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  • Rowan Hill 80lb The Alamo 15.08.20
  • Smile
  • Michael Mack 33lb 8oz Pole Position 15.08.20
  • Kingsley 35lb 8oz Baxters Hole 15.08.20
  • Michael Mack 35lb Pole Position 15.08.20
  • Greg Bailie 38lb 4oz Big Southerly 15.08.20
  • Eddie Brant 38lb The Stink 15.08.20
  • Chris Clark 38lb Bobs Beach 15.08.20
  • Kingsley 41lb 8oz Baxters Hole 15.08.20
  • Time for a PB Soaking
  • Chris Clark 45lb 4oz Bobs Beach 15.08.20
  • Eddie Brant 48lb 4oz The Stink 15.08.20
  • Chris Clark 50lb Bobs Beach 15.08.20
  • no pressure!!!!!
  • Don't drop it !!!!!!
  • Michael Mack 51lb 8oz Pole Position 15.08.20
  • Chris Clark 62lb Bobs Beach 15.08.20
  • Rowan Hill 68lb 8oz The Alamo 15.08.20
  • Kingsley 50lb Baxters Hole 15.08.20
  • Chris Clark 38lb Bobs Beach 15.08.20
  • Chris Clark 41lb 4oz Bobs Beach 15.08.20
  • Greg Bailie 47lb 12oz Big Southerly 15.08.20
  • Greg Bailie 56lb 8oz Big Southerly 15.08.20
  • Chris Clark 44lb 8oz Bobs Beach 15.08.20
  • Tom Colingwood  32lb 8oz Oblivion 15.08.20
  • Greg Bailie 42lb 4oz Big Southerly 15.08.20
  • Chris Clark 46lb 8oz Bobs Beach 15.08.20

Rowan Hill 80lb The Alamo 15.08.20


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 15/08/2020

The Queen of the lake graces us with her presence and she is back up in the 80s !!!! and a 60+ fish week the Main Lake is fishing its socks off 


This week we had the return of the Embryo boys with a lake exclusive its been 2 years since we last see the boys taking a well-earned rest from the hard work they do keeping our lakes safe back in the UK with the otter fencing and lake maintenance work they do. With the effects of the dreaded covid not all of the guys were able to make it this year, so the extra spaces were filled by a couple of Gigantica’s regulars. the week kicked off to a flying start with six fish landed by the Sunday morning and things only got better…… 


Kicking of with Rowan Hill in the Alamo it wasn’t the most prolific swims of the week but Rowen was going for size not quantity and having good knowledge of the main lake he knew  The Alamo has a big fish reputation he found a nice clean spot at 30 wraps towards Beach he baited the spot with 8-10kg of Mainline Link and Essential Cell mixed with maize and picked up a small stockie on the first morning giving him confidence in the spot he repeated the same baiting strategy but Monday passed with very little action. Rowan’s next action came in the early hours of Tuesday morning with a slow and steady take on his middle rod this time it was something bigger with a slow plodding fight until it finally surrendered its self  in front of the net as he slipped it under a nice deep and dark mirror called Pips that weighed in at 68lb 8oz but he wasn’t done yet with another stockie in the sling by lunchtime and with bite time on the Wednesday and Thursday passing by with no action he started to question if they had moved off the spot but knowing the lake can sometimes get a little bit moody he stuck with it and kept the bait going in and just before dinner on the Thursday the middle rod was off again with a steady run he lifted the rod striking into what felt like an absolute unit and he wasn’t wrong it was 100% one of the A team and after weighing in at 80lb on the nose it was quickly identified as the Queen herself Fudgy's one he has been after for years and with the adrenalin kicking in when it came to doing picture’s he held her like an absolute hero…..


Chris Clark was quick to get in on the action in Bobs Beach with Elephant Tube at 38lb in the net by 6am on the Sunday morning it was looking like it was going to be a good week with the fish staying in the area from the previous week Chris went it hard with the bait putting in 10kg on the Saturday night at 25 wraps towards Stink with an I-QD rig tipped with a SFH wafter at the business end and by 6am the following morning he had another two chunks in the net this time it was shoulders at a massive 62lb and Slate Grey at 50lb what a brace!!!!! and a session of a lifetime and its only Monday. The bites just kept coming as regular as clock work he had Nelsons at 45lb 4oz and a small stockie by Wednesday he was on a Roll and Thursday morning didn’t disappoint with two 40s in the net with Cut Tail Scaly at 44lb and The Strauss Family Common at 46lb 8oz what a result!!! And yes you have guessed it Friday morning saw another two fish on the bank for Chris this time it was Maddy at 41lb and The Exocet at 38lb just showing that some real solid and tidy angling in the right swim can pay off big time…


Next up was Michael Mack fishing Pole Position and with the action really kicking off around the rest of the lake mike didn’t waste any time getting in on it with two of the new stockies  in the shape of Little Plated at 35lb and cheesy Quaver at 29lb by Sunday morning following it up on the Monday morning with another two and something a little more special in the shape of Classico a stunning looking common at 51lb 8oz all falling to pop-ups fished on a spinner rig at 28 wraps towards Stink over a bed of mainline cell and essential cell mixed with corn but after getting off to a flying start things started to slow down a little after Tuesday although he was still picking them up mike struggled to get back amongst the larger residents finishing the week on ten fish.


Kingsley dropped into Baxters Hole also managing to get in on the action with the spot at 22 wraps rocking he dropped straight into the fish picking up two stockies on the first night and another two by dinner time on the Monday he kept the bait going in with 6-8kg of Krill boilies mixed with Maize this was fished over with a Krill pop-up on a Spinner rig and with the consistency paying off he started getting amongst the larger residents on the Tuesday morning landing himself The Terminator at 41lb 8oz and followed this with Cornucopia on the Wednesday morning but the best was yet to come and with a quiet morning on Thursday he continued to bait up and stuck to the plan then Friday morning they turned back up on the spot resulting in two bites before 11am one of them being the best fish of the week for Kings with Chopped Dorsal at 50lb on the nose..


Eddie Brant fished The Stink and with all three rods on a clear spot at 27 wraps towards Beach using an IB wafter presented on a spinner rig over a bed of 18mm boilies and maize he introduced around 6kg of bait over the area per day for the first few days and picked up his first bite on the Monday evening just before dark a chunky looking common called Cookie Monster at 38lb 8oz his next bite didn’t come until Wednesday morning just before first light this time he had landed one of the lakes scaly’s in the shape of Snags linear at 48lb 8oz 


Greg Baillie fished Big Southerly and with the option of fishing to the snags at 14 wraps to the left-hand site of the swim and out long at 25 and ¼ wraps towards Alcatraz he fished one rod on the short spot and the other two on the long spot with all three on plastic Maize fished over a mix of boilies and Maize and he managed to get them both rocking with his first take coming to the long spot in the shape of a lovely 34lb common on the Monday he then backed this up with one off the short spot and they were getting bigger with Bobbing’s dancing at 38lb 4oz and it wasn’t long before he was into another one and with commons seeming to be the running theme for Greg he was over the moon to land this one with The Vicar at 56lb 8oz going on to finish his week in style with two fish on the Saturday morning this time two mirrors this time two mirrors with San’s Oeuf a mid-thirty and Sammy at 42lb 4oz a mega end to his week.


Tobias Ward fished Alcatraz although he was definitely on the fish he just couldn’t get past the smaller pack with ten takes during the week with the biggest being The Harrier at 27lb all coming from the 28 spot towards the wonky tree between Stink and Big southerly he baited the area with Baitworks Royal Marine and a mix of maize and pellet. The best part of the week was him running bear foot from the lodge across the gravel at a speed of knots to a ripping take which turned out to be a 17lb stockie now called Barny Rubble.


Tom Collinwood fished Oblivion and with the fish moving all over the lake it was only a matter of time before he got his chance so with all three rods set at 26.5 wraps towards the tall tree left of beach he baited up with Mainline Link and maize over the spot and fished a match the hatch boilie on a blowback rig this resulted in 8 fish for Tom over the course of the week up to 32lb 8oz with Long Spot being the largest.  


What can I say another mega week on a very special place the lads fished hard all week and it paid off big time for the proving effort equals reward.

Well done guys tight lines and we will see you all again soon…