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  • Andy Hemmings with The Target at 75lb "not bad for his first fish from the big G"
  • Will with Ziggy Stardust at 74lb "what a way to start the week off"
  • "That one was definitely worth a soaking"
  • "Was that cold mate?"
  • Harvey Claydon with Broady's Mirror at 52lb smashing his Pb
  • Now that's a PB soaking
  • Darren Jones with Deadpool at 30lb a perfect little stunner
  • Freddy Knight with The Centurien at 38lb 2oz from Alamo (The unclaimed PB)
  • "No Pressure"
  • Freddy Knight, 72lb, The Alamo, 22/05/2021
  • Well Done Fred made up for you no way this one is going Unclaimed
  • "Told you they would get you tho !!!!!!"
  • Jonesy giving Fred half a trim!!
  • "I would properly give Jonesy's Barber shop a miss"
  • wow what a view
  • Lewis Hannaford with Marlow at 42lb 12oz mega looking carp
  • Lewis making it weird........ Shotgun !!!!!!
  • James Jones with The Lippy Common at 66lb from Alcatraz
  • "Even Fred is making it weird now"
  • James Jones with Classico at 62lb "I love a nice common"
  • "Well if we are all making it weird I may as well join in"
  • Mega week lads roll on next year

Andy Hemmings with The Target at 75lb "not bad for his first fish from the big G"


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 22/05/2021

WC 22/05/2021


Well its been a crazy year and its great to finally have customers back on the lake I think the fish have been missing it too. The weather has been a little up and down over the past month but seems to be settling now with a wet start to the week and temperatures in the mid-teens we finished off with glorious sunshine and temperatures rising to low 20s with a steady pressure of 1020 and the week coinciding with a near super moon it was looking promising for the boys this week and it didn’t disappoint with all 8 anglers off the mark by Wednesday and some of the big girls had graced their nets.


Will Greenhill dropped into The stink he started off fishing one rod short at 11 wraps out to the right of beach and managed to pick up an early bite with one of the super stockies at 38lb called Pudding and after watching the fish showing at short range on the first night he decided to drop his two long rods back from 27 wraps to 20 wraps were he had seen the fish. The bottom was a little weedy at this range but nothing of any concern so he dropped a chod out with a yellow pineapple pop-up and dozen spoms over the top and the following morning it ripped off and he slipped the net under one of Gigantica’s  A list with Ziggy Stardust tipping the scales to an impressive 74lb.


Harvey Claydon fished Bobs Beach and started off with the rods out at 26 wraps but again with little action and the fish starting to show shorter he decided to stagger the rods at 20,22 and 24 wraps towards Stink resulting in an instant pick up on the 20 wrap rod on three pieces of IB slow sinking Maize fished on a Spinner over a bed of mixed Maize, Hemp and boilie resulting in a stunning Mirror called Broady’s at 52lb on the nose. Harvey then dropped all three rods to 20 wraps and concentrated on this spot unfortunately nothing else showed up to the party other than what was possibly an aborted pick-up towards the end of the week he was over the moon to be leaving with a new Pb and possibly a place on the wall with the fish at a new top weight and up in the 50s for the first time.


Darren Jones and Freddy Knight teamed up in the Alamo both fished out at 27 wraps with a good line of bait between the big tree left of beach and the first set of popular trees to the right they baited the area with a mix of hemp, maize and fishmeal boilies Darren was first off the mark with a fish called Deadpool at 30lb on the button falling to a IQ-D Rig tipped with a yellow pop-up Fred soon followed suit with two fish to 36lb they were moving in on the bait Freds Luck carried on with his next fish coming the following evening smashing his PB by over 35lb he had managed to land one of the not so regular visitors to the bank with Two Time at an impressive 72lb 8oz all of his fish falling to three pieces of ss maize on a simple Knotless not rig.


Andy Hemmings was on his first trip to Gigantica and opted to fish Pole position with Dean having fished it the previous week and picking up two originals to over 50lb it seemed an obvious choice. As always when you start on a new lake it can sometimes take a little while to get settled into what’s going on and with the bailiffs here to offer all the advice you will need to get amongst them it can certainly make it a little easier. Andy could have easily been tempted to move after very little action in the first four days, but he stuck to his guns and oh boy did it pay off with one of the most prized fish in the lake and one DF has had on his hit list for some time now. Just as we were tucking into our lasagne and Garlic bread on the Tuesday evening he had a ripping take and with all the guys in the lodge the pressure was on to get this one in the net with the fish surfacing around midway and a huge dark pair of shoulders rising above the water line I instantly recognised it as The Target an absolute colossal fish weighing in at 75lb falling to the trusty three grains of Slow sinking Maize fished on a chod style spinner rig over a large bed of mixed maize, Hemp and Pellet. what a mega result for a first trip to the big G.


Badger fished Co’s Point and managed to get amongst a few early on fishing a snowman Link and Banoffee on an IQ-D rig at 30 wraps towards the tits he baited the spot with a mix of maize and hemp with a good helping of Link freebies. He landed 5 fish in total for the week but struggled to pick up any of the lakes larger residents with the biggest being Stargazer at 36lb.


James the Bailiff managed to get the rods out for the first part of the week and he dropped into Alcatraz fishing out at 23.5 wraps towards Scotties just on the back of a light weed bed he baited the spot with 5kg of mixed maize, hemp and a peppering of a prototype Mainline Boilie. James got off to a flying start with Three scales at 53lb before he had even sunk the line on his other two rods he then followed this up with two mid 30s all this before dinner on the Monday. With the swim flying he offered it up to the other guys but with no takers and the guy’s settled into their swims he continued to fish on landing another 6 fish including Classico at 62lb and The Lippy common at 66lb all falling to three pieces of slow sinking IB Maize presented on a Spinner Rig with a size 2 Krank. It wasn’t long after this someone finally took him up on his offer to move in to the swim.


Lewis Hannaford dropped into Oblivion and set his stalls out at 27 wraps towards Beach he started the week with a boilie only approach but couldn’t ignore most of the captuers falling to slow sinking maize so started to introduce some maize into his spod mix and the results were almost instant with Marlow at 42lb 12oz showing how a subtle change can make a big difference he followed this up with a mid 20 but the bites seemed to dry up with little action he made the move over to Alcatraz for the last couple of nights but with no luck it may have been a little late. 



What an amazing first week back and a mega bunch of guys’ we can’t wait to see you all again soon.


Oh, and Lewis stop making it weird!!!!!!!!!