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  • Lee Prodger - 66lb - Bobs Beach - 29/07/2021
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  • A quick Kiss goodbye
  • Lee Prodger - 29lb 4oz - Bobs Beach - 29/07/2021
  • The simple but effective Blow back rig
  • Mainline Hybrid fished with a white topper doing the business for Lee
  • Roy Prodger - 33lb - Co's Point - 31/07/2021
  • Roy Prodger - 48lb 8oz - Co's Point - 31/07/2021
  • Roy Prodger - 50lb - Co's Point - 31/07/2021
  • Roy Prodger - 34lb - Co's Point - 31/07/2021
  • How Tempting does that look !!!
  • Steve Barr - 41lb 8oz - Scotties Corner - 31/07/2021

Lee Prodger - 66lb - Bobs Beach - 29/07/2021


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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 31/07/2021

Prodger only goes and gets Lippy ……


At last, with the weather now settled and temperatures around 25 degrees with gentle south westerly’s the air pressure at a steady 1010mb with the odd shower to keeps things fresh it was starting to look like ideal fishing conditions. Water levels finally getting back to normal from previous weeks making it a much more comfortable week for the anglers. Fish were looking active and showing all over the lake so let’s get started ……


First up is Lee Prodger who chose to fish Bobs Beach. Lee’s target for the week was just to catch one of the lakes originals…. He certainly did just that and in great style…... After a bit of leading around Lee found an area, he was comfortable fishing at 20 wraps right of stink, he began his week baiting up with 6kg Mainline Hybrid and 2kg of maize fishing a heli safe set up and blowback rig with snowman hook bait. The first few days were pretty quiet with only the odd single bleep but Lee continued his daily approach putting out 6kg of boilie and 2kg of maize knowing there was fish in the area it was only a matter of time before the action would start. The first take came Tuesday night by way of a stunning mirror called Sherbet weighing 29lb 4oz followed up quickly by another mirror weighing 27lb. Next night went quite with only a bream taking the bait. Early hours Thursday morning Lee had a strange occurrence with the bobbin moving up and down a couple of times so decided to pick up the rod and see what was going on, he hit into what he thought was a load of weed until 20 yards out all hell broke loose…. A call to bailiff Dean saying, “I have a 50+ in the sling” it turned out to be a whooping 66lb common called ‘Lippy Common!!!!’  Challenge completed, a Gigantica original, and what a fish well done Lee.


Next up Roy Prodger who chose to fish Co’s Point for the week, fishing out to the tits at a very precise 29 1/4 wraps Roy started by baiting with 5kg Mainline Hybrid boilie and 2kg of maize and topping up with 6 spombs every few hours, fishing all 3 rods tight with blowback rigs and snowman hook-bait. Throughout the week Roy had several stockies up to 34lb along with a few originals including a rare visitor to the bank with a Fish called ‘The IBC’ weighing 33lb, ‘Makers Mark’ weighing 48lb 8oz and best of the week for Roy was ‘The Upfront Common’ weighing in at 50lb on the nose. Well done Roy solid angling as always. 


Steve Barr chose to fish Scotties Corner as he liked the look of the weed bed and had seen a few fish around it on the walk round. Steve fished 1 rod just of the weed bed at 17wraps, 1 rod 8 1/2 wraps to the right-hand margin and his 3rd rod 6 wraps down the left margin. Fishing all 3 rods with a KD rig and wafter match the hatch hook bait. Applying bait from the margins Steve put about 3kg of boilie and 1kg of maize over each rod. Steve’s first and unfortunately his only fish of the week came just into Monday morning at 01:00hrs with a cracking common called ‘Cookie Monster’ weighing a respectable 41lb 8oz. After a couple of nights and no action Steve made a move next door to Big Southerly for the remainder of the week, fishing 1 rod at 14 wraps to the marker pole and the other 2 at 16 wraps into open water. Top marks for effort Steve.



All in all, a great week with 25 fish landed and a few big fish thrown in for good measure, plenty of laughs and a PB smashed for Lee, see you next time guys.


Be good, stay safe, & keep those nets wet ………