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  • Our 4 héros that gave their time working so hard all week with Bailiff Paul.............

Our 4 héros that gave their time working so hard all week with Bailiff Paul.............


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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 12/02/2022

A winters work party


A normal weekly report would be full of all the tactical tips and goings on of the lakes with all that juicy information you guys need to plan your up-and-coming trip and for you to gain any extra info in preparation to try and catch a fish of a lifetime. This week however the complex was blocked out for us to carry out necessary work on the grounds and I feel its only proper to let you know what goes on here at Gigantica when the gates close.


We had lower numbers this time for the winter work party, but you wouldn’t have known with the amount of work that was completed. The main aims were to look at addressing the tracks around both lakes, clear some trees and snags from stock pond C and most importantly from an angling point of view weed raking!!!! This is a thankless task as…… guess what? It bloody grows back!! The purpose of the week raking isn’t for the sole purpose of clearing the swims of any thick weed beds but also to remove any old rigs, crack offs, sunken spombs and branches etc. Fish care is always number 1 priority here at where dreams happen so if we can remove any old line, rigs etc from the lake where they may still be fishing live, we will do so. This is also one of the main reasons for a barbless only rule at the complex. The fish definitely have a talent to discard a picked-up rig ready for us to pull it out at intervals throughout the year. 


So………who made up this band of hero’s?? On weed raking duties we had BailiffsPhil, Jason and Paul and that carp catching legend “Radu”. Together we entered every swim on the Main Lake armed with a capstan winch, boat, rakes and a hell of a lot of muscle power!! Stopping only for a quick brew and a nibble for dinner (lunch to you southerners) the team tirelessly worked their way around the lake and removing anything the rake dragged in. Radu was such a massive influence with the work load we got done. Constantly on the ball and never let up for the entire week. If the job in hand was done, he would be the first to grab the blower to tidy up afterwards or switch lakes to make sure that the place he loves to fish is nice and tidy for the next week of anglers. Thank you for giving up your time my friend you are a true “Gigantian”


The second team were on track duties or anything that involved a digger. Now I think everyone thinks they could drive around a digger and pick stuff up and shove it somewhere else but having the right man at the wheel (pully things) makes a massive difference. “Clutchy” was just the man for the job, from the first 5 minutes of talking to him I knew that he new waaaaaaaay more than I did about groundworks and said, “you know what pal, crack on”. All in all the track work swallowed up 68 tonnes of gravel concass. The weather didn’t help us at all and made life hard for the track team with heavy rain in the evenings. Backing up Clacky on the tracks we had “Pete” and “Kingy”. Keeping up with the digger with raking and wackering by hand is such a draining job I think they were still shaking well into the night. This could have been reason for their poor performances on the dart board at night hmmmmm naaa they just need more practice haha. I suppose I had better mention Bailiff Steve he was behind the wheel of the tipper van constantly keeping the supply going of gravel but apparently in between the loading of the tipper snapchat was still regularly updated haha, as for Facebook, twitter or myspace (are the cool kids still on that) I couldn’t comment. As well as the tracks this team absolutely smashed stock pond C in 1 day. Removing all the root balls and trees from the edge which made life difficult when we did the fish netting. This job alone will make the job allot easier in the future as the nets won’t get caught and the fish can’t hide in the snags. 


We worked hard all week and made such a difference I hope you guys appreciate the amount of effort involved. We as a team would like to thank these 4 great “Gigantians” for supplying us with your knowledge and hard graft we truly appreciate it so once again, Thankyou 


Till next time guys n gals, tight lines, be lucky and bag a chunk.