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  • Ben Mitchell, 72lb 4oz, Stock Pond, 09.10.2021
  • look at the mouth on that fish!!!!!
  • Pb soaking time.
  • Ben Mitchell, 23lb, Stock Pond, 09.10.2021
  • Josh Cook, 49lb, Big Girls, 09/10/2021
  • Josh Cook, 40lb, Big Girls, 09/10/2021
  • Jeff Maskell, 61lb, Alamo, 09.10.2021
  • Jeff Maskell, 40lb, Alamo, 09.10.2021
  • just beautiful!!!!

Ben Mitchell, 72lb 4oz, Stock Pond, 09.10.2021


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 09/10/2021

Week commencing 09/10/2021


With the colder nights starting to draw in and the first frosts on the ground it looks like winter could be on its way. The fishing has been challenging this week compared to the previous few but the boys still managed to get amongst a few.


We kick the week off with Ben Mitchell last out of the draw he dropped into Stock Pond and fished to a large clear spot in the low lying weed at just 16 wraps out towards Oblivion ben opted for a mix of Mainline Link & Cell and fished over the top of this with a Link hook bait and Maize topper presented on a Spinner. The spot was baited for the first two days with around 10kg of mixed boilie and Maize. With little action on the first couple of nights Ben was woken to a slow and steady run at around 1am on the Tuesday morning after a battle in the heavy fog and very little visibility he slipped the net under one of the most desired fish in the lake landing himself The Target at a respectable weight of 72lb 4oz not a bad fish to open his account with. He managed one more fish with the Folded Tail Scaly at 23lb during the session not that I think he was bothered after the epic start to the week.


Next up and also late out of the draw is Josh cook coming out 11th of 12 wasn’t quite what Joshua Cook was hoping for! but he dropped into Big Girls a swim that hadn’t been fished for weeks and went on to land four fish from a spot just off the point at 26 wraps. 

The obvious highlight was a magnificent 49lb scaly mirror that goes by the name of Equalled, which on its own was enough to make the trip more than worthwhile.

Joshua caught his fish using either 12mm white Bug Half Tones or PB pop-ups, fished over a mixture of Bug boilies soaked in Bug Liquid Food, mixed in with maize covered in Bug Hydro Spod Syrup.


Next to start getting amongst them is Jeff Maskell fishing in the Alamo Jeff dropped straight on the spot that had done bites the previous week at 28 wraps and he had the advantage of being on the same bait as the previous angler with Baitworks doing the business Jeff managed four fish over the session with two of them being original’s with Uglo at 40lb and the magnificent scaly Mirror Fred at 61lb.


With the other swims around the lake still producing fish Co’s, Stink and Alcatraz all landing fish to mid 30’s during the week.


Tight lines.