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  • "The Cheese" your patience payed off big time mate, what a carp
  • "Cookies Common" great result for a super fella 33lb 12oz
  • "soft focus" on the solid bags a tactic often over looked but devastating in the right circumstances cheers for the mix mate
  • "The Growler" well spawned out and hungry!!!
  • A minute in the right place is all it takes great awareness mate "Bite Mark" at 38lb 12oz
  • "Hump Back" one for the future with them shoulders and the wrist of that tail
  • The Gaffers bag mix!!!

"The Cheese" your patience payed off big time mate, what a carp


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 28/05/2022

Sexy time was imminent!!!


12 anglers joined us this week on the main lake and the question on everyone’s lips was “Have they spawned yet??”.


Well the answer was no but we had seen signs, with fish pairing up and getting into marginal areas.


Alas with conditions being perfect the fish started their yearly routine of re production, although it was clear that it was only a small amount of the lakes residents to start with and there were still bites to be had.


First to get off the mark was Russ Pemberton in Big girls landing a 20lb 4 oz mirror, followed by the “victory fish” at 28lb, going on to add another 2 fish up to 26lb.


Russ fished Crab wafters on Spinner rigs all fished towards the margin at 15,21 and 25 wraps, accurately baiting up with a light amount of house mix particle and pellet.


Next on the catch sheet was Sam Prue in Pole position.


His prize came in the form of “Shredder” at 32lb a scaly banger of an original,

Sam fished D Rigs with Fishmeal match the hatch Wafters at 28 wraps towards The Stink.


Andy Day in Alcatraz kept the faith and a stuck to his game plan fishing all 3 rods at 28 wraps towards the “scary Tree.”

With regular application of bait and super accurate fishing.


He was rewarded with “The Cheese” at 51lb 8oz.


An absolute worldy of an original one I’m sure he won’t forget in a hurry.


Andy fished match the hatch bottom baits over fishmeal boilies to produce the goods.


One man I was very pleased to see catch was Lee Hughes in “The Stink”.

After not long being out of hospital he was smiling all week and had a super positive attitude which paid off in the shape of “Cookies Common” at 33lb 12oz,

If everyone was as positive as you my mate the world would be a good place, great effort and a just reward!!!


Lee fished 16 wraps towards the Poplars, over a tightly baited area baiting with a mixture of fishmeal boilie, house maize and hemp.


Spinners with crab wafters did the damage for Lee.


Last up on the catch report this week was Rich Day fishing in Co,s Point .

Rich fished all week at range with nothing to show,

But after seeing fish showing short decided to drop a Zig in amongst them.


A move which paid off in the form of “Bite mark” at 38lb 12oz, proving that watching the water and adjusting your strategies can be the difference of a blank or a result.

Top effort mate.


With "Stock pond" being free,

i decided to have few nights in there,a little spot nine wraps to the margin was lightly baited with house pellet and a solid bag,with the Gaffers secret pellet bag mix,and a 10mm essential cell hookbait was deposited on the spot.

Shortly after what can only be described as the take from hell and a fight to match, my prize was "Soft Focus".


At 47lb 12oz i was one happy bailiff,safe to say i,ll be nicking some more bait off you next time mate,nice one!!!


Well all in all not the easiest of weeks but you can’t control nature, 

With big weather systems moving in for the week ahead who knows what it will bring.


Until then 

Tight Lines