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  • The 'head' @ 43.12 to Adrian
  • Staples @ 61.12
  • Troy, with Staples just before his ritual soaking.

The 'head' @ 43.12 to Adrian


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

Welcome back to the Gigantica weekly update.........come back the sunshine is all I ask for !

This cold Northerly - North Easterly is killing us ! The warm sunny Spring sunshine we had a couple of weeks ago is all but a distance memoerie now and the catch results mirror the falling temps.

Though not all bad news, the weather is- has been playing a big part in the slow catch rates but there is warmer weather predicted so theres light at the end of the tunnel so too speak.

First off, Ian, in the 'Beach' witha saturday night 27lb - continuing a prolific run of fish for this swim. Ian decided to move into the 'tree line' obviously tempted by the big shadows he could see drifting around in the snaggy underwater area. As the temps had risen slightly, quite a few of our spawny little males stopped thinking about the Spring time sex fest looming and dropped their guard and made the mistake to picking up Ian's well placed hookbaits close to the snags. 3 more low - mid twentys made his tally 4 for the week.

Ken moved straight into the now empty 'Beach' and had his one and only fish for the week, a 28lb mirror. Andy on Co's point got in on the action with fluro hooklenghts and size 6 Korda Kurv B hooks snaring 3 mid to upper 20z for Andy.

Adrian and Simon stuck to the Gigantica method - Cell boilies and Mainline Indian spice pop ups fished as snowmen and landed the 'head' at a high @ 43.12 from the Alamo - the swim with the most fish in it for several weeks now but still not producing the goods ??? Quite why this is happening, Im just not sure. There has been a lot of fish in front of ther Alamo for several weeks now, just sitting behind the baiting areas, obviously feeding judging by the fish showing activety each day but just no positive hook ups other than the 'Head' ?

How long this situation will continue is any ones guess but Im sure over the next couple of weeks, a method will become evident and who ever it is that works it out is going to batter their scaly ass'

Then, to Troy, who finally found the right hole to put it in, after some confusion, got the right hole and banged out the mighty 'Staples' !

Troy was obviously blown away, a high for his group which had a close member of his family pass away unexpectedly prior to the trip and the lads were quite down on arrival. Troy did well with such a big framed fish in the shots, and you can see, an awesdome creature. Mainline bait snowman Cell and meen green doing the business again unsurprisingly. This bait just keeps on catching, and the bigger fish over and over again.

I know everybody has their own personal favorite baits that you fish with confidence at home but why make things harder by not using Mainlines Cell and Indian Spice boilies whilst here, it just gives you the best chance of catching here. Over the last two years Ive been here, its clearly evident that Gigantica certainly isnt a fishmeal loving water. Whilst certain people have had good weeks using a fiashmeal based bait, its the exception rather than the rule. If you dont want too use Cell, New grange, Active 8 and Fusion do well, if you would rather not use Mainline ? birdfood type baits far out catch fishmeal baitsd here........just a little heads up for you there.

So there you have it, another week over, again slow due to the weather but with rising air temps and better winds predicted, next week should improve a little, check back next week to see if Im right.

As usual, be safe and be lucky.