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  • The Queen of the pond!!
  • Theres always a crowd when Fudgys makes an appearance!
  • Moody skies in the Alamo
  • The rig that did the business for Matt
  • Near on 120lb brace!
  • Customary soaking
  • What a moment for the boys and Grandad Tony!
  • The bait mix that did the business for the boys!
  • Brad with his first bite!
  • Having a sulk after its first ever capture!
  • Icey conditions made for some lovely water shots!
  • Equalled in all its glory!

The Queen of the pond!!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 05/02/2022

                 Queen of the pond makes an appearance!!


Well, what a welcome back it was for returning bailiff Steve! On his first week back, he had some old faces to catch up with and some very excited first timers! Once the walk around, chats about previous hot spots and the dreaded draw were finished it was time to get in the swims and get cracking…


Matt Allen came out high in the draw and decided he fancied his chances in “The Alamo”, with his Grandad joining us a guest and his twin brother Brad was next door in the Stink the lads were filled with anticipation! With big westerly winds over the weekend Matt decided to fish at a comfortable range of 26 wraps towards the big tree left of Beach, starting off with singles for the first night to try and locate the fish in his area before committing to a spot. After a quiet few days Matt noticed fish showing in close and after some investigation, they were showing over the 15-wrap spot towards the clubhouse, he wasted no time in deploying a slow sinking maize mounted Spinner rig to the area along with 5 spombs of corn, hemp, crushed Cell boiles and some Cell smart liquid for good measure. An hour passed and Matt was away, after a long ponderous typical big fish battle the mighty Fudgys slid over the net cord, what a result! Matt called the bailiff team to notify them of the capture and he proceeded to recast his rod and top up the spot whilst the boys were on their way round. “Fudgys” span the scales round to a very healthy 78lb which was a new PB for Matt! Whilst the team were weighing the fish his recast rod hooped round again!! Grandad Tony was first to it and after a few minutes another original was in the bag in the form of “Bitemark” at 37lb 8oz…What a brace!! The moment was captured and both fish were returned to the depths, of course Matt received a soaking afterwards as is ritual here at Gigantica come rain or shine!! That was all of the action for Matt but not bad going for your first trip!


Brad Allen dropped into “Stink” after the draw and after a few days of no activity and seeing his brother Matts captures firsthand in the Alamo he decided to make the move over to “Oblivion” for the rest of the session…This proved massively fruitful as he also had 2 fish for the week, his first bite came on Friday morning and was a new stockie at 17lb which hadn’t been caught since its introduction. Brad decided to name the fish “Merida” and was now itching for a goodun to try and get one up on his brother! Friday night dropped down to -4 and it was a hard frost and mist rising from the water in the morning when he had a last-minute bite at bang on 24 hours after his previous bite, but this time it was one of Gigantica’s famous scaley originals in the shape of “Equalled” at 49lb 12oz which is a new top weight and put Brad straight up on the Gigantica wall of fame which was a massive buzz! Brad fished all 3 rods at 16 wraps towards the single tree just to the right of the Beach swim baiting with the same mix of corn, hemp, crushed Cell and smart liquid! Brad’s bites also fell to Plastic maize but fished on a combi rig! What a result for the boys.


Unfortunately, it was quiet for the rest of the boys on the lake but spirits were high and morale was kept up through the week. Everybody is itching to get back out and settle a score!


It’s a pleasure to be back helping people smash their P.B’s and I look forward to seeing new and old faces throughout the year! 


Until then, tight lines!