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  • Chris "The Legend" Clarke with "Violet" tipping the scales to 37lb.......
  • At such a hard time of year we will take them all, "Crippen here weighed in at 26lb 4oz.........
  • "Wriggly Cnut" what a name haha.........coming in at 25lb 4oz............

Chris "The Legend" Clarke with "Violet" tipping the scales to 37lb.......


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 27/11/2021

Chris Clarke “Co’s” and does it again……..


Well… November continues with the ever changing colder temperatures what would this week have in store for the anglers. This would be the last week before we reduce the numbers down to 6 so would this keep the fish moving about. Are they starting to group up in the middle areas? The weather was certain to be chilly but with big winds blowing into the South West you couldn’t ask for anything more conditions wise. We have 11 anglers, some returning loyal regulars and some newcomers, so let’s see what the week had in store……….


Let’s start our little tale in “Big Southerly” where we have regular Roger “the dodger” Mires. Fishing out at 25 ½ wraps to the drop off with 2 rods and 1 rod to the snags Roger deployed maize and boilie fishing over the top with Wafters. The method was a success as on the second evening a mid 30lb Mirror came to Uncle Roger. There was another cracking capture as on the Wednesday something rather larger was landed. “The Vicar” at 63lb was his reward, both captures came from the 25 ½ spot. We don’t have any pics as Roger isn’t one for a photo the angling, the take and the fight is what he does it. Solid angling at a tricky time of year so well-done pal !!!........


Over in “Co’s Point” guess who managed to draw straight back in to wear he fished last week? Yep, Chris Clarke. Straight back on the 31-wrap spot to the flat oak was the aim and shock horror on the first night BOOM, first fish in the net. A lovely fish named “Violet” at 37lb was his reward. The exact same approach with Sticky Manilla, whole, crushed and crumbed with a scoop of maize and some lotions and potions mixed in. Chris was fishing with solid bags with krill wafters or Combis with Manilla hard hooker wafters. On average he managed to trip up a fish a night, but nothing beat that opening nights weight. On a very slow week Co’s was into a flyer in comparison. It will be very interesting to see if the fish stay out in the middle bowl. As always Chris is a constant threat when he comes to “The Big G” no matter what swim he chooses. This is the last trip of the year for him but he’s back with a vengeance in 2022 so keep your eyes on the catch reports to see his progress. His weeks are always something I take note of as he has an uncanny way of unlocking the code every bloody time lol. Well done mate top angling…..


So, 7 fish landed, another slow November week but just to see a few beauties landed and a lots of smiles on anglers faces it’s all worth it. There’s always a chance of a lump and Roger proved that. Keep your eyes on the catch reports over the coming winter as the fish will normalise shortly and then the winter feeding spells will become longer!!!


Till next time guys n gals, tight lines, be lucky and bag a chunk.