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  • Giorgio Arcaini - 48lb 14oz - Bobs Beach - 18/07/20
  • Dean Ennis - 42lb 12oz - Co's Point - 12/07/20
  • Richard Winter - 35lb - The Alamo - 15/07/20
  • Phil Swift - 37lb 8oz - Alcatraz - 13/07/20
  • Mick Wardle - 28lb 4oz - Pole Position - 15/07/20
  • WOW............what a sunset ............
  • Its lovely to catch them but lovely to watch them slip back ...................
  • Giorgio Arcaini - 44lb - Bobs Beach - 18/07/20
  • Dean Ennis - 43lb - Co's Point - 17/07/20
  • Jason Vandermerwe - 25lb - Stock Pond - 16/07/20

Giorgio Arcaini - 48lb 14oz - Bobs Beach - 18/07/20


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 11/07/2020

Whilst sat here typing out this weeks catch report I cant help but do so without a massive smile on my face. What an enjoyable week with such a great bunch of lads. Now when you book these kind of holiday carp adventures of course the primary focus is in hunting down those monster water babies but when you add a whole lot of banter and good times it really does make for one hell of a week.


Lets start in “Bobs Beach” where we had Giorgio Arcaini who was accompanied by his partner Sam. It took a couple of days to get the swim going but going it certainly did. The beach doesn’t always do big numbers of fish but usually throws up some of the big girls and this week was no exception. It had good form with the previous week throwing up “Big Bollox” and going off bailiffs advice and fishing the same 20 wrap spot and baiting steadily it repeated itself with Giorgio landing 6 fish including “Shaky” at 46lb 8oz and “Well Hung” at 48lb 14oz (what is it with this swim and the male genitalia references) haha. A great weeks fishing and some lumps to shout about too spot on!!..............


A 45 wrap cast over to the left of beach would land you on “Cos Point” where we would see Mr Dean Ennis. Co’s also has been on form being regularly fished at the same distance for a few weeks. Again its so important when on the walk round to hear where has been fishing and what distances as the fish are starting to naturally visit these regularly baited areas. Dean had definitely been pumping the iron before this trip, his guns were mighty impressive and bailiff Phil definitely had body envy watching Dean spomb topless into the sunset through the binoculars. (allegedly hahaha). Deans work rate 100% was the key to his success. Accurate baiting, accurate casting and keeping the bailiffs up through the night for pics he had some lovely fish through the week. Biggest of the bunch was “The Bean” just shy of the magic 50lb bracket at 49lb but for me seeing “The Dustbin” come out at 43lb which one of the original stockies was amazing. Top angling and Phil is very much looking forward to your return lol…………


The man, the myth, the legend yes theres only one Richard Winter, a character in his own but what a guy. Richard likes his tackle (so to speak) and likes very much to fish at distance! (even when told the fish have been showing shorter) Drawn in “The Alamo” he began fishing at a mighty impressive 36 wraps out. I have to admit on a bit of casting envy in watching him send a large spomb sailing out into the middle of the lake BUT this was to no avail. Noticing the fish were closer in he did come shorter (30 wraps) where I believe he tripped up a smaller stocky. However, there were a few fish showing in “Big Southerly” a quick move saw Richard moving 200 yards down the lake and reset, casting to the hump at 25 wraps Richard again picked up the odd smaller fish, but guess where the fish had started showing again???? Patience is a virtue my friend, and back to “The Alamo” he went and what a decision it was, picking up “The French Common” at a weight of 35lb. Richard you are a laugh a minute and if anyone would like to know anything that’s going on around the lake don’t worry Richard will ring you before you even need to ask hahaha……….


“Pole Position” a swim that has seen regular bait between 27 to 28 wraps to “The Stink” and just to the right has been producing regular action saw a lovely little gentleman by the name of Mick Wardle move in for the week. Now with Pole Position you are right outside the clubhouse. So Mick was a permanent member of the brew making team, wind up team, banter brigade, and just basically causing mischief all week long!!! In the evenings he would be seen with some disarano and coke chatting away till literaly booted out back to his swim. Mick had us literally in stitches all week but hold on……….fishing, that’s what we are talking about right? Well surprisingly enough in his busy schedule he did manage to bag a few. No big ones but he did get to name a couple of our stockies one of which is now named “Trip Hazard” aptly named as when Mick had an absolute one tone, line screaming from his reel he ran full pelt out of the clubhouse (no disarano was spilt haha) lost his bearings and ran straight into his car which was parked up at the back of his swim with the cry of “s**t a car” That moment I shall remember for a long time, Mick well done and cant wait till we see you again soon……….


Now last week on Road Lake you will have read about a young gentleman named Jason Vandermerwe who had a cracking weeks fishing. Jason had the opportunity of spending another week with us helping out around the fishery with the added bonus he could fish the nights on the main lake as there was only a few of the lads on there. I think firstly thank you for all the work you did, you certainly made our lives easier during the days and we hope you enjoyed it. Jason carried on his recent weeks form catching steadily all week from “Stock Pond" fishing out at 23 wraps with 3 rods spread from the margin and baiting by hand with maize and pellet from the bank. Jason was fishing with a wonnie wig using a kwank hook and caught some kwackers up to 30lb, you can see theres an in joke here but Jason struggles with his w’s to Micks delight. All harmless fun and Jason is back in December, keep safe my friend………


"Alcatraz" also saw some action when bailiff Phil Swift jumped in to the empty swim. Noticing the swim had seen fish allot closer than out on the longer distance spots he decided to go about things totally different. The marker rod was out and a distance of 15 ¾ wraps was found. Nice and clean this was then introduced to some bait, a good 8 kilo a night, mainly maize with pellet and a good helping of “Mainline Link”. Before the spot could be fished properly on on the first night fishing it the fish went nuts, all over the lake they were on something, it had to be a hatch! A very quick 20 foot zig was tied, black foam, size 6 wide gape staright into the middle of them. The rod was out 20 minutes when it bent round. “Rolo” a lovely 32lb 8oz common was the result. The following night after work saw a scalely one grace the net, “Two Faces” at 37lb 8 but this was the last of the action for the week, but why? Because Phil is stubborn! Wanting to prove you can catch them closer he stuck to the 15 34 spot rather than back out at 28 wraps or the hump (as nobody was in baxters) lesson learnt!! Let the fish tell you were to fish as they know best !!!


What an amazing week here at where memories are made and we shall see you all again very soon.


Until next week guys n gals, be lucky and bag a chunk