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  • The Dustbin at 61lb what a carp!!!!!
  • Shoulders at 63lb 4oz and Andy has a new PB for the second time in 2 hours.
  • "No veg" at 39lb well done mate
  • talk about leaving it last minute, well done Matt with Lennies at 54lb 8oz
  • Proper angry!!! only coz he got his perm wet and the fish looks a bit aggy too, good skills mate!
  • Putting the new Korda compact slings through there paces,1st impressions "the b*llocks
  • Well impressed with the new Vass hybrid waiders super comfy and well made cheers guys
  • Deacons winning rig its good to think outside the box sometimes or to stick with what your confident it
  • Spinners and IB Slow sinking maize, what a combo winner eveytime well done mate

The Dustbin at 61lb what a carp!!!!!


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 02/04/2022

It comes in threes



With some big weather forecast and the temperatures being all-over the place,

it was clear that a lot of effort and thought was going to have to be applied to this week fishing.



That wasn’t going to dampen the spirits of our intrepid 11 and after the initial Gigantica walk around, the draw was done with everyone raring to go.


First on the score card was Deacon Olley,

Fishing out of the Big Southerly, a favourite swim of his with him having a lot of success in previous years.



The first fish proved to be an unknown one.

With Deacon being a junk food fanatic, the name “No Veg” was suggested and swiftly adopted and having swung the needle around to 39lb 8oz it was a great way to kick the week off.



A Multi rig with CC Moore spicy tuna dumbbell wafter was the presentation of choice for Deacon fished tight down the left-hand margin at 13 wraps towards the snag. Good skills mate.




The weather got bad by the second day with huge south westerly winds crashing across the lake, making distance work almost impossible for the guys on that side of the lake.



Deciding that a different approach was needed to fish accurately Andy Norris fishing in the stink was next on the score sheet.




Initially fishing out at 28 wraps Andy decided on fishing all three rods short to make accurate baiting and fishing more accessible.

It was on the fifth day of the trip when this plan came into fruition in the form of Aviator” at 38lbs.

Andy fished I.B Slow sinking maize on spinner rigs 14 wraps out towards the canopy of the club house, proving you don’t always need to be fishing at range to get amongst them especially when the winds hacking into your bank.



Well they say it comes in threes, and it wasn’t long before Andy’s buzzer was in meltdown again with the same tactics and presentation applied.



After an epic battle in what can only be described as “terrible conditions”

A truly stunning carp was swiftly in the first glances we knew it was a “proper one”.

The Rueben’s span around to a new personal best of 61lbs and the Dustin was Andy’s prize.



With the fish safely in the retaining sling new rigs where swiftly deposited back on the spot,and shortly after the buzzers where in meltdown again.



When they are there, you must make the most of it no matter how bad the conditions are and another long epic battle resulted in the one and only “Shoulders” going into the net, breaking his personal best for a second time that morning at a back aching 63lbs.

Great skills mate and what a trio one I’m sure you won’t forget anytime soon.



Next on the score sheet was (triple M) Gigantica manager Michael Isted,

With a move leaving “The Alamo” free, a quick overnighter was all that could be fitted in.



The next morning whilst the rest of us where grafting mike was doing battle with an angry carp. (Alright for some hey chav) ha-ha.

“Sacribleu” was his prize at 34lb 4oz.

Mike fished yellow pop ups on spinner rigs over house maize, well done mate got to be in it to win it.



Its never over until its over and keeping the faith is hard when the elements are against you, but effort equals reward and at 8.30 on the final morning when most had packed up and were enjoying a coffee and croissant Matt Woodward was into a fish in “the Alamo”.



Matt was fishing 28 wraps towards the wonky tree using double slow sinking maize over house maize and hemp using german rigs.



And what a fish it turned out to be “Lennie’s’ was his prize for perseverance and hard work and at 54lb 8oz she was looking mighty fine ensuring his wife Sam a more pleasant journey home with a very happy husband.

What a result.




All in all, a bit of a challenging week but effort equalled reward for those who managed to get amongst them.

I know I’ll be seeing a lot of them again as these guys loved the challenge and were all smiles throughout.



Until next time guys,

Tight lines