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  • Just look at it.... "The Peach" at 50lb 8oz.
  • Solid bags doing the business for Ryan.
  • What an amazing fish.... "The Grey Plated".
  • Danial with "Smartie Pants" at 50lb 4oz...
  • Keeping it simple paid off for Ryan
  • "Shmokin" at 37lb....
  • Luke with "Sherbet" at 30lb....

Just look at it.... "The Peach" at 50lb 8oz.


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 16/04/2022

Big Girls keeps producing….



Saturday saw 10 keen anglers turn up to the Gigantica complex, all eager to get going. Weather for the week was mid doubles during the day with the nights dropping down to 6 degrees. It definitely was looking promising for the week ahead… For a few of the lads it was their first time fishing the Main Lake. Let’s see how they got on.


First in the draw we had Ryan Deuters who chose Big Girls. This swim has been producing fish for the last 8 weeks so he was keen to get started. After a quick chat with the bailiff he decided to fish 2 rods at 21 wraps towards the outlet with his 3rd one at 26 towards the scaffold poles. Solid bags fished over sweetcorn and pellet was the go to tactic. In the early hours of Sunday he got woken up to his rod ripping off…. He couldn’t believe it when he slipped the net under one of the scaly Gigantica bangers. “The Peach” at 50lb 8oz which is a new top weight. Not a bad way to start the week off…. The next morning he was in again, this time with one of the stockies known as “Nufter” at 21lb. The best was yet to come when in the earlie hours of Tuesday he slipped the net under another Gigantica scaly mirror…. “The Grey Plated” at 49lb 8oz. Ryan kept on catching steadily all week long with him ending his week on 8 fish. Not a bad first trip to the complex… I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon again mate! 




Over in the famous Co’s Point we had Danial Coles on his 2nd trip of the year. Hearing that a few fish had come to zigs the previous week he decided to put 2 rods out at 31 wraps towards the old tits with his 3rd being fished on a 18ft zig (We only allow one rod to be fished on a zig here at gigantica). A mixture of boilies and maize were spombed over the top. Sunday morning saw his first fish being land, “Shmokin’” at 37lb on his 18ft zig. Monday was quiet but on Tuesday it all kicked off when he landed 4 fish within an hour. The biggest being “Smartie Pants” at 50lb 4oz… All coming to the zig. Black foam with a red kicker was doing the business. Danial managed to have a few fish during the day which has been very rare as most of the bites came late evening /early morning… The fish kept on picking his 18ft zig up which brought his tally to 13 fish for the week with “Smartie Pants” at 50lb 4oz being the biggest. Good angling mate! See you soon….  



Luke Williams chose to set his stall up in The Stink. Luke smashed to Road Lake last year so was eager to do the same on the Main Lake. 2 rods went out t 18 wraps towards the big tree’s right of Treeline with his 3rdone on a 18ft zig. Saturday evening he unfortunately lost one on his 18 wrap spot. The next evening he had another chance, this time on the zig. “Sherbet” at 30lb on the nose was the culprit.  Not long after and he was in again with a lovely 20lb mirror. Thursday evening it kicked off when he had 3 fish in a short period of time, the biggest being 26lb 8oz. Luke finished the week off with 7 fish landed. Not bad first session on the Main Lake mate. See you in the summer!



The fish seemed to be in the upper layers or in the margin. The have been very active in the morning which means they are using energy so they will have to go on a heavy feed at some point.  We ended the week with 33 fish being caught. Nice seeing you all! 



Tight Lines,