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  • I'll be riding Shot Gun underneath the hot sun!
  • Anders Frenk, Beach, 54lb 12oz, 17.10.20
  • Anders Frenk, Beach, 49lb 8oz, 17.10.20
  • A special capture indeed.
  • Back she goes to fight another day.
  • Anders Frenk, Beach, 33lb 8oz, 17.10.20
  • Classic Danish lunch......thanks boys.
  • Chef Simon carving up the pork.
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 42lb 12oz, Alcatraz, 17.10.20
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 42lb, Alcatraz, 17.10.20
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 36lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 17.10.20
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 33lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 17.10.20
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 32lb, Alcatraz, 17.10.20
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 30lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 17.10.20
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 30lb 4oz, Alcatraz, 17.10.20
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 30lb, Alcatraz, 17.10.20
  • Martin Skov, 35lb 4oz, Oblivion, 17.10.20
  • Peter Andersen, 42lb, Alamo, 17.10.20
  • Peter Andersen, 24lb 8oz, Alamo, 17.10.20
  • Per ogard Hansen, 36lb 4oz, Alamo, 17.10.20
  • Per ogard Hansen, 29lb, Alamo, 17.10.20
  • Per ogard Hansen, 51lb 4oz, Alamo, 17.10.20
  • What a stunning creature.
  • Simon Machholt, 42lb 8oz, Stink, 17.10.20
  • Simon Machholt, 34lb 8oz, Stink, 17.10.20
  • There's certainly an autumnal feel to the place.
  • Nikolas Olesen, 34lb 8oz, Co's Point, 17.10.20
  • Nikolas Olesen, 30lb, Co's Point, 17.10.20

I'll be riding Shot Gun underneath the hot sun!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 17/10/2020

The Vikings have landed…..


The annual Danish trip was once again upon us. The guys have been coming to the complex for almost ten years now and have had great success in previous years. After the cooler northerly winds of the previous week, the weather looked much better with daytime temperatures heading towards 18 degrees and fresh south westerly winds. Combined with dropping air pressure, we had ticked the boxes in terms of good weather conditions. The question was; would the carp appreciate the conditions and feed hard during the week.


After success the previous week in The Stink, Anders “Frank the Tank” Frenk chose to go into Bob’s Beach. The Danish guys don’t usually fish the regular spots and agree swim boundaries between them. Anders initially chose to fish one rod at 22 wraps towards Stink, one at 26 wraps to the big rock and one at 32 wraps towards Alamo. Bait for the week was the usual DT Baits N-Blend and three 3 kg went on each spot to get things going. On Sunday morning he received his first bite, landing a twenty pounder from the 32 spot. The fish fell for an N-Blend Wafter fished on a German rig. The action continued into the the evening with a pretty original known as “Yorkie” at 33lb 8oz, again from the 32 wrap spot. Anders topped up the spot with another 3kg of boilie and in the early hours of Monday morning had a superb brace, when he landed “Baby Weld” at 49lb 8oz and “Sashsquash” at a massive 54lb 12oz! In a similar vein as previous weeks, the fish then inexplicably seemed to drift out of the area. A couple more twenties later in the week took his tally to six fish for the week.


Peder Lichtenberg had the dubious honour of being last in the draw, so put himself into commanding Alcatraz swim. He decided to split his rods and fish three different spots. All rods were fished at 29 wraps; one on the wonky tree, one at Big Southerly and one at Scottie’s Corner. He split a 10kg bag of N-Blend between the three spots and fished with running leads and N-Blend Wafters on Slip-D Rigs over the top. Peder had a nice wake up call on Sunday morning when the rod fished at Big Southerly produced a pretty 33lb 8oz Common to get the ball rolling. Fishing consistently and accurately all week, Peder picked off fish consistently all week, with the majority coming during the hours of darkness. An afternoon flurry on Thursday saw three fish kiss the spreader block in a couple of hours and then they appeared to drift across to the other side of the lake. Peder ended the week with 12 fish which included a couple of original forty pounders. “Bullet” and “Catch Report” weighed in at 42lb and 42lb 12oz respectively. Solid angling.


Martin”RobBob, Top Secret” Skov went back into Oblivion to hopefully continue on from the good form the previous week. He chose to go back on the same spots as the week before (26 wraps Big Tree Left of Beach, and 26 wraps at the Baxter’s) and also started a third spot at 26 wraps towards the caravans. Having tried different tactics the previous week, he went with a more traditional approach and fished with chopped N-Blend and fished matching Wafters over the top. Martin baited quiet lightly, with only 1-1.5kg per rod, per day. The reduced bait quantity brought a quick result when he landed his first fish from the new spot at 9pm that evening. The resulting  mid thirty Mirror was a really positive start. It became quickly apparent, that the fish were drifting down into Stock Pond and Big Girls in the evening and Martin picked a fish off the new caravan spot most evenings. Thursday night was certainly the most prolific when he winkled out four fish! Unfortunately there weren’t any monsters amongst the eight fish he landed, but he was very consistent. Well done Martin.


Per (Team øgård) øgård Hansen was on his third trip to Gigantica and was still in pursuit of his first carp. He was doubled up in The Alamo with his good friend Peter Andersen who was on his first trip. They decided to tackle the swim together and had a main baited area towards Baxter’s at 28 wraps which had two of Per’s rods and one of Peter’s. They both used the N-Blend and fished matching wafters on IQ D-Rigs over the top. They both had spots closer in, with single rods on which they hoped would do them a big fish at some point during the week. The early part of the week was quiet, but fish could periodically be seen slicking up on the previous weeks bait on the 30 wrap spot that Roger had fished. It took until Wednesday evening before one of Per’s rods on the 28 wrap spot sparked up and finally popped his Gigantica cherry after two and a half weeks fishing. A 29lb Common known as “Titch” was his reward. That first bite heralded the start of some consistency, with bites coming from the spot for the remaining nights. Peter also got on the scoreboard with his first fish, a 42lb original, known as “Maddy”. However; the best of the week was still to come, as Per finally got a bite of his close in spot at 17 wraps. The stunning “Grey Plated” was nestled in the bottom of the net and gave him a new PB! They finished on a creditable seven fish between them for the week.


Simon Machholt was next door in the Stink and started the week fishing two rods at 28 wraps towards the big tree left of Beach and one closer in at ten wraps. Like the other lads, he was on N-Blend and fished matching Wafters on German Rigs with running leads. After a couple of quiet days, Simon picked up a lovely 42lb Mirror known as “Little B” at a new top weight. The day after the fish started to show more frequently and Simon sneaked out a pretty original called “Moroccan Sunset” at 34lb 8oz. This fish came around 10am when most of the other lads were already recasting and rebating. Sitting on his hands certainly paid off on this occasion. The final morning saw the highlight of the week, as Simon slipped the net under “The Virgin” at 59lb 8oz. A great reward for some patient angling.


Nikolas Olesen chose to fish in Co’s Point and his approach was completely different to most anglers who go in there. He set his stall up fishing at 22 wraps towards the tits with all three rods and baited up with N-Blend using the throwing stick to create a spread of bait around 20m in diameter. Initially the fish seemed reluctant to come close and showed consistently around the 28-30 wrap area which had seen a lot of bait recently. That changed on Wednesday morning when he landed mid thirty Common and followed it up on Thursday afternoon with a 30lb Mirror known as “The Bollocks”. When you see the pictures of the fish you understand the name; it’s a cracker.


Andy the Bailiff dropped into the vacant Pole Position for the week. Fishing all three rods at 28 wraps towards the “W” tree he baited with a Mainline Fishmeal testbait mixed with maize. Putting out 5kg initially, it took 48hrs for him to receive a bite. As it turned out the fish which he landed at 4am turned out to be “The Clean Fish” at the first time over sixty. A weight of 61lb 8oz was recorded and hopefully the fish will now hide away over winter as it has made many visits to the bank this year. That turned out to be the only action of the week for Andy. The fish fell for a matching Fishmeal Wafter on a Spinner rig. 


By the end of the week, a 38 fish total had been accumulated including a sixty and three fifties. It was very social week and the guys very kindly laid on a traditional Danish lunch which was amazing. Although the Chilli Vodka shots were a bit cheeky!! Until next time boys...


Tight Lines and Bonne Peche




Team Gigantica