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  • Giorgio Arcaini with this beast named "The Clean Fish" at 61lb...
  • "2C's" at 53lb 12oz for Giorgio Arcaini....
  • Check this scaly one out named "Apple Slices" at 47lb 12oz...
  • Soaking your baits can have a big edge!!!
  • Simple spinner rigs produced the big guns for Giorgio.
  • Buzz with "Uncle G" at 34lb caught on a 21ft zig.
  • "The French Common" at 37lb 8oz for Leigh Saunders.
  • The sky is on fire.....
  • Stock Pond master John Pike with a lovely 30lb common.
  • 29lb 8oz common for John Pike....
  • Just look at the size of it......
  • Giorgio's bait mix...

Giorgio Arcaini with this beast named "The Clean Fish" at 61lb...


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 12/03/2022



                                                      Big Girls gets smashed!!!!!


This week we had 6 keen anglers. Two new to the Gigantica complex and four regulars. Weather forecast was some nice sunny days up to 21 degrees with the nights going down to 4 degrees. Saturday morning before the lads turned up the fish were very active, showing them selfs all over the lake.  Let’s see what this week brings……



Picking number 6 in the draw saw Giorgio Arcaini putting his bivvy up in Big Girls,  the same swim he fished on his last visit. The previous week it had produced a few fish, so Giorgio was confident for the week ahead. 2 rods went out at 26 wraps towards the scaffold poles with his 3rd one at 21 wraps towards the outlet pipe. Simple spinner rigs with 12mm yellow pop-ups were fished over a mix of Mainline Essential Cell 10mm boilies, Mainline Cell boilies (crushed) with loads of maize. As fishing the margin Giorgio chose to bait up from the bank keeping the noise to a minimum. The first two nights saw him lose 2 fish. After a few tactical changes it all came good when he landed his first fish of the session on Monday evening, “Shredder” at 27lb 12oz. In the early hours of Wednesday he had a mad spell with 3 takes in 2 hours landing 2 fish. A brace of 100lb was the result. “Apple Slices” at 47lb 12 oz and “2 C’S" at a new top weight of 53lb 12oz. What a result!!!!!! Wednesday saw him land “Pablo” at 25lb. The best was yet to come….. Big fish Thursday lived up to it’s name…. At 6am he was hooked into something very special. Giorgio’s previous PB was 58lb but now it is 61lb as he caught “The Clean Fish” at a new top weight of 61lb. Not a bad way to end the week. Good anling mate!! See you in September.





Next up we head over to John Pike in Stock Pond. John has probably fished this swim more than us bailiffs have haha… 2 rods at 25 wraps towards the outlet pips and 1 rod at 21 wraps towards the margin was the plan. Mainline Cell boilies mixed with sweetcorn was the bait choice. SSM on D-rigs were fished over the top. With the first few days being very quiet he decided on Tuesday to move one rod towards the right hand corner at 9 1/3 wraps. This definitely paid off as he had “Rumi’s” at 26lb 8oz from it. Wednesday morning saw the same rod rip off again, resulting into  29lb 8oz common. John’s target for the week was a 30lb common. The next morning saw him breaking his target when he slipped the net under a 30lb common. John is definitely the Stock Pond master!! Well done mate!!



Over in the famous Alamo we had Leigh Saunders. Leigh is a very keen angler.

Bait for the week was Sticky Manilla spombed at 29 1/2 wraps towards the big tree left of beach has he was fishing 30 wraps ( half a rod length shorter on the spod rod to allow the swing back of the leads on the main rods in this depth of water). Yellow wafters were fished over the top. After seeing lots of fish boshing a few wraps behind his baited spot he decided to put a 21ft zig out, this paid off when on Wednesday he landed “The French Common” at 37lb 8oz…. Unfortunately this was the only fish Leigh had. There is definitely unfinished business!! See you next year on your lake exclusive mate.


First in the draw was Adrian Buzz Burrett who chose the stunning Co’s Point for the week. Some of you may recognise Buzz as he used to be a bailiff here at the Gigantica Complex. 28 wraps towards the old tits was the chosen area for all 3 rods. Baitworks Creamino boilies mixed with maize was the spod mix. After a few days with nothing happening on the bottom a 21ft zig with red foam went out towards the flat oak. A few hours later and “Uncle G” at 34lb was waiting to being photographed. Buzz definitely deserved more fish but unfortunately this is how it sometimes goes…. See you next time mate.



It’s been a very tough week with only 10 fish being caught. The fish seemed to be in the upper layers and in the margins. This was the last week with a maximum of 8 anglers on. Lets see what a full lake (12 anglers) brings next week….


Tight lines, 





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