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  • It doesn't mater about the size when they look like this "Apple Crumble"
  • Another original for Andy "Galician" at 32lb 8oz
  • Adding another 3 to his total of 6 fish Big Girls was producing the goods
  • Richard Winter proving that effort equals reward, good skills!!!
  • "Looking Busy"pretty sure that's what you'll be doing for the next few.(His mother in laws staying)
  • New tactics doing the do for Roy the boy, well done mate
  • Zig Power, a tactic I'm sure you will be trying again mate lovely 24hrs "Fortuna" at 36lb 8oz
  • Getting them up in the water is key when fishing 3 rods tight!!

It doesn't mater about the size when they look like this "Apple Crumble"


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 09/04/2022

Effort equals reward



With 12 Anglers booked on and temperatures steadying for the week ahead, it was clear to see our guests where super excited as they came through that magic gate.


With a mixture of old faces and a few new ones it was clear that a few different tactics were going to be deployed, the question was who was going to get amongst the fish first?


The answer to that question came in the form of Andy Sewell in Big Girls,

A swim that has really been inform this year and although it hasn’t thrown up any of the Gigantica super beasts yet Andy certainly wasn’t complaining with his first fish.


“Lloyds” was his prize at 26lb,

Andy was fishing 26 wraps towards the scaffold bars, fishing I,B slow sinking maize on German rigs over a light baiting of house maize.


A tactic which stood him in good stead for the rest of the week seeing him land another 5 fish this week, with Galician being his biggest at 32lb 8oz and the stunning Apple Crumble topping the bill for looks, sometimes it’s not all about catching the biggest fish in the lake and these two lovely old originals will be on my hit list.



We had a quiet few days after that and its like the headline says effort equals reward.


It was no surprise then that the next person on the catch report was Gigantica regular Richard winter, fishing out of Alcatraz.


With every tactic known to man being deployed across his 3 rods, plus spombs that open mid-air(on purpose) and a load of other gigerry pokery going on, the write hand rod fished at 28 wraps on a 18 foot zig was the tactic that did the damage.


His prize was “Parker” at 39lb 8oz(not 40)Richard.


Richard carried on with this tactic to land another 3 fish the biggest being “looking busy” something he did all week assisting some of his fellow anglers from his party with tactics.


This paid off with “Roy the Boy Jackson “fishing 

in Stock Pond landing a lovely little mirror in the form of “Star baby” it doesn’t matter if they are 20lb when you are catching on a new method and enjoying working a new venue out. That and a few Jack Daniels hey Roy.


Next on the score sheet was Mark Shildrake, fishing out of Oblivion and after seeing fish cruising in the upper layers also decided on fishing a zig.

His prize was a lovely 26lb common.


After seeing what his fellow anglers where up to Mick Wardle fishing in Pole Position also opted to use a zig,a tactic that he hadn’t caught on in the past,but one im sure he will be using again in spring.


A very productive 24 hours for Mick saw him land 3 carp all to his zig rod with the biggest being “fortuna”,

A lovely old original turning the scales to 36lb 8oz.


All in all not the easiest week with the fish still not really getting their heads down yet,but with a full moon and dropping pressure forecast for next week who knows what could happen.


Until then be lucky

Tight lines