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  • Darrens biggest of the week! MEGA CARP
  • Big Girls is on fire!
  • Beautiful Mirror!
  • Nice and simple!
  • Hows that for a breeze block of a common?
  • The winning combo!!
  • Marks biggest of the week!
  • One sulking waiting for pics!
  • Change of tactics worked for Brian!
  • Daves first fish of the trip!
  • Topped off with a stunning 30lb original!
  • Last knocking blank saver for John!

Darrens biggest of the week! MEGA CARP


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 07/05/2022

All about keeping the right Mindset!


With the fish mega active and last week’s anglers having a blinder the lads were mega confident as we walked around the lake chatting in the swims about live information, rigs, hot spots etc! Two of Korda’s finest were filming on the lake this week alongside 8 anglers that were itching to get going!!


I’m going to start the report off with a top-notch lad Darren Proctor who has fished the Main Lake a few times but fancied a change of scenery this trip. He had only fished open water swims in the past and knew from previous reports and the information given on the walk around that the corners were a really good choice at this time of year! Darren came out high in the draw and managed to get himself into Big Girls which has been the most consistent swim on the lake this year!! Deciding to fish all 3 rods across to the far margin…1 at the scaffold tubes at 23 1/4, 1 at the outlet pipes at 21 ¾ and one closer in the bay at 11 R/L , Darren popped his marker up on each spot and walked round to bait up from the far bank with the scoop and catapult option…easy right?? Landing a 20lb mirror on his first night Darren decided to up the amount of boilie he put in to try and create an opportunity for multiple bites, this worked wonders as he landed two mega commons the next night…”Hollett” at 38lb and “The Football” at a whopping 53lb 12oz!! WHAT A BUZZ…Monday night came next, and another 2 fish were in the bag, 2 mirrors of 24 and 32lb! Tuesday night Darren decided to move another rod onto the spot that was producing the most bites to see if he could nick 3 bites in a night.. this didn’t work as for the first time in the session Darren didn’t have a bite from the swim. After discussing with the bailiffs and deciding to go back to fishing all 3 of his spots how he was before. Changing back was the right idea as he went on to land another 2 upper 20 mirrors on Wednesday and Thursday night. Friday came and Darren decided to try one last throw of the dice, baiting much heavier than he had the rest of the week he introduced 3kg of pellet 2kg of hemp and 3kg of Mainline Link boilie. This proved to be the winning tactic as he landed 4 fish on his last night, a 26lb common, 34lb mirror and 2 mega 40lbers!! All of Darren’s bites came on IQD rigs with Banoffee wafters fished over Mainline Link, house pellet and house hemp! Mega weeks angling mate and looking forward to seeing you again soon!


Next up we have Brian Bertie who fancied a dabble in The Stink, this was Brian’s first visit to Gigantica Main Lake and listened carefully to the bailiff’s advice! Starting off fishing at 16 R/L towards the Poplars in Treeline’s margin with his faithful D-rigs on a safe zone helicopter set up, Darren received a couple of strange aborted takes and decided to switch 2 rods over to solid bags and 1 onto a running lead clip setup. A few quiet nights passed and then the wind changed pumping into his face the fish showed up really close in on the Tuesday afternoon. Noticing this trend Brian decided to fish through dinner on Wednesday to see if they would turn up again…they did! He managed to nick a bite on the solid bag rod resulting in a 36lb mirror and a smaller stockie from the poplar spot on his running rig system! Brians 16 wrap spot produced another 2 bites for the week landing one at first light on Friday morning and losing the next bite as he was spombing!! Link wafters on the running rigs and house pellet with slow sinking maize in the solid bags with a decent squirt of spicy squid goo for good measure did the bites for Brian! Just goes to show that making little changes if you think you should be getting bites will go a long way to unlocking that code! Looking forward to having you back out here mate!


Regular Dave Anderson fancied a go in Bobs Beach and concentrated all 3 rods at 16 wraps between Stink and Alamo…baiting with 3 kg of Mainline cell and Gigantica mixed particle per day he waited until Monday morning for his first bite when his middle rod rattled off, a fish named “Skyfall” at 33lb 8oz took a fancy to Daves IQD rig fished with a link pop up tipped with slow sinking corn! After a couple of quiet days Dave noticed fish showing 15-20 yards further than where he was baiting so decided to fish at 22 R/L for the remainder of the week which managed to land him a lovely original scaley 30lber in the shape of “Little Easton” falling to a spinner rig with the same link/slow sinking maize combination as his first fish of the trip…good stuff Dave see you in July!


Resident John Allen nicked a 20lb stockie out of the Treeline on Friday morning and our very own Belgian Sniper Jason van der Merwe dropped into Pole Position for a couple of nights landing a 22lb stockie on an 18ft zig and then had the mega Slate Grey on Saturday morning at 53lb!! (Im staying on the wall for now mate) off the bottom fishing at 28 wraps towards Stink baiting heavy with 18mm link and pellet fishing a spinner with a hair with a link bottom bait and a yellow topper!


The Korda lads got amongst them as well but you will have to wait until later in the year to see how they get on so keep your eyes peeled!!


We finished the week off with 37 fish landed up to well over 50lb!! Not bad going at all … just waiting for some of these real monsters to make an appearance before the yearly sexy time occurs!!


Mega week with some mega lads and some mega fish caught! Looking forward to seeing you all again in the near future!



Until then, 

Tight lines,