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  • "The unwanted" at 19lb
  • "Big baby 16lb 8oz
  • well done James "Gogglebox" 24lb 4oz
  • Small high attractive feeds are essential in the colder months
  • fine tuning your rigs and using what your confident in is key especially in colder months
  • little signs spring is on its way
  • its lovely to sit back and enjoy these little signs of positivities
  • if Carlsberg did mornings!! still waiting for the birds to show up a sure sign of spring
  • why not 37 year old and still playing with my food haha
  • Breakfast stacks (no half measures on our watch) although the porridge is bang tidy too!!!

"The unwanted" at 19lb


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 05/03/2022

Has Spring finally sprung????



Well at the start of the week the answer would have been a definite no.

With severely cold winds, bright sunshine in the day and freezing temperatures at night, conditions were far from great.


Alas this wasn’t going to deter our new set of arrivals, who were all smiles and super confident as they came through the gate.


With old faces returning and new faces giving Gigantica a go for the first time we had an exciting mix of anglers all with a different outlook on how to unlock the code and capture some of the exquisite carp that we are famous for.


After beverages where dispersed, and rules explained we set off on our walk around of the lake.


This process is a double positive for us and the anglers as we get to explain each swim and its features, wraps to fish and the boundaries, but also, we get to answer the questions of each angler in-between each swim and judge where their strengths lie.


By the end of this I knew I had a very capable bunch fishing this week and a super fun group to boot.



With only 8 anglers fishing this week, I think everyone was happy with the draw and their allotted swim with chance of a move if desired.



First to put a fish in the net was Lewis Hannaford, after deciding to fish Big Girls, a swim that sometimes gets overlooked, due to being in a corner.


His first fish was “The Unwanted” at 19lb on the nose.


It came on his first night, falling to pineapple dumbbell wafter, fished at 21 wraps down the margin.


Lewis decided on fishing only 2 rods in the swim to reduce the angling pressure, something not a lot of people do, confidence is key and when fishing at difficult times of the year, and little decisions like this can make all the difference (good skills mucka).



Although the guys fished there sock off for the next 5 days, the conditions where far from kind, and the carp remained elusive. This didn’t dampen there spirits and they where all over enjoying a cold beer and a hot meal every night having a great time and a better banter.



So, the last night arrived,and a buzzer screamed off YAHOO!!!



The next angler on the score sheet was Big James Rix an ex English Javelin thrower and all round super nice guy, who had no problem hitting 31 wraps fishing in “Co,s Point “fishing in some big winds.


After seeing fish over him and constantly watching the water James had decided to sit it out all week.


A move that paid off in the form of “Gogglebox” at 24lb 4oz.

James was using size 4 kamakura krank hooks fished spinner style with manilla pop ups and i.b corn on as hook bait (nice one mate).



The buzzers screamed one last time this week and it was Lewis Hannaford in Big Girls again, sticking to his same spot and only fishing one rod being super stealthy.

Big Baby was his prize at 16lb 8oz not the biggest but a great bit of angling and who cares when they look like that hey mate.



All in all a tough week for our guys and girls with night time temperatures dropping to minus seven, and very changeable day time conditions,but as you can see in the pictures the promise of spring being very close is at hand and the next few weeks should be very interesting,




Until next time

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