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  • Les' fist and biggest Gigantica fish !
  • Steve John - ABS caught lump ' the unit ' !!

Les' fist and biggest Gigantica fish !


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Welcome back to the Gigantica weekly update.

Well last week never worked out how I anticipated. Rising air and water temps, prolonged periods of sunshine and blue sky had me thinking it was going to ' go off' with multiple capture for a few anglers, especially after the Great Danes had had quite a good week the week before.....

It was slower than I expected, why ? I dont know but it looked so goodfor a few bites but there were fished caught.

Les Bolland choose to fish Pole position armed with his favorite Mainline Fusion, a known fish catcher here at Gigantica. This was Les' first time over the channel fishing and he managed to bank 3 fish. A 22, 24 and a 29. All caught on Fusion, fished at 70 yds. Next door, Blankey - aka Steve unfortunately didnt catch, much to Les' delight but fish showed over him on and off .

John Steve lol fishing out on Co's point introduced a steady supply of a new Active Bait Solutions mix to where the fish were showing constantly in front of him for the entire week.

A slow start saw a 26m out mid week but the week was very frustrating with constant fish movement but Steve - John ( sorry, I called John Steve all week for some reason ? ) perservered and on Saturday morning put  'The Unit' in the net !  Result for Steve hahahaha Well done mate. Combi links and Kurv shanks keeping him connected throughout the fight.

Roy and Steve struggled all week with fish over them but had to leave early due to work committments and Jason & Darryl, happy birthday too the Portsmouth supporter ( he'll hate that lol )  enjoyed trying to break the Gigantica beer consumption record and nearly managed it !!

A great week, a great bunch of lads, who I'll be seeing again as theyve all booked to return, hopefully, theyll all bank a few next time. I look forward to seeing you all again lads.

Well, it didnt work out as Id planned but was still a great week, socially and fish wise.

With good weather continuing, Im hoping next week will finally ' kick off' with a Spring haul.

Until then, be safe & be lucky.