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  • Just colossal!!...... Chris Clarke with "The Giggler" at 83lb from "Big Southerly"
  • I think he looks happy don't you ??.......
  • "Scar" at a new top weight of 74lb............
  • Here she is, the queen of the lake, "Fudgy's" at 80lb caught by Jeff Maskell........
  • What better way of sharing the moment than with his partner in crime Michelle............
  • Roy Prodger with "The Target" at a whopping 74lb !!..........
  • Super stocky!!!! The first 50lb stocky here's Roy with "Dustbin" at a colossal 53lb 8oz.......
  • The badger bags a new 50 with "The Bean" at 52lb!!.........
  • "Buzz's Half Linear" turned the scales to 40lb 8oz for Darko Ilic!.........
  • Just look at the scale pattern on this 34lb stocky named "Squeaky Clean"............
  • All smiles for Mr Mack with "The Peach" at a great 49lb what a fish!!!!.......
  • "The Windy Common" was 1 of 5 fish on the final evening for Michael at 38lb 8oz......
  • "Mad Max" at 43lb 8oz, now those are som scales......well done Ryan Mullins.....
  • Another new 50lber in "Pawprint" who went 52lb 8oz !!!........
  • Literals check out the "Shoulders" on this girl, 64lb of brute.......
  • Stock Pond was kind to Phil with "Kling On" at 42lb in weight..............

Just colossal!!...... Chris Clarke with "The Giggler" at 83lb from "Big Southerly"


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 26/09/2020

The Big Girls came to play……………….!!!!


Well the stars we aligned for a good week this week with a fair forecast of weather with a full moon due on the Thursday evening and some fresh rain also. Very carpy conditions and well…….you are about to see just how the week unfolded.


Big Southerly is where “Chris Clarke” took up residence for the week, the swim was in fair form and had seen some chunks come in for a cuddle over previous weeks. Chris’s main approach was to fish the hump at Alcatraz at 25 wraps and the snags to the marker post at 14 wraps. Regularly baiting mainly with boilie but with a fleck of our home prepared maize in for good measure. The week didn’t produce masses of fish but what it did do was produce some stunning fish and Chris’s average weight for the week was just over 50lb a fish. The average was definitely boosted up by the capture of “Scar” at a massive weight of 74lb which is a new 70lber for the Main Lake previously being 68lb 4oz so a 6lb weight gain, wow. Also adding just a little to the average was “The Giggler” and yet again she came out on the Friday night at 83lb on the nose!!!! What an amazing fish this is and a massive well done goes to you Chris well earnt!!!!......


Jumping over the lake to “Baxters” is where Jeff Maskell decided to frequent with his lovely partner Michelle. Jeff’s decision to go in Baxters was with one fish in mind! “The Immaculate Common” Jeff was on a big fish mission. Fishing out at 25 wraps towards Stink which was definitely an in form spot and again mainly a boilie approach Jeff had a fish on the first evening. It was one of our stockies but at least it showed there were fish in the area. The following evening saw something just a little bigger grace the landing net. The call came in to say there was a possible 60lber in the net so off Phil n James went to do photos. Well the weight estimation  was well out!!! Laying in the retainer was none other than the queen of the lake “Fudgy’s” spinning the scales to 80lb!! She looked beautiful in the morning sun and I think that decision to target that big one may have just paid off and lets face it Jeff you have already had the Immaculate at 76lb so stop being greedy haha……..


Mr Roy Prodger is quite possibly the worst at doing the draw ive ever seen, regularly last to make a choice for swims but yet again he turned the Main Lake into a runs water. He managed to still get in “Oblivion” and fishing out at 29 wraps to the big tree left of Beach he set about creating a feeding area for the fish to come and have a feast. 3 rods on it and fishing tight and accurate is his recipe to success. He never wavers from the plan never gets tempted to move rods to other spots just has confidence in how he fishes and is patient. Patience however wasn’t needed as Roy had Phil up at all hours day in day out photographing his captures. 14 fish in total was Roys tally but 2 of these captures were very special, “The Target” decided to come for a cuddle at again another new top weight of 74lb!! 5lb up from its last capture and another new 70lber. To top it all he only went and bagged the first ever capture of one of our stockies that has hit the magical 50lb barrier. “Dustbin” that has been on a mega feeding mission lately tipped the scales at 53lb 8oz and what a unit of a fish it is too!! Top angling from a top guy, Mainline Hybrid snowmen with Hybrid and maize as loose mix over the top, just deadly. See you soon pal…..


Over in “Bobs Beach” The badger had a slow and steady sort of week producing like clockwork a fish a night, he really had to work at it though and that steady accurate baiting regime seemed to do the trick after all you can only catch what’s in front of you and making the most of every opportunity is vital. Pic of the bunch has to be “The Bean” another fish moving categories!!!! Another 50lber to go at she weighed a healthy 52lb well done mate good solid angling as always……..


“Co’s Point” a swim that needs no introduction saw a new visitor to Gigantica, Darko Ilic. Imagine that, your first ever visit and being lucky on the draw to get in Co’s haha. Darko was a pleasure to have and after a couple of days started to get to grips with Co’s. Using Mainline Link and Maize combined and fishing Link hookbaits he tripped up some stunning carp the biggest being “Buzz’s Half Linear” at a weight of 40lb 8oz the highlight for Darko personaly was in his words the prettiest carp hed ever caught was “Squeaky Clean” stocked into the lake in 2017 at 8lb, Darko held her up for photos at 34lb and wow just look at the pics for her scale pattern. Well done Darko and we see again for a winter session those big girls are calling for you next time ……….


I think one of the most unlucky anglers for the week really had to go to Michael Mack who banked a very impressive 13 fish from “The Alamo” fishing 29 wraps he just couldn’t pick up the bigger stamp of fish. Having said that he did pick up 1 that is very sought after. We all know Gigantica is famous for its scaley warriors and Michael banked one of the favourites. Named “The Peach” she weighed 49lb and looked absolutely amazing in condition. In the water we went for photos and im pretty sure I managed to crack a smile from him haha, Very tidy consistent angling on Michaels part, hes staying for another crack of the whip next week so im sure he has a score to settle………..


In “Alcatraz” we had James Hayden another regular visitor to the Giganticas shores. Traz proved a bit of a challenge this week, James still landed a lovely mid 20 mirror that he gets to name. The fish definitely frequented the other side of the lake for longer periods of time but James has his face on plenty of pictures on the website so he knows just whats waiting swimming below in that clear blue water, you’ll bag them next time pal…….


Ryan Mullins!!!!!!  Now along with Mr Roy Prodger between them try with all there might so that Phil gets zero sleep every time they come. This occasion was no different!!!! Ryan has a good knack of hooking fish in the early hours and even manages to throw in a good fish when its raining just to add to the pleasure haha. In all seriousness though a good session was had in “Stink” Ryan fished solid at 28 wraps again that boilie and maize mix bringing on the bites and bites he did have. In the total opposite to Mikey in Alamo Ryan had all originals “Little Plated” 39lb, “Mad Max” 43lb 8oz, “Pawprint” 52lb 8oz (new 50lber), “Pimpletail” 58lb and the massive “Shoulders” at 64lb……. now who would take that line up before they set off eh???? Well done pal great banter and great fishing !!...........


In “Stock Pond” Bailiff Phil chucked a rod out for the first couple of nights, Bailiff James a few weeks ago found a nice open water spot in this swim which gives it a new dimension and is not only a margin swim. 27 ½ wraps is the one and the fish regularly show there even when no bait has been fished. Natural bloodworm, salt deposits, underwater karaoke bar who knows why BUT they do like it there 3 fish in a couple of overnighters up to 42lb a fish named “Kling On” were the results fishing solid bags with a single grain of slow sinking maize as a hook bait.


Till next time Guys n Gals be lucky and bag a chunk.