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  • Darren Watkins - 54lb - Co's Point - 31/07/20
  • Phil Swift - 30lb 8oz - Stock Pond - 28/07/20
  • Bob Burrows - 46lb 8oz - Alcatraz - 30/07/20
  • Ian - 44lb 4oz - Baxters - 26/07/20
  • Simon Cunnell - 45lb - Bobs Beach - 27/07/20
  • Grant Dilloway - 37lb 8oz - Alamo - 28/07/20
  • Colin Reed - 33lb 4oz - Big Southerly - 28/07/20
  • Daan Pikaerts - 26lb 12oz - Oblivion - 29/07/20
  • Rowan Hill - 40lb - Treeline - 31/07/20

Darren Watkins - 54lb - Co's Point - 31/07/20


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 25/07/2020

Gigantica weather only hotter  !!!! 


This title just about sums up this weeks fishing, we certainly saw those temperatures soar and with temps in excess of 40 degrees it felt like we were walking on the surface of the sun with our feet in lava. Nothing a drop of sun cream and plenty of water can’t sort out but when we saw James stroll across in front of the clubhouse in a mankini enough was enough!!!!!! :D………


We always start the report usually with whatever swim has produced the biggest fish of the week. This week we start in “Co’s Point” where we had “The Beacon” a.k.a Darren Watkins. Fishing at a distance of 28 wraps, now hats off to Darren he put some bait in and in the heat of the week that was some task in its own. Bites were consistent all week with a slight lull mid week. Walking into Darrens peg to do pics was an experience in its own, such a high on life character with a sunburnt shining beacon of a head had everyone smiling all week. Fish of the week and hard earnt and on big fish Thursday was “Alcatraz” at a whopping weight of 54lb on the nose backed up with numerous upper 30s and even the honour of naming a couple of stockies too, see you soon our shiny headed friend hehe……….


Speaking of the fish “Alcatraz” we may as well take a walk over to the actual peg, Alcatraz. Residing for the week and making himself well at home we had Bob Burrows, with Bivvy, outside shelter, Jacuzzi, fridge and go knows what else and more rigs tied than the Korda Warehouse. Alcatraz had had steady form over the last few weeks and had produced a 50lber so Bob was on a mission. Baiting regularly throughout the day and especially when the light faded and the lake went into a flat calm he drew the fish to his chosen spot at 27 wraps. This regular baiting throughout the day is no coincidence. We have noticed that the fish really do respond to the sound of the spomb hitting the surface. The stockies introduced have changed the dynamics of the lake and the big girls have to bully them out for a feed, this is top tip of the week!!!!! Bobs steady away approach saw some lovely fish grace his net including an absolute stunner named “The Peach” at 46lb 8oz and the warrior “Wodka” at 41lb 12oz. Well done Bob see you again soon ……………


Over on Alamo it was very cosy as just like the week before it was fished as a double with Grant Dilloway and Danny Bleach, sharing dinner time roles and even a candle on the table at teatime it was a bromance worthy of any blockbuster film. All joking apart both very accomplished anglers, first Grant though, choosing to fish the same distance as the guys previously at 25 wraps using krill boilies mixed with maize on a regular basis brought fish into the net. Biggest of the bunch was “Nathans” at 37lb 8oz and he also had the honour of naming a couple of our new stockies. The rainbow them was applied and we now have a “Bungle” and “George” swimming around in the blue depths. It was a little harder over on the right hand side of the swim with Danny but he still managed a capture and to boot name her, I’m not going to say what his original choice of name was but it was outlawed instantly so there’s also a “bleachy” splashing about too………great team effort lads, see you soon………


Baxters, a swim that isn’t always picked but overlook it at your peril!!!! Approached right and fished effectively it can certainly produce the fish. Ian mastered this by fishing out at 20 wraps towards “Alamo” with 2 rods with one going slightly to right into the bay at 14 wraps. Putting backleads on all rods so as not to cut the bay off and baiting a kilo a day of boilie onto the spots produced some lovely fish. From the first night saw a character common named “Tweedle Dum” spin the scales to 23lb 8oz but the fish got bigger. The best of the week was an absolute stunner named “King Fully” at 44lb 4oz. What a mirror carp with chestnut scales, these are what Gigantica is famous for !!!!!


A flick to the left we have “Bobs Beach” and Mr Simon Cunnell who had the best start to the week landing the very impressive “Strauss Family Common” at a wacking 45lb proving that Bobs Beach is carrying on the form for the big girls. That 20 wrap spot straight towards Stink doing the business once again, however this was to be Simons only fish, it’s a cruel world sometimes, I guess that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching. Simons patience and attitude was spot on and did have fish showing on or around him but this was to be his only prize. I don’t know about you but it was certainly a prize worth having, well done done Simon im sure the numbers will be there on your next visit.


Moving down the west bank to "Treeline" saw the ever regular Badger routing about in the bushes, baiting up those magical margin spots at 21 wraps and 26 wraps. Badger hit it off with a BANG landing a lovely 30lb mirror on the first night. The fish seemed to drift away for a few days after that still showing out in open water but not really heading into the margins in any numbers. This badger had to clear its head, a few runs during the day with the rods out of the water, some sunbathing (which I saw far too much of a badger’s ass) then baiting before and after tea and a lot of patience in the end paid off. On the Friday morning that ever faithful 26 wrap spot ripped into life to gift this badger a special looking fish. Tipping the scales at 40lb on the nose “Pixels” wanted a cuddle. A hard-earnt week but as we always say if your rigs are right, and your baiting is accurate and steady at some point in a week you will have fish upon you. Make it count !!!!.............


Bear with me we are getting there I promise 3 swims to go haha…………


"Big Southerly", now if there’s one swim in the entire lake with a main feature it’s this one!!! With a sunken tree to your left and a marker pole showing you the limitations to cast too I don’t believe there will be a single time fish won’t be in and around this feature. 14 12 wraps will put you on that marker pole. Colin Reed had rods to this main feature and also aiming directly at Alcatraz at 25 wraps puts you on the hump. It was a week of 2 half really as on the first night a 33lb mirror made his acquaintance but then all went quiet. Fish were 100% present, but they didn’t want to play the game of chess. Colin however wasn’t giving up, he stepped up his game plan and baiting plan and guess what!! Yep…..he had an absolute belter of a wood carving mirror called ……you got it, “Wood Carving” 33lb 4oz. A welcomed photo shoot and a very happy Colin, job done I would say!!


Now if you decide to enjoy the home comforts of wifi on your peg, constant advice, banter and laughs from James and Phil, "Pole Position" is your choice of peg. Tim Clay was enjoying a week in here well, I say enjoy it was a tough one really as most action seemed to be coming from the left hand side of the lake. But……….then the tides turned and the fish moved they were getting closer!!! A bit of pressure of James for Tim to get spombing over them to induce a take was accepted. The fortunes then changed and with-it Tim started to receive bites, losing the first one wasn’t the plan though Tim!!!!! It’s a good job he made up for it landing fish up to 26lb 2oz by the name of “Growler”…


For his sins bailiff Phil Swift decided to join Tim taking up the unfancied swim of “Stock Pond” deciding to approach the gravel run off from where the pumps are that pump water into the stock ponds behind. Fishing at 23 wraps staggering them down the runoff. The first 2 days this area was baited by wading out and putting about 8 kilo of bait over the 3 rods, to no avail. A tactic change was in order, rather than disturbing the water wading he decided to spomb it out instead, ringing the dinner bell. Almost instantly on the 5th spomb the right-hand rod melted off. “Noddy” at 30lb 8oz, boom first blood, fish unhooked and rod straight back out and 12 spombs back on it. Within 30 minutes it was off again the same rod at the top of the shelf. This time a repeat capture of “The Decoy” at 29lb 12oz, the method was working. The following night saw a rod put on the 19 12 margin spot targeting the fish in the shallows and “Elsa” made an appearance at 20lb 8oz” Fish seemed to drift out after this but jumping on the opportunity as it arouse accounted for a few stunners.


Last but by no means least we had Daan Pikaerts fishing with his lovely partner Ilse Cauwenbergh who took up residence in “Oblivion” I think its fair to say Daan was struggling a little at the start of the week and as we all do his head was dropping by the day until!!......The weather was obviously hot, the fish were up in the water, they were drifting on a light breeze towards Oblivion. The conversation was simple, Daan I hope you have a zig on……….Im not very familiar with zigs……….Im on my way!!!!! A quick zig tutorial and a couple of hours later and the unmistakable shout across the lake, FISH ON and on the 20 ft zig too. A speedy bike ride round and before Daan new what was happening Phil was up to his waist in the water ready to engulf Daans first Gigantica carp. In it went, no monster at 26lb 12oz called “Postie” but its what we are all about, the look on Daans face and the photos say it all. Well done my friend see you soon !! The big ones are waiting !!!!!............


Well my fingers are bleeding, plenty of fish out and the activity on the water is amazing lately, plenty of maize in the mix is a definite, plastic maize still being the biggest hauler of them all and 100% keep that spomb going in, ring that bell they will come !!!


Until next week guys n gals, be lucky and bag a chunk