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  • Marcus with The French Common!
  • 32lber for Marcus!
  • Last knockings Saturday morning bite!
  • "The Guvnor" for Ginge!!
  • Back to fight another day!

Marcus with The French Common!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 19/03/2022

We are back fully open on both lakes! New Season starts this week…


With a lake exclusive this week the first group of 12 of the year were the gate and ready to hit the ground running! The weather forecast didn’t seem to be on our side with extremely high pressure and Easterly winds, nevertheless the lads were eager to get cracking…


First out the Draw was Marcus Adams and after the form Big Girls has had over recent weeks, he didn’t hesitate in dropping in there for the week…Marcus fished Spinner rigs with washed out pink and yellow pop ups. Baiting up from the margin with crushed cell, corn and maize he had to wait until Tuesday for his first bite which was a 32lb Common coming off the 25-wrap spot towards the scaffold poles! Marcus rebaited and then had a bite at a very similar time 24 hours later in the shape of “The French Common” at 38lb!! It then went quiet for a couple of days which caused Marcus to slow down on the baiting, but after a chat with the bailiff on Friday night he went heavy on the bait again and managed to nick another one on the Saturday morning tipping the scales round to 31lb! Well in mate


Next up we have Carl “Ginge” Pumfrey who decided to drop into Alcatraz for the week. Fishing at 28 rod lengths towards the Scary Tree. Carl had a 34lb 8oz common just before breakfast over 5kg of crushed cell and hemp mix. Slow Sinking maize was the hookbait and was caught in the deeper water which really got everyone expecting more fish to be caught from the open water areas,


Sadly, that was it for the week on the fish front but lots of laughs and plenty of beers were sunk…Marcus going home with “The Jammy B****D” trophy for biggest fish and the money for the most fish caught!


We had a mega bunch of lads this week, the morale was high all week and everybody enjoyed giving Marcus a super soaking on BBQ night! We really enjoyed having you here and look forwards to seeing you soon!


The Fish unfortunately have not woken up fully yet, but with temperatures rising and some more favourable conditions forecast for next week it looks good moving forward!



Until then, 

Tight lines,