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  • Tom tokes with his new PB.....
  • Just look at this for a carp...
  • Simple spinner rigs did it for Tom this week.
  • Brute of a common for Geofferson.
  • "James" at 38lb...
  • Link, maize and pellet has produced so many fish on the Main Lake!

Tom tokes with his new PB.....


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 14/05/2022


One last feed before their sexy time????


We are getting closer to the time of year where the fish start spawing. The stock ponds are giving it a go already so the main Lake will follow soon. The lads turned up and were all keen to get going. Let’s see….



Korda guy Tom Stokes managed to get in Big Girls for the week. This swim has been consistent for the last few months. Going on the previous weeks success he decided to fish 1 rod at 11 wraps, 1 rod at 21 1/2 wraps towards the inlet pipe with his 3rd rod being fished at 26 wraps towards the scaffold poles. Mainline Link mixed with pellet and maize was his bait choice. A wafter tipped with SSM was fished on a spinner rig. His first night saw him land 2 fish with “Terminator” at 45lb being the biggest. Monday morning turned out to be a mad morning with 6 fish waiting to be photographed. One of them was “The Unattended” at 49lb but “Sashsquash” at 55lb was the one. Wednesday came and so did another 3 fish. “Fight Club” at 50lb 8oz was the biggest. This fish had been missing for 4 years!!! NEW 50 POUNDER!!!! The best was yet to come…. In the early hours of Thursday he landed something very special…. “The Clean Fish” at 60lb 8oz which now is known as Tom’s new PB. Tom ended the week on 16 fish. Very good angling!!!



Over in the famous Co’s Point we had Geofferson Longley. He knows the deal in this swim as he has fished it more than 10 times. Seeing the fish close in he decided to fish 18 wraps. DNA S7 boilies were spammed over solid bags. Sunday morning saw him into his first fish, “James” at 38lb. Monday was a quiet one for him. Tuesday he managed to slip the net under a 43lb common. Unfortunately this was his last action for the week. 



Over in The Stink Paul Clack was setting his bivvy up for the week. After seeing a few fish close in he decided to fish 2 rods at 16 wraps towards the 2 popular tree’s and his 3rd rod at 14 wraps towards the club house. It took until Thursday before a fish had found his yellow pop-up. A 38lb 4oz mirror was the result.



One swim down from The Stink we had Roland Faragher in Big Southerly. 2 rods went out at 25 1/4 wraps with his 3rd one at 14 wraps towards the snag. In the early hours of Friday it all came together when he managed to land a stunning 45lb mirror. 



It was a hard weeks fishing. The anglers tried their best and definitely deserved a few more fish. The fish are getting ready to spawn. 


Tight Lines,