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  • Chris Clarke - 74lb - Big Southerly - 16/10/2021
  • Chris Clarke - 32lb - Big Southerly - 16/10/2021
  • Chris Clarke - 41lb 12oz - Big Southerly - 16/10/2021
  • Chris Clarke - 46lb - Big Southerly - 16/10/2021
  • Darko Ilic, The Alamo, 34lb, 16.10.2021
  • Darko Ilic, The Alamo, 38lb, 16.10.2021
  • Michael Isted, 21lb, Co's Point, 16.10.2021
  • Michael Isted, 25lb, Co's Point, 16.10.2021
  • Gorgio Arcaini, 33lb, Big Girls, 16.10.2021
  • Gorgio Arcaini, 33lb 8oz, Big Girls, 16.10.2021

Chris Clarke - 74lb - Big Southerly - 16/10/2021


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 16/10/2021

Week commencing 16.10.2021


With a few regular faces on the main lake this week its looking good for a bite or two the weather has started to settle but we have some strong winds forecast for the middle of the week that could get the fish moving about.


First to get in on the action was Chris Clarke fishing in Big southerly with two rods fished out at 25 and a half wraps towards Alcatraz and the third placed at 14 and a half on the snag out to the left-hand side of the swim he baited both spots with a mix of Sticky Manilla and Maize putting out around 5kg each day over each. His rig of choice was a combi fished on a running lead system as its something he has caught many fish out of the main lake over the past years and has full confidence in. Chris opened his account with one of the new stockies called Fynn @ 32lb he then followed this up with Josh’s @ 41lb 12oz before the midweek winds hit with gusts of 50mph hacking straight into him and a near miss with a fallen tree he was surely owed one of the big girls and he wasn’t disappointed when Ziggy Stardust slipped up to the rod on the snag tipping the scales to 74lb on the button but he wasn’t finished yet with two nights left to go he managed another with Gums @ 46lb.


Next up is Darko Ilic  fishing The Alamo Darko started the week fishing a spot at 28 wraps but the fish just kept showing further out past the baited spot so he was left with no option other that to try and get amongst them so he moved one of the rods to 34 wraps and had a pick up almost instantly landing Little Kicker @ 38lb he the baited the spot with a mixture of Cell and Link with a light sprinkling of Maize producing another two fish for Darko a 31lb 12oc common and one of the original’s Wayne’s world @ 34lb on the nose all three falling to a balanced waffter on a combi rig.


Michael Isted Fishing Co’s Point followed the same approach after starting out on a shorter spot for the first few days he opted to go longer at 31 wraps towards the old tit’s he baited the area with 15mm link and managed a bite on the first night with an uncaught stockie @ 21lb he has called Triple M he then went on to get a bite on the last evening with yet another unknown fish this time it was an original tipping the scales to 25lb but it was an absolute stunner.


Last but not least was Gorgio Arcaini he dropped into Big Girls and baited a spot just off the point at 26 wraps and baited the spot consistently throughout the week with his persistence paying off for him on the last morning with two in the retainer for photographs on the Saturday morning both falling to plastic Maize fished on a Ronnie rig over a bed of Maise and cell the first was a fish called The Chinese @ 33lb he followed this up with Ashes to Ashes @ 33lb 8oz both were welcome blank savers.


It’s not been an easy week by any stretch of the imagination, but the guys stuck at it and it paid off.


Until next time tight lines……..