water and not in the trees haha. The odd boat trip by Phil to retrieve a slightly miss cast was in order but to be fair he was fishing tight to the margins. Stock Pond has a few really nice spots and it is difficult in the hours of darkness to get them just right. Once he had those spots pin pointed Scott produced the goods. Baiting by hand and tight, accurate fishing saw fish regularly gracing the bank and again Scott caught steadily, and the bite times were so accurate we were guessing the run times. It won’t be long before we see you again my friend, keep those lines tight.


Regular to Gigantica Mr John Allen took up his place in “Big Southerly" this week. Those that know John know he likes to do things a little differently. Going against the grain sometimes but fishing this way, and with beds of hemp and crushed maize produced a couple of stunning fish. The call came in that John had a lovely scaley one in the net. After identification John had landed “Mad Max” at a weight of 42lb, a beautiful scaley mirror carp and definitely the prettiest fish of the week in my opinion. When we were doing the weigh in the amount of hemp in the bottom of the retaining sling was unbelievable she may have gone 43lb if I had been quicker to weigh her haha. Another 26lb mirror named “Last orders” slipped up to the same method and fishing small plastic corn hookbaits was the weapons of choice. 20 wraps towards Co’s point was the spot just off the natural weed bed, the fish LOVE this area!!!! Well in John see you very soon!!


"Alcatraz" a swim that needs no introduction, its featured allot on the Korda dvds was where John Pike and his partner Leanne were camped up. With nobody fishing in Baxters John fished the hump at 24 wraps and out in front towards the wonky tree at 28 wraps John had steady action. I think its safe to say he battled a few demons with his spod rod but he never lost his cool. Baiting at distance is never an easy thing and when you have the weather and wind taken into consideration it can be a very challenging time. John powered through and I even got Leanne in one of his photos after previously being told no as she hadn’t done her makup hahaha. Well in mate those bigger ones are still here and they want a cuddle.


Last but by no means least we have Chris Clarke out in the "Alamo". Now before this week the Alamo hadn’t really been fished out on “THE’ spot, so the fish hadn’t been visiting the area. Chris’s patience was brilliant, he steadily baited all week without fail every day fishing out at 29 wraps towards Baxters. It took all week to start getting them going and with 2 days to go he started to land them. Its so frustrating when a trip happens like this but I suppose that’s why its called fishing and not catching but catch he did. I reckon another few days and you would have hauled some serious fish mate. Well done and great angling and again see you very soon!!


In total the “Main lake” produced 55 fish this week and some of those big girls certainly came out to play. Congratulations to all it was a pleasure.


Until next week guys n gals, be lucky and bag a chunk