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  • Wes Rowley, 70lb, Baxters Hole, 12.09.20
  • PB soaking time.
  • oh yes!!!!!!
  • Wes Rowley, 31lb, Baxters Hole, 12.09.20
  • John Allan, 35lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 12.09.20
  • Alex, 32lb 8oz, The Alamo, 12.09.20
  • Danny Armatage, 51lb 8oz, Co's Point, 12.09.20
  • Sam Fyth, 48lb, Bobs Beach, 12.09.20
  • Rob Burrows, 39lb, Tree Line, 12.09.20

Wes Rowley, 70lb, Baxters Hole, 12.09.20


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 12/09/2020

Well after last week’s spanking it all seemed to go a little quiet this week with the temperature’s creeping back up to the mid 30s and a high pressure the conditions were less than ideal. The boys put their all into it and most got a chance at some point throughout the week.


First off the mark was Wes Rowley in Baxters the fish were definitely still in the area and Wes made the most of it dropping back on the spot that Roy had fished the previous week at 24.5 wraps towards stink he baited the spot with a mix of SLK and Maize and opened his account with The Grenadier at 28lb 12oz on the first evening his next bite didn’t come until Monday morning and they were getting bigger this one was a nice solid common called Centurion at 31lb on the button after that the weather changed with the temperature’s and the pressure soaring. The fish just didn’t seem to be interested in feeding with a large amount of them on the surface between Beach and Co’s but Wes wasn’t quiet done yet cutting it fine he left it till Friday morning with two runs within the space of an hour he had two in the nets with a mid-twenty common in one that was completely dwarfed by an absolute unit of a mirror in the other and with only a couple of hours to go until first light we decided to wait to do picture’s and on opening the retainer I realised it was Ziggy Stardust caught only last week from the same spot she was obviously loving this corner and hungry she tipped the scales to 70lb on the button and was a new pb for Wes  he finished the session with five fish including a bonus one on the Saturday morning at last knockings with a lovely mirror called Slate Grey at 48lb 4oz making his week and possibly his year….


Next up is Danny Armitage fishing Co’s he set his stall at 29 wraps towards the tits and Knowing his best chance of bagging a few was in the first half of the week he put a good blob of bait out on the first night and toped it up each day with an extra 5kg of mixed boilie and maize the first few nights passed with no action then just before breakfast on the Wednesday his rod with a white Bannoffe presented on a German rig rattled off and after a slow and steady battle a nice scaly mirror surfaced around 30yds out as he sliped the net under it he instantly recognised it as Snags Linear tipping the scales to 51lb 8oz and very welcome after the long wait however this proved to be his only fish for the week.


Sam Fyffe fishing Bobs Beach also only got the one chance in the week and was made to wait for it with his only run of the week coming on the final morning “talk about leaving it till the last knockings” Sam had fished well throughout the week not letting himself to be defeted and kept the swim active by topping up with fresh bait each day and even trying to pic them up on a zig but it was the bottom bait that eventually did the business landing him the Leather at 48lb an absolutely stunning blank saver.


John Allan fished Alcatraz this was his third week on the Main Lake and we finally got him to see the light and introduce some boilies into his fishing approach he also resisted the temptation to crush everything to a pulp he even fished over the top of this buffet with an wafter presented on an I-QD rig this payed of with John landing 4 fish in one day from the 28 wrap spot towards the wonky tree with the biggest being the Windy Common at 35lb.


Rob Burrows fished The Tree Line swim he opted to fish two rods out into open water at 22 wraps and his third rod was fished at 21 wraps to the old fallen tree spot Rob baited up with mainly Maize and a scattering of boilie over the top this was fished over with plastic maize he also had to wait for the change in the weather at the end of the week before he got any action but he managed to winkle one of the originals out in the shape of Ugloe at 39lb another blank saver on the Saturday morning.


Ryan Westby fished Scotties Corner and focused on the weed bed at 17 wraps placing a solid bag just on the front edge and the second on the left-hand side of the weed at the same distance after losing one mid-week he started dropping the lead and he landed one of the old character fish in the shape of Eeyore at 36lb. his third rod was fished down to the left-hand side at just 6 wraps and baited with Maize landing him two of the new 2019 stockies both around the 19lb mark.


Its definitely been a harder week than the last with the weather playing a big part lets just hope it only here for the week and they get back on the feed.

Until next time Tight lines…………