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  • Robert Burrows with "The Power" at 27lb...
  • "The Exocet" at 34lb 8oz...
  • Stephen Harrison with "The Brown Fish"...
  • Adrian Whitney with a 19lb 4oz stockie...
  • "The Jewel" at 24lb 8oz for Tom Smith.

Robert Burrows with "The Power" at 27lb...


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 23/04/2022

Starting to feed??


A few regulars mixed with some new faces turned up on Saturday all ready to get started. We had some nice hot days up to 22 degrees with the nights dropping down to 6 degrees. The previous week most of the fish came to the zigs, would this week be any different?

Let’s see…..



First up we had Adrian Whitney fishing in Stockpond. For the past few weeks there have been lots of fish boshing in front of the point, so this is where Adrian started off fishing. All 3 rods with SSM on spinner rigs went out at 32 wraps. In the early hours of Sunday he was rewarded with a lovely 31lb mirror. Adrian started the session of with 20 midi spombs consisting from Mainline cell boilies (crushed) with some maize and hemp. After the early bite he topped it up with a few more spombs. The next couple of days it went quiet for him. His next bite came Wednesday at 6am, a 19lb 4oz stockie. Unfortunately this was his last action for the week.  



Two swims down from Stockpond in Alcatraz was Robert Burrows. After a lead around at 26 wraps to the right of Big Southerly he found a nice area to present his SSM on spinner rigs. The first few days so loads of fish showing over him, but he just couldn’t get a pick up. It was time to have a little change. Thursday saw him add some of our house pellet to his spod mix. It didn’t take long for the fish to find it as he shortly after was rewarded with a 23lb mirror. The next day saw a mid-day bite when he managed to land a 20lb stockie at 1pm. Just before packing up on Saturday his rod ripped off again, this time with “The Power” at 27lb. This fish hasn’t seen the bank since 2016…. Robert ended the week on 3 fish. Adding the house pellet to his mix on Thursday definitely changed it for him!!


On the opposite of the lake, Tom Smith had set his bivvy up in Oblivion.  Tom has been a few times to the Gigantica complex with some good results. It was all quiet in front of him so on Wednesday he decided to move into Big Southerly. He chose to keep the disturbance to a minimum and went in with a solid bag approach. This paid off when in the early hours of Thursday he managed to put the net under “The Jules” at 24lb 8oz.  A few hours later and he was in again, unfortunately this one got away…. It was hard going but I’m sure you will get amongst a few more on your next trip!



In the famous Alamo we had Andrew Parker. After seeing a few fish out long he decided to fish all 3 rods at 28 wraps. Andrew definitely put the work and energy in. Tuesday saw him loose a fish to a hook pull… This didn’t stop him!!! Hew kept going and it finally paid off when in the early hours of Saturday he managed to land a 29lb mirror on a 18 foot zig. He definitely deserved a few more fish but unfortunately it wasn’t to happen this time…  




Julian Strode decided to set up in Stink for the week. 2 rods went out at 28 wraps to the left of Beach with his 3rd one being on a 18ft zig. It took until Thursday for the fish to turn up. “The Exocet” at 34lb 8oz chose to pick his SSM (Slow Sinking Maize) up. This was his only action for the week. 


Last up we had Stephan Harrison in Co’s Point. After a quick chat with the bailiff he chose to fish all 3 rods at 28 wraps towards the old tits. Tuesday at 10am saw him bend into his first fish of the week, “The Brown Fish” at 32lb 8oz. SSM on a spinner rig did the damage. The next days were quiet….


It was a hard week going with only 10 fish being caught but 9 of them came from the bottom so they are starting to feed…. Hope to see you all soon again!!!


Tight Lines,