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  • Chris Clarke with "Chunky" his second 80lber in 2 days at 80lb well done mate............
  • Chris enjoying the moment with "The Clean Fish" at 59lb 8oz...........
  • "King Fully" what a capture for Chris......42lb 8oz..........
  • "Big Bollox" smashes into the 7o pounders at 71lb.......Andy Renolds what a capture......
  • Andy with "Colin" what a stunning fish at 43lb............
  • "Pearly Linear" one of the original 2016 stockiest at a new top weight of 45lb well done Jason Foster........
  • Jason loves a bit of "Morning Glory" coming in at 35lb 4oz........
  • Lovely "Puddin" for Dean Cullen in Stock pond at 40lb.........
  • Brian King water till the last evening to bag "Mars Bar Muncher" at 35lb..........
  • Phil Newman with this belting 50lb 4oz beauty known as "3 Scales"
  • The rarely caught "Heart Tailed Common" at a new top weight of 48lb for Phil.........
  • James Hayden with "Apple Slices" turning the scales to 49lb 12oz, what a fish..........
  • 69lb of pure brute for Michael Mack with "Clarkey's" at 69lb!!!........
  • A target and mission completed......Mikeys target fish "Fred" made his dreams come true !!!!..........63lb 8oz WOW.......
  • Another brute and with a name like "Bryan The Bully" its clear why at 35lb 8oz.........

Chris Clarke with "Chunky" his second 80lber in 2 days at 80lb well done mate............


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 03/10/2020

Consecutive 80lbers and a new 70lber, go on then lets read all about it ………


You know when it rains? and I mean like proper rains, well…….this week it rained, I mean like proper rained……. Well it did for most of it anyway. How this affected the fishing who knows because it was a week of two halfs really. The sport started amazing then we had a slight lull and then a few surprises. I’m going to stop waffling and jump straight into it so lets fly over to “The Alamo” where Chris is bivvied up………….


So…….Chris Clarke goes into his second week on the trot, “The Alamo” this certainly isn’t his first rodeo, a regular to this swim and no stranger to the big fish that reside in the main lakes depths. If you have read last weeks catch report you will see that on the last evening Chris landed “The giggler” at 83lb! on the very first evening on this weeks trip he only went and landed ANOTHER 80lber!!! “Chunky” at 80lb on the nose, can you believe it 2 nights, 2 80’s this place really is what dreams are made of. Chris chose to fish out at 30 wraps to the left of big tree left of beach and concentrated on one area. This tactic has proven time and time again how to approach this lake. By not spreading his bait and rods to fair apart he has 3 chances of a bite every time the fish move in. Chris caught steadily on krill wafters on a heli setup or solid bag feeding maize and Baitworks cremino boilies over the top. He added “The Clean Fish” at 59lb 8oz to his captures and “King Fully” at 42lb 8oz just to name a few and plenty of the bigger stockies. It has been a long time coming for these big girls to nestle in his arms but its all paying off now congratulations pal awesome job……….


We have to jump straight across to “Treeline” where we will find Mr Andy Reynolds of “Fat Fish Tackle” who had a very special capture. There’s a fish that lives here that is certainly a character, through no fault of her own well…….apart from being greedy, she has a rather large protruding belly that may be mistaken for a swinging pair of male anatomy hence the name of “Big Bollox”. Now this fish has been on the bank a few times this year and was 69lb at her heaviest but then dropped a bit of weight. How amazing it was to share the moment of weighing her when she tipped the scales to 71lb yes you heard right 71lb, the first time she has hit that magical number. The look on Andy’s face was priceless so a massive congratulations. Fishing slightly different at 21 wraps and fishing open water but baiting from the bank with Sticky krill active using D rigs with cork plugged 20mm krill bottom baits doing the trick. Andy braced this fish with another named “Colin” another original at 43lb 8oz. This was to be Andys only action until the very last night when he again took 2 fish in quick succession adding a stocky of 31lb and another stunning original “Bullet” at a top weight of 41lb, who would take that result before they came, I know I would. Well done pal what an achievement……..


In a diagonal direction shooting over to “Oblivion” we had Jason Foster. When settling into the swim Jason did exactly the right thing. The wind was hacking into him and although he could fish longer he chose not too as its one thing to be able to cast your rigs out there but if you can’t spomb accurately over the top you may as well be fishing singles. After a chat will bailiff Phil who had said there had been a lot of fish showing closer in towards “Baxters” he set about with the marker rod. 24 wraps towards “Baxters” was the one, nice and clean and he could get 3 rods on it. Sticky manilla boilies and maize mixed as the loose feed were deployed around 6 or 7 kilos a day and alternating manilla white wafters and manilla snowmen with white toppers was the approach. It is apparent by the catch reports the fish are stacking it on so not being shy with bait was the way forward. It was a whole 48 hrs before one of his rods was away and at 10.30pm Phil had the call a possible 50 was in the net. What a fish she was too, “Apple Slices” was waiting and she certainly did go 50 and 51lb was the exact weight. The wind and rain were hacking in and made the night shots a little uncomfortable, but we got there. A special capture for Jason was “The Pearly Linear” one of the first stockies from 2016 she turned the scales to a new top weight of 45lb. Another 30lber was the final tally until the last evening when he had “Morning Glory” im not being rude seriously that’s the fishes name hahaha she tipped the scales at 35lb 4oz, a hard weeks fishing but my hat goes of to you, your dedication was flawless……….


Dean Cullin had one of those draws yep out last he came but……he decided to give “Stock Pond” a go as it has really good form in regularly producing bites, plus the kettle in the kitchen is always on and you can pick up our wifi from the peg haha. Fishing out at 27 ½ wraps to the gap in open water with 2 rods and 1 rod at 23 ½ wraps into the pipes produced on average a fish a night up to 40lb 8oz with a fish named “Puddin”. Dean was on the hunt to grab a 50lber from stock pond but maybe ill have to carry that challenge on as I do love stock pond haha. Deans usual approach that does well worked again Mainline link and essential cell fishing IB wafters over top. Its been an awesome week and enjoy your week next week on your back to back session………


In “Bobs Beach” we had Brian King who had a pretty frustrating week I think its fair to say, there were fish in front of him but try as he might struggled to convert a take. It started well enough as he had a run on the first evening but unfortunately fell off due to a hook pull. Brian discovered an issue with his chosen boilies he brought with him on the Thursday and decided to switch over to Mainline Hybrid and Fibre. On the last night it happened, in the early hours the change seemed to do the trick and he landed a pristine original mirror known as “Mars Bar Muncher” (what a name) at an impressive 35lb. You can see just what this fish meant as it was Brians first time on the Main Lake having previously fished the Road Lake. Brian was fishing 20 wraps towards Stink and slipped up this warrior on a Ronnie rig. Well done for sticking at it, great move on the bait front we are made up for you pal……….


“Big Southerly” a swim with lots of features, snags to your left the hump towards Alcatraz oooooo choices. Well Phil Newman decided to fish them all :D 2 rods on the hump at 25 ½ wraps and 1 to the snags at the marker pole at 14 ½ wraps. Using Sticky manilla and plenty of maize and using solid bags and snowmen with a white wafter and yellow topper he may have only picked up a couple of fish but they were 2 stunning originals. “The heart Tail Common” at 48lb which hasn’t been seen since 2016 was an awesome result and “3 scales” at a massive 50lb 4oz, congratulations pal you kept at it and managed to see some beauties on the bank!!...........


“Stink” nope I’m not being rude, that’s a swim, seriously haha James Hayden resided here for the week. James is no stranger to this swim and has produced some beautiful fish in the past. It was tough going this week and although seeing fish around him the rods lay motionless for most of the week. Mainline Hybrid and maize the chosen baiting approach and fishing helicopter rigs with IQ D rigs over the top with hybrid wafters. This approach did land James a beauty, and the crazy thing about the capture is the very same fish was caught earlier on this same week. Dropping slightly in weight to just under the 50lb “Apple Slices” at 49lb 12oz was his rewards for sticking to his guns and grinding out a result…….


Mr Michael Mack is no stranger to Gigantica and jumped at the chance to go in “Co’s Point”, not only has he been a bailiff here he regularly returns to target those special fish that can be found nowhere other than “Gigantica” the place fishermen dream of!!........When you enter the clubhouse its hard not to be mesmerized looking at some of the giant water babies and you make a sort of list, a target list. Mikey is no exception, all those years ago he made such a list and on the very top wasn’t a 70, 80 or 90lber, it was “Fred” a scaley 40lb warrior of a mirror then with red details on its stomach and just stunning. Well over the first few days Mikey was straight into fish nailing the stockies and getting regular action and it wasn’t until 3am on the Tuesday morning that something felt allot bigger. After an absolute battle in the wind and rain a massive scaley one slipped into the net. You know exactly which fish it was. He had achieved that goal he set years before, there laying before him was……Fred. Not only had he achieved that goal but when we hoisted her up she went 63lb 8oz WOW Fred was a 60lber and had moved up a weight bracket. The photos were stunning, and I was so humbled to share the moment with you pal. Shortly after the take from Fred Mikey’s other rod ripped off and something even bigger was attached, “Clarkey’s” weighing a huge 69lb and new top weight too what a brace 132lb 8oz brace JUST……..WOW…….. That 30 wraps towards the tits proving fruitful once again along with Mainline Hybrid and maize combo. Mike should have just packed up there as that’s enough for anyone’s session in one night but decided to add a few more fish to the tally. What a great session you had congratulations and I can’t wait to see your picture up in the clubhouse mate…………


It was a challenging week; I mean how do you follow the 70-odd fish from the week before, but some stunning originals graced the bank, and everyone had an amazing time as always. Congrats to all and it’s been a pleasure meeting you all……..


Till next time guys n gals tight lines, be lucky and bag a chunk.