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  • Mr. Angry, first time at 50+
  • Even with his weird little dorsal, an awesome fish !

Mr. Angry, first time at 50+


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Good day and welcome back to the Gigantica weekly update.

So, a really great week socially as several of my friends visited for the week which is always nice and a few decent fish put in an appearence......

However, Mother Nature played a significant part this week when a hidiously cold N.E. wind blew in for the week. We'd enjoy spring sunshine and temps up to mid 30s the week before, this week, highs of arounf 6-8degrees dependant on how strong that cold N.E. could blow !!

With nothing they could do about it, the lads cracked on and did what they do best, fish well.

Steve ( Apache ) fished his very tight, controlled manner from Pole position and struggled with the boilie concept that rules here.

Whilst Im not putting Steves approach down, sometimes its just the right thing to do........follow what it is that is a proven method on the lake your visiting. Whether thats the first time or youve been before and caught. Listen, angle well and get a couple under your belt before trying to go of and do what you think is needed.

Try to use your own proven method once youve caught, before you change over to the going method to late for it too be effective and you go home fishless !?

Back to it, Steve managed the smallest fish of the trip, a beautiful little spawned in the lake common. As this fish was under the 20lb limit that we impose here at Gigantica, the little fish was relegated to the stock pond were it will be able to feed to its little hearts content and hopefully pile the weight on before returning too the big deep blue waters of the main lake.

Steve C, next door in Alcatraz, ended having quite an impressive week. Though he only managed  half of his predicted 12 fish, the few he caught were quite impressive. Catching on Mainline Cell at range to the back of the only real prominent feature in the lake. Steve had a cracking 41mirror to kick off his week, several other smaller fish added to the tally but the highlight for all of us was the fish he had the privalege too name. As we have no record of the fish during our time I called D.F. who has fished it longer than owning the water.

A quick image email and Dan and he confirmed that he had caught the fish several years ago at 24lb.

So, 4 years later, and having doubled its own body weight, Steve called the fish Mr.Angry due to the verry hard fight he enjoyed on hooking him ! A very reconisable fish with its strange dorsal damage which obviously makes no difference too Mr.Angry when hooked.

Ivan in the Beach and Andy in the tree line both never got on the score sheet but Nick, the former owner of Maison du Lac Bleu did. Having managed a complex of lakes for over 10 years, this session was his very first proper session on a different lake. Nick put Mainlines Cell boilies to the test and caught 2 really nice mid 20lb fish.

Rene, my close Dutch friend sat and patiently watched whilst Steve C caught opposite him, sadly on the back of the prevailing wind for most of the week until late Thursday when the wind changed breifly for just 12 hours in his favour and he caught a beautiful scaly 35lb mirror ! Result and well done Rene, he always manages to winkle at least one out.

Gary 'Baitzone' Bailey and Dean his young apprentice struggled all week in the Pink & Stink but never gave up, unfortunately the fish just did stay in the area long enough for them to put the mark on them and they went home fishless.

The Dutch contingent Vincent and Duncan in Alamo with Johan & Yuri in Oblivion enjoyed their time here but again, suffered from unfavourable conditions. Had the wind turnt long enough to push the fish in front of them, they would have caught but Mother Nature doesnt always do what we want.

As you can see, through this weeks report I have mentioned the wind. It is a very big issue here as Gigantica fish love to follow and move with it. However, as we run a draw situation at the start of the week, the wind may not be in your favour throughout the week. Other than moving in on the wind should any swims be free theres not a lot you can do about being 'off' the wind. Fear not though as each area of the lake certainly has resident fish that only ever come from certain areas- swims - ith that area. Also, as it warms up, and spawning is complete, the fish shoal up into smaller shoals of 25-50 fish. These smaller shoals roam around the lake, mainly on the wind but should the wind drop away as it does alot in the evenings, the fish will move to where they want to be, wind or not so do not worry to much if the wind isnt in your favour after the draw.

Well, the lads packed up and Mother Nature gave them the final kick in the guts as it started Saturday morning with glorious bright sunshine. Warm sunshine, light winds and fish showing all over there baited areas. Oh well, it wasnt to be but it was a great week and I look forward to them all returning in the near future.

Be safe, be lucky.