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  • Luke Cornelius, 72lb, Big Southerly. 05.09.2020
  • Matt Dawes, 72lb, Scotties, 05.09.2020
  • Roy Prodger, 57lb 4oz, Baxters, 05.09.2020
  • Roy Prodger, 51lb 12oz, Baxters, 05.09.2020
  • Roy Prodger, 40lb, Baxters 05.09.2020
  • Roy Prodger, 40lb, Baxters 05.09.2020
  • Roy Prodger, 42lb, Baxters, 05.09.2020
  • luke Cornelius, 41lb, Big Southerly. 05.09.2020
  • luke Cornelius, 47lb 8oz, Big Southerly. 05.09.2020
  • Paul Carpenter, 48lb 8oz, Alamo, 05.09.2020
  • Jamie Woodman, 49lb 4oz, Stink, 05.09.2020
  • Bob Flisher, 50lb, Alamo, 05.09.2020
  • Richard Winters, 56lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 05.09.2020
  • Richard Winters, 48lb, Bob's Beach, 05.09.2020

Luke Cornelius, 72lb, Big Southerly. 05.09.2020


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 05/09/2020

Not 1….. Not 2….. But 3 yes 3 70s in a week….


It’s Been another busy week on the main lake with the fish hard on the feed it’s like party time with double and triple takes the A listers are tripping up all over the place and the boys made the most of it………


Well we are going to kick this week off with Roy Prodger  “yes he’s back I am not sure he even left to be honest” this time he has dropped into an absolute flyer with Baxters and with the spot at 22 wraps fished constantly over the past couple of weeks he decided to push things out a little further to 24.5 wraps towards stink and boy did it pay off with five fish by 7am on the Sunday morning including two over 40lb with Baby Brutus at 51lb 12oz and Terminator at 40lb on the button. Mr Consistent didn’t disappoint on the Monday either with absolute mayhem in the swim in the early hours with all three rods going off within minuets of each other “yep another 50+ in the net’’ he backed this up with three mid 20s he was definitely on a roll and with not long to go until light we waited to do pictures of the 57lb 8oz fully scaled absolute beauty known as Patch Fully. Roy decided to try baiting up a little earlier to see if he could prolong the feeding spell and it certainly worked for him with action on the rods from 8pm right the way through to 5am Wednesday morning and with another scaly in the net backed up with 5 of the stockies to 39lb 8oz but the main prize was the one sitting in the net King fully at 42lb. nobody could of guessed what was going to happen next with the fish moving in at around 4am he stated the morning with the Victory Fish at 30lb and soon followed this up with Funny Shape at 40lb but as he slipped the net under this one his last rod screamed off lifting into an absolute unit hugging the bottom and after a long and steady fight she finally surfaced about a rod length out Roy couldn’t believe  his eyes not because of the size of it but because he instantly recognised it as Ziggy Stardust a fish he had just 4 weeks ago to the day and almost to the hour “you couldn’t wright this stuff” not wanting to put it through the stress of taking picture’s he very admirably weighed the fish with me present and we slipped her back 4oz up in weight from his previous capture at 72lb on the nose the week wasn’t over yet though we still had two night left to go and he finished his week with another two fish including another scaly stunner in the shape of The Punisher at 48lb. Roy’s baiting approach was to follow what has been working for him so well in the past visits to the main lake and fish with a simple blowback rig tipped with a Hybrid and yellow and pink toppers over a bed of Mainline Hybrid boilies mixed with maize landing him 21 fish in total for the week.

 “if it aint broken why try to fix it”…….


Next up is Luke Cornelius back again for another crack at the big girls but this time he fancied his chances on the opposite side of the lake in Big Southerly Luke likes to make sure he has covered all the spots available in the swim just to make sure he’s not missing an opportunity he started the week fishing two rods out front at 25 wraps towards Alcatraz and one at 14 wraps just to the left-hand side of the marker pole and after picking up 4 bites from the short spot on the Tuesday night with Mr Chow at 47lb two stockies and Mercers at 37lb 8oz he baited the area heavily on the Wednesday afternoon to see if he get them feeding hard on the spot resulting in another take on the thurday evening landing Pixles at 41lb so he opted to put all three rods down to the left-hand side of the swim for the last night causing complete chaos when he got a pickup on the inside rod wiping the other two out completely just after dark so on went a solid bag back over the 25 spot or thereabouts and the remaining two rods were placed back on the 14 wrap spot he didn’t have to wait long for the solid bag to be picked up and this time it felt big and after battling it to the net just as he was about to slip the net under the fish his line that must have been damaged in the earlier carnage gave way but with the rig still in the fishes mouth I am not sure the fish quite knew what was happening and luke managed to get the net under the enormadon and the battle was won luke - 1 Fish – 0 and what a fish to finish with Danish Bacon Tipping the scales to 72lb on the button putting him on level pegging with Roy for the biggest fish of the week and with a total of 6 fish for the week he was buzzing.


Next up Matt Dawes one of Lukes mates joining him for a week well where do I start Matt has been away from the sport for a while and was just getting back into it and thought Scotties would be perfect for him with some nice short range fishing and easy baiting from the other bank. Matt fished two rods to the edge of the weed bed at 18 wraps and one down to his left at 9 wraps and after losing a fish in the weed early on he started to question his tactics and rigs but he stuck to his guns and as we all know this often pays off and it certainty did with an absolute chunk in the net on the Wednesday morning in the shape of Roberts fish at “yep can you believe it” 72lb the third 70 of the week smashing his previous Pb by 50lb what a fish its going to take some beating. 


Next on the cards is Rich Winters no his second week and he’s dropped straight back into Bobs beach after doing so well the previous week he continued to fish the 25 wrap spot and kept his baiting approach and tactics as he used the previous week but it seemed like the fish had moved off but he kept the bait going in with a mix of link and essential cell and sure enough the did by mid-week he started seeing action over the spot and he picked up his first bite on Wednesday morning with The Leather at 48lb on the nose he followed this up with a 22lb stockie and Rory at 41lb by mid-day on the Thursday they had definitely moved back in on him all he needed to do was keep them there to have a chance of one of the big girls and sure enough Friday morning it all came good with one of the stockies at 35lb 12oz in the sling and another in the net this time it was one of the rear visitors to the bank with The Face at 56lb 12oz he was on a roll and with a space coming up next week could he make it a third week in the beach…….


Geoff Longley Fished Pole Position he got in on the action very quickly with two mid 20s in the net before dinner on the Saturday it looked like it was going to be a busy week for him he fished all three rods at 28 wraps towards stink using DNA S7 and maize the following morning also started well with another one in the net and a top up of bait it wasn’t long before he was in again but there was no sign of the big girls at this point. Jeff baited the spot with another 5kg just before dinner and with the activity over his bait it was only a matter of time before one of the rods was ripping off again and they were getting bigger this time it was Jelly Tot at 38lb 12oz “not bad angling with 5 fish in the first 24h’s” then it was as if someone flicked a switch and it all went quiet but the fish were still showing over the bait so he deployed a zig starting at 21ft and bringing it down to mid water but with no avail they just didn’t seem to be interested however Geoff did manage to winkle one more before the end of the week with the Sexy Fish weighing in at 32lb falling to a S7 hard hooker presented on a spinner rig.


Jamie woodman fished Stink and after a lead about he settled on a spot at 28 wraps just to the left-hand side of beach so with all three rods placed tight together he baited the area with 6kg of Plan B and a mix of maize and hemp it didn’t take long for them to move in on him landing Makers Mark before breakfast on the Sunday morning weighing in at 49lb 4oz not a bad way to open the account his next bite was Monday morning a 30lb stockie returned without picture’s and with another mid 20 on the Friday morning bringing his total to three for the week.


Dan Cleary was out last in the draw but with a choice of three swims he opted to drop into Big Girls he didn’t waist any time either with a 22lb 4oz mirror called Lloyd’s  along with Apple Crumble at 26lb 4oz and a 28lb 2oz common in the net just after dinner on the first night Sunday past with very little in the way of activity in the swim Dan’s next bite came on the Monday evening with Half Moonscale at 32lb 2oz backed up with a nice 34lb 12oz common called The Night Watchman by Tuesday morning he then helped himself to another three fish by 9pm that evening with the biggest being Dropscale linear at 30lb with most of his bites falling to two pieces of plastic maize fished over a bed of Complex T and a mix of maize and hemp fished on a spinner rig at 21 wraps to the far margin in front of the inlet from the stock pond unfortunately the big girls didn’t turn up for Dan this week.


Paul Carpenter and Bob Flisher both fished The Alamo Bob was on the left-hand side and Paul on the right they opted to bait one area between them at 27.5 wraps putting 10kg a day of Plan B and mixed maize and hemp over the spot to try and pull the fish in to feed. Paul opened the account with Dustbin one of the super stockies at 48lb 12oz “it wont be long before she starts tipping the scales over the 50lb mark” then it was bobs turn with one of the 2018 stockies at 31lb on the nose after that it all went a bit quiet for the pair but they continued to put the bait out in the hope they would turn up again but the second half of the week the fish seemed to have drifted over to the opposite side of the lake and it was left right till the last minute before one of them got another chance this time it was Bob into a fish in the early hours on the Saturday morning landing Chopped Dorsal at 50lb on the button it was a perfect way to finish the week…..


Well what can I say it’s been a mad week with over 75 fish out and three of them being 72lb on the button we were kept on our toes with fish picture’s and keeping enough fresh bait cooked up ready for the hungry mouths….

Lets hope it carry’s on into next week……..

Tight lines James.