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  • Andy Heys, 66lb, Co's Point. 18.07.2020
  • That's a boilie munching machine !!!!!
  • Andy Heys, 42lb, Co's Point. 18.07.2020
  • 9.5 for water entry putting Tom Daily to shame!!!!!
  • Andy Heys, 39lb, Co's Point. 18.07.2020
  • Andy Heys, 35lb, Co's Point. 18.07.2020
  • Andy Heys, 42lb 4oz, Co's Point. 18.07.2020
  • Andy Heys, 33lb, Co's Point. 18.07.2020
  • Ben Mitchell, 23lb, Alcatraz. 18.07.2020
  • Ben Mitchell, 35lb 4oz, Alcatraz. 18.07.2020
  • Ben Mitchell, 41lb, Alcatraz. 18.07.2020
  • Ben Mitchell, 50lb, Alcatraz. 18.07.2020
  • Shane Lune & Millie, 64lb, The Alamo. 18.07.2020
  • look at the gurth on that fish!!!!!
  • Luke Cornelius, 44lb, Bobs Beach. 18.07.2020
  • Luke Cornelius, 35lb 12oz, Bobs Beach. 18.07.2020
  • Luke Cornelius,25lb, Bobs Beach. 18.07.2020
  • GRaham Clatworthy, 36lb, Tree Line. 18.07.2020
  • Hristtijian Nikolic, 42lb 4oz, Pole position. 18.07.2020

Andy Heys, 66lb, Co's Point. 18.07.2020


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 18/07/2020

Another great week on the Main Lake with the weather conditions looking good with light southerly winds and staying dry throughout the week the fish are really starting to get on the feed and with a full lake and some quality angling they managed to keep them on the move giving most a chance to get amongst them.


Andy Heys was out early in the draw and jumped straight into Co’s point following the advice form the bailiff on the walk around he dropped three rods straight on the spot at 27 wraps towards the tits with 6kg of Krill and maize tight over all three rods he got off to a flying start with Broady’s Mirror at 42lb on the nose Sunday morning. With a working formula Andy kept to the plan and by midweek it had started paying off with Kling-On at 39lb and Le wonk at 30lb in the bag by Wednesday morning he was getting amongst a good stamp of fish and it was only a matter of time before one of the big girls slipped up on his krill bottom bait tipped with a yellow topper fished on a spinner. Friday things really started kicking off for him with three fish landed by dinner time including Melbourn Star at 42lb 4oz and The Trans Pretty one at 33lb it was clear they were feeding hard on the baited spot so with another 6kg over the spot before dinner to give them a chance to feed with no lines in the water the plan paid off with what he thought was a possible 50 in the net at around 9pm he called the bailiff explaining he had a large common with an odd shaped belly in the net I knew straight away it could only be one of two fish and both were in the 60+ range and quickly identified it as The Big Bollox Common and she tipped the scales to bang on 66lb smashing his PB of 54lb and taking the top rod spot for the week but he wasn’t finished yet with 12hours left he managed to bag another of the main lakes stunners with the Trans Pretty one at 33lb.


Shane Lune and his partner Millie doubled up in Alamo with Paul Joy and Helen and with the camp set up the opted to fish just past the weed bed at 25wraps as the fish were definitely showing consistently in the area between the big tree left of Beach and the popular trees on the right they baited the strip with 10kg of mixed S7 and Maize and fished over the top with a spinner rig tipped with a secret 7 popup topped with IB maize. Shane was the first to get off the mark and did it in style landing Danish Bacon at 64lb a new PB for him and a great way to start the week. Both managed to get amongst the fish throughout the week but none of the other big girls turned up to the party.


Next up was Ben Mitchell fishing Alcatraz also getting off to a great start after finding the nice little hard spot at 27.5 wraps towards the wonky tree he baited it in the first night with 6kg of boilie and maize mix and started picking up bites from the off with two fish in the net on the first morning not monsters but a welcome start to the week with Eddies at 35lb 4oz and Chipper at 23lb. not to disappoint Ben repeated the action with another two fish the following morning this time it was something a little more special and possibly a new PB on his second trip to Gigantica this year after opening the sling I could see it was a very clean looking mirror known as The Leather and she tipped the scales to 50lb on the button smashing his PB from the previous trip an absolute mega start to the week for Ben and they just kept coming with another 5 fish landed before the end of the week including Foreign Legion at 41lb. Ben baited with Royal Marine and a Mix of pellet and Maize this was fished over with a yellow Baitworks pop-up his baiting approach and rigs were certainty doing the business.


Luke Cornelius A.K.A Mr Lucky Balls After never coming out higher than no5 in the draw he didn’t brake with tradition this time either pulling out number 3 the carp Gods are defiantly smiling on him and with Bobs Beach on form the previous week it was an obvious choice and he started straight were Giorgio left off at 20 wraps towards Stink and topped the swim up with 8kg of krill and sweetcorn. The action started on Monday morning for Luke with a 31lb mirror unfortunately it managed to escape the retainer before the pictures (must have been camera shy) he then backed this up the following morning with a 27lb stockie common and with the bites coming like clockwork at 3am each morning Wednesday we saw the appearance of a 15lb stockie known as Tambourine and The Movie Star at 35lb 12oz the best was yet to come with the Rudder at 44lb and Pac Man at 25lb finishing off his week nicely.


Graham Clatworthy fished the Tree Line and with a little bit of guidance we managed to get him fishing on the spots with one rod at 21 wraps to the old fallen tree and one at 26 to the far margin with his final rod in open water at 20 wraps over a bed of pineapple soaked boilies mixed with maize after losing a fish early on the far margin spot he managed to hook in to one of Gigantica’s re-nouned scalys known as Epicano at 36lb not a enormadon  but an absolute stunner of a fish.


Hristijan Nikolic started the week in The stink but with the wind pumping down towards Stock and Big Girls with Pole position still free a move was definitely on the cards and it paid off for him after a couple of days of baiting and waiting the fish started to move with the wind seeing them moving down the lake Niko started to spom some fresh bait over their heads to try and get them down on the deck picking up his first bite within minutes of spoming a stockie common at 23lb and with the fish following the same wind a couple of days later he repeated the same tactics and sure enough it had the same result this time bagging him The Leney at 42lb 4oz just showing that watching the water and following the fish activity really does pay off.


Stuart Minney fished Oblivion and the fish activity on the point was too much to ignore with show after show he placed two rods at 26 wraps into the middle of the pack and baited stealthily over the top of them from the headland but they just didn’t want to feed with most of his action coming to the third rod placed down the righthand margin at 11 wraps after losing one on the Wednesday night he had another chance on Thursday evening and landed himself Drop Scale Linear at 28lb 4oz a stunning fish and an absolute blank saver. 


A fantastic week with a great bunch of guy’s and ladies of coarse with a total of forty fish out for the week including two sixty plus carp who know what your next trip will bring.

We can’t wait to see you all again soon.


Tight lines James.