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  • Radu Mitrea with Danish Bacon @ 70lb 8oz
  • Radu Mitrea with Equalled @ 49lb,
  • Radu Mitrea with The Bean @ 49lb,
  • Radu Mitrea baiting stratagy
  • Radu Mitrea with Buttercorn @ 47lb
  • Radu Mitrea with Chopped Dorsal @ 49lb 8oz
  • Radu Mitrea with Lennie's @ 51lb 8oz
  • Radu Mitrea with Alcatraz @ 53lb
  • Full on pulling power
  • Getting that bait on the spot is key !!
  • Radu Mitrea with The Weld @ 55lb
  • Radu Mitrea with White Lines @ 59lb 4oz
  • Now that's organised
  • On Brand
  • Nice little Blowback style
  • It's The Little touches that sometimes make the big difference
  • Prefect!!!!!
  • Sometimes its not all about the big ones look at this beauty Moroccan Sunset @ 31lb 12oz
  • Mark White with The Clean Fish @ 56lb
  • Barry Edwards with 2C's @ 53lb
  • Chris Clarke with Kool Carp @ 35lb
  • Chris Clarke with Apple Slices @ 44lb 8oz
  • Solid bags giving Chris that extra pulling power
  • I'd rather you than me!!!!
  • Darren Gowler with Baby Cluster @ 63lb
  • Darren Gowler withThe Centurian @ 37lb
  • Gaz Harrison with Josh's @ 38lb 12oz
  • Gaz Harrison with A.W.O.L @ 43lb 8oz 11.09.2021
  • Getting that drop on the spot is key !!
  • The noodle Rig

Radu Mitrea with Danish Bacon @ 70lb 8oz


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 11/09/2021

Who needs sun, sea, and sand when you can have the Beach and blue waters at Gigantica!!!!


It’s great to finally be back open and getting visitors back on the Main Lake after such a turbulent year I think the fish have missed the anglers too in a strange way or maybe they have just missed the all you can eat buffet (some have even made it up for second helpings this week)


We will kick the week off with Radu Mirtea fishing in Bob’s Beach Rad’s started the week fishing at 21 wraps with this spot doing consistent bites the previous week. He managed to pick up a bite on the first night with a stockie taking a paste wrapped SLK wafter presented on a combi rig fished over a bed of soaked SLK & link mixed with Maize. It was great to get off the mark early but Rad’s felt the fish he was seeing show were just that little bit further out and decided to push his left-hand rod out to 25 wraps just to the right of stink almost instantly picking up a bite from one of the super stockies with the pearly linear gracing his net at 40lb 4oz not being one to miss an opportunity it wasn’t long before all three rods were at the same distance and by 4am the following morning he had sneaked another two bites one of them was an absolute gem of a fish with Equalled at 49lb it was clear that Rad’s was going to have to up the baiting levels to keep the fish in the area so with 7kg of mix going out each day and an additional 15-20 spombs after each fish it seemed to be doing the business. Little did he know he was in for a golden ticket week with the spot rocking the just kept coming like busses one after another and the bigger originals were starting to join the party. Radu had managed 10 fish by mid-week including two 50s with Lennies @ 51lb 8oz and Alcatraz @ 53lb on the nose he was having the session of a lifetime Rad’s kept the bait going in feeding around 6-8kg during the quiet time between 12-4 then topping up with 10 spombs after each fish keeping the spot active. Already over the moon with his week so far what was to come over the next 24 hours would blow anyone’s mind with Danish bacon being slipped into the net @ an impressive 70lb 8oz he then proceeded to back this up with Butter Corn @ 47lb, Chopped Dorsal @ 49lb and The Bean @ 49lb 8oz He still had three nights to go!!!! And they didn’t disappoint with landing another two 50s with The Weld @ 55lb and White Lines @ 59lb what a week. Rads finished the week on 22 fish including 4 x 40’s, 4, x 50’s and one 70+ “not bad for a Romanian welsh man”.


Next up was Barry Edwards & Mark White A.K.A the Dangerous duo they dropped onto the Alamo and fished as a team baiting the spot at 28 wraps between Baxters and Beach and with the spot rocking from the previous week after DFs Mega session they had a lot to live up to. Mark managed to get quickly off to a good start with Ashe’s to Ashe’s @ 30lb 2oz putting Bazza under pressure to catch up but Mark seemed to be intercepting them before they could get to baz’s side of the swim with mark picking up another two fish this time they were a better stamp with The Clean Fish @ 56lb and Cheesy Quaver @ 30lb all falling to a Banoffee wafter presented on a spinner rig fished over a bed of 15mm link and 18mm cell with a sprinkling of maize for a little extra attraction Bazza just had to sit on his hands and watch the action play out but his reward was to come with wonkey Wednesday in full swing one of his rods suddenly come to life ripping off line at a rate of knots and after a good battle he slipped the net under a lovely deep mirror named 2C’s tipping the scales to 53lb Barry was back in the game and the Duo finished the week on 6 fish between them including 2 x 50s.


Next up is Chris Clarke fishing in Alcatraz Chris has been a Regular on the main lake for many years and with covid getting in the way it had been a long time for him to be away from the lake and was just happy to be back he got his head straight back in the game and picked up were the previous angler left off fishing at 28.5 wraps to the wonky tree. Chris was on S.F.H wafters fished on a Combi rig fished over a bed of link and Royal marine mixed with maize he managed to pick up bites consistently throughout the week resulting in 14 fish including two stunning scaly mirrors Apple Slices @ 44lb 8oz and Snags linear @ 59lb 4oz on the last morning what a way to finish off his week. 


Next up is Darren Gowler fishing Co’s point Darren started his week with a bang with the rods set out at 28 to the tit’s he got stuck into the baiting with 5-6kg of Mainline Hybrid spombed out over an area of three rod lengths it wasn’t long before he had his first sings of action over the spot they were definitely on the bait his first bite coming on the Sunday evening resulting in a new fish to move up to the 60+ wall in the shape of baby cluster @ 63lb on the button the bites continued to come steadily throughout the week resulting in four more 30s and one mid 20 not bad for your first trip to the Big G.


Next up is Gaz Harrison starting the week in Stink but after watching the fish showing over in Pole Position it was to good to ignore and a move was on the cards after the first night into Pole Position and with his stall set out at 28 wraps towards stink it wasn’t long before he started seeing action with a mid 40 gracing his net on the first night with a fish called A.W.O.L just confirming his instincts were right to move. His baiting approach was to feed with a Mainline fishmeal prototype and maize this was fished over with a white Link pop-up presented on a noodle Rig nailing them every time his tactic landing him another seven fish over the week including five hi thirty’s.


Phil Brown was joined by his wife Sandra in Big Southerly a regular visitor on the Road lake Phil fancied a change and jumped at the chance to fish the main lake it was hard going in Big Southerly this week and the big girls just didn’t want to play ball for Phil and Sandra with just one bite over the week resulting in a mid-twenty common but like everyone that visits the Main Lake it just makes you more determined to return.


Mark Birchmore dropped into Baxters his first time on the Main Lake after visiting the Road lake a couple of weeks back and instantly falling in love with the place decided to jump on a last minute cancellation however it just wasn’t meant to be despite his best efforts to try and pull the fish off Radu they just didn’t want to move he did manage to pick one up that may of got lost!! A mint looking Common @29lb called Chipper well done mate. 


Well that’s another great week at the big G it’s so good to be back up and running we are all looking forward to seeing you all over here and smashing some more PB’s


Tight lines James.