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  • "Shoulders" at 62lb 12oz go on Jimmy lad
  • Baby Brutus at 56lb 12oz
  • "The Pretty one"and isn't she just that!
  • "The Lippy Common" 68lb of Gigantica gold
  • "Soft Focus" lovely old original definitely on my hit list 47lb
  • Lee with "petal" at 39 lb at least we managed to get pictures of this one hey mate
  • For anglers with limited time pre tied rigs are a game changer
  • Pre soaking free offering can sometimes get over looked, fail to prepare, prepare to fail
  • No need to over complicate things just use good rigs your confident in at home

"Shoulders" at 62lb 12oz go on Jimmy lad


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 30/04/2022

With 2 of kordas top rods on the bank filming,the fish very active and another 8 anglers biting at the bit to get cracking things where looking good for a great week.


Im going to start this report with Jimmy Sheerin, who decided on The Stink as his swim of choice for the week and boy was, he glad he did.


 Jimmy managed to catch 5 immaculate originals including “Baby Brutus” at 56lb 12oz,” Baby Weld “at 49lb4oz,” Trans Pretty one” at 35lb 8oz,” Nanny Pat at 27lb and topping his amazing week with “Shoulders “at 62lb 12oz.


Jimmy went with a heavily oiled and glugged fishmeal boilie approach with a little house maize for his spomb mix,

He kept things simple rigs wise like he told me “He is too busy to spend time tying rigs” as he has a busy schedule back home so went for the Korda pre tied DF Rigs in size 4, on the hair was match the hatch bottom baits tipped with slow sinking maize.


Jimmy also kept things simple with his range choosing to fish super accurately short, something not a lot of anglers do but is devastating especially in these warmer months, well done mate great skills.


Next up was Elliot Sheerin in Co,s Point who adapted the same techniques as brother Jimmy and was rewarded with none other than “The lippy common” at 68lb an absolute worldy of a common.


Proving that going long isn’t always the one.


Alistair Foley in The Beach was all smiles after not being on the bank for a good while,

He proved he still had it slipping the net under “The Resident” at 45lb 4oz.

A new PB and another result short on heavily glugged fishmeal baits.


I’m sure by now you have worked out all the lads on the trip where close mates and sharing tactics and baiting applications.


However ,Joe Payton in Big Girls managed 4 fish in the 20s before finishing with “The Bollocks” at 30lb 4oz fishing over house particle blend using slow sinking maize on DF rigs fishing 21 wraps to the inlet.


Eddy Inns in Big southerly applied the short and stinky method that was doing the do for the other lads landing “Soft Focus” at 47lb, one of the old strain carp that Gigantica is famous for a true scaley banger.

He followed this up with another mid 20 common on an 18 ft zig.


Last off we had Lee Palin in Baxter’s Hole who had “Petal “at 39lb and another mid 30 common that managed to escape from the sling, (don’t worry mate I’ve done it too).


So, what about the Team Korda boys??????





















That my friends is something that will be worth waiting for,keep an eye out for the release.


All im saying is it will be worth the watch.

Tight lines