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  • Smartie Pants in all her glory for Wayne Smith!!........
  • What a creature, who'd love a cuddle ??
  • Shotgun baby.........
  • And away she goooooooooes

Smartie Pants in all her glory for Wayne Smith!!........


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 13/11/2021

A tough week at the “Big G”


With the temperatures dropping all the time and lake cooling it was going to be a tough one for the anglers this week. November can be very hit and miss but one thing is always for certain, there is always a chance of bagging one of those stunning monsters that reside in the depths of the lake where dreams can happen !!!......


Although the fishing was off form this week the lads all kept their spirits high and gave it their all, typical advice for this time of year is to bait around 3k a day of more sweetcorn or maize rather than a boilie approach. Wayne Smith adopted this approach but with Sticky manilla crushed and crumb in the mix also and fishing 26 wraps out of “Co’s Point” he managed to land the only fish of the week, but what a fish it was. “Smartie Pants” at 53lb was his reward. The fish took a fancy to his Manilla hook bait on a Combi rig and I think you can see in his face on the pics just how happy this fish made him!! Solid angling and confidence in his rigs and lots of patience which is key at this time of year !!! Well done mate.


This was the only landed fish for the week but it certainly wasn’t for trying. Sometimes the fish just aren’t up for it!! A great bunch of lads that were fed well and kept high spirits the entire week with lots of laughs and lots of snoring eh Ray hahaha….Till next time lads keep those English fish coming and we shall see you back with a score to settle!!........


Till next time guys n gals, tight lines, be lucky and bag a chunk.