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  • Scott Hesling - 61lb - Co's Point - 06.11.2021

Scott Hesling - 61lb - Co's Point - 06.11.2021


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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 06/11/2021

                                                                   New record stockie....


November can be very challenging as it is the transit period to winter where the day temperatures definitely get cooler with some frosty nights. The weather forecast for this week was far from ideal but this didn’t stop the anglers putting in their best efforts to catch some of the special Gigantica residents. Lets go…..

Scott Hesling chose to fish the famous Co’s Point swim for the week. All 3 rods went out at 28 wraps towards the spot the “old tits” ( 2 trees). Combi rigs with wafters were fished over the top. Scott had noticed loads of fish boshing out a little bit further, so on Wednesday, he blast a single white wafter out at 31 wraps. In the early hours of Thursday he had a steady take on that rod. I received the phone call from Scott saying “I reckon I have a 40 pounder”. When I got round there to do the photos, I knew straight away which fish it was and it definitely wasn’t 40 pounds…. It turned out to be one of our stockies called “The Dustbin” at 61lb which is a new top weight. This fish was stocked into the Main Lake at 10lb 8oz in 2016 and is now 61lb…. What a fish!! Unfortunately this was Scott’s only fish for the week, but what a great catch! Saying he was over the moon was an understatement… Well in mate, awesome angling!!!

 Over in Oblivion, a friendly chap called Minja Bolesnikov, all the way from Serbia, had set his stall up for the week. Minja chose to fish 2 rods straight out in front at 25 wraps, with his 3rd one a little shorter at 23 wraps, towards Stock Pond. Simple hair rigs with three 14mm boilles (yes three 14mm boilies) were fished over the top. It didn’t take long and he was into his first fish, a 25lb common. 3 hours later he was in again, this time with a 31lb mirror. Those three 14mm boilies on a simple hair were doing the business! Sunday evening saw a 29lb mirror being landed. After having 3 fish very quickly Minja decided to go very heavy on the baiting front, putting 15 kg in on Monday. Unfortunately this didn’t pay off as he ended the session on those 3 early fish. He was happy to admit that it was a mistake to go heavy on the baiting front… but we learn everyday. 


It was a very slow week on the Main Lake, with a total of 4 fish being caught. The anglers tried really hard but the fish just weren’t having it. This is fishing unfortunately. There is definitely some unsettled business …


Hope to see you all soon again.

Tight Lines,