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  • The Mighty 'Brutus' to Mark at a new PB 52.12
  • Shoulders at 40+ for Rob, simply awesome.
  • Brizzy Gert, Wayne with his new PB - the long fish 40+

The Mighty 'Brutus' to Mark at a new PB 52.12


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Good morning and welcome back,

Some technical issues meens that this is the third time Im writing this weeks - or as it is actually two weeks ago now......arghhh I hate computers !!!

So, lets try again and hope that this actually makes it out too you all because I know you all follow this for reference and info for up coming trips.

Right then, Danny F had booked 4 swims for what would be a 2 week stint here, for the first time he would actually be fishing for himself and not as some work orientated session so I was looking forward to a couple of fun weeks and socialising.

I'll start off in Pole and work clockwise - not how events played out for the week but I will write it all up.

First off  was Rob In Pole Position, a great swim at this time of year and especially with the prolonged N.E. winds we have been subjected too for what seems like ever lately. Rob fished well all week, never giving up even when it looked like a blank might be on the cards. However, as is the way here at Gigantica, the end of the week usually is the most prolific time and so it was when Rob, on Friday afternoon, just before dinner, subdued the magnificant 'Shoulders' ! this is the first time this fish has been out for a long time now and it really fought Rob to the end. Mainlines Cell and one of his own baits fished snowman style snared the awesome beast. At 40-12 it was a new PB for Rob who was totally blown away - well done Rob - result !! its great to see people so chuffed, makes the long winter and all that cooking worth while!

Brandon in Alcatraz fished just as hard but unfortunately let one go mid week, his one and only chance unfortunately. but bugger me did he drink some beers! red carpet treatment for you next time!

Ed in 'the Beach' whinckled a couple out, a high double which was relocated to the stock pond as is our way here at Gigantica. Our thinking is, we have more than enough fish but the smaller ones, being very pretty fish that need filling out a little qare better off in the stock pond. There they can eat for France without fear of being hooked, we're hoping to see a significant weight gains. Once these gorgeous fish are up into the upper 20z - low 30z, we will re-introdue them into the big lake.

These reared on fish should force the bigger originals into a feeding frenzy for there first few weeks of reintroduction, around the start of next season. This should hopefully up the catch rate at the slowest time of the year.

Ed also had a lovely long scaly mirror of 31+ and a 12lb pillow, ALRIGHT !

Simon, struggled in the ' tree line'. With fish in the trees throughout,Simon fished through a frustrating week. Dan & myself scuba dived the tree line on the closing Saturday and it was clear why Simon had struggled. The water here at Gigantica is now so clear, Simons rigs were much easier to spot than normal being in the shallowest part of the lake!! It really showed how the rig components have to be matched to lake your fishing. We found several leads snagged in the trees from various anglers who had fished recently and to say their camoflage was weak is no exaggeration ! Luckily, we have specifically colour matched leads made for us here at Gigantica which were very well matched to the bottom, making the rigs less conspicuios.

Danny, in Co's point learnt a valuable lesson and he should have known better ! he moved out of Co's to fish in the 'stock pond' swim, the sheer number of fish showing in the 'stock pond' swim lured him out of his original swim......something we tell everyone not to do, sit tight and catch......after 2 frustratiing nights without a bite he moved back to his original swim and saved a blank with a quick couple of fish, and a lesson learnt.

Mark & Tony in 'the pink & the Stink' had fish from the off, Mark catching a couple topped by the mighty 'Brutus' @ a new PB weight of 52.12, what an awesome fish 'Brutus' is, such a large frame. Tony, Marks Dad managed to snare one at the end of the week,a mid 20, so happy days all round for the father and son duo.

Then we get too the Brizzy boyz, and a first here at Gigantica.......a pop up caught fish. Yes, after nearly 2 years of witnessing hundreds of captures, Wayne caught the first real pop up caught fish !! A new PB for Wayne as well at 40lb, 'the long fish' looked in fine condition in the Spring sunshine, also not out since September 08, from the same swim! Wayne used his favorite CC Moores N-Gage to bank it, and a pop up to boot, well done Wayne.

So another weeks closes, new friends made, some decent fish caught but Spawning is looming with the rising temps and it wont be long until scaly sex will be underway..........the quicker its over with, the better but someones week will be slowed by their antics.

As usual, be safe, be lucky.