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  • P.B smasher for Sam...The Mighty Pips!!
  • The rig that did the business
  • Mega times!
  • Sams bait mix for the week
  • The Grey Plated in all her glory
  • The Pearly Linear made an appearance too!
  • The Virgin for Chris
  • Chris loves his solid bag fishing! Its served him very well on the main lake
  • Big slab of a stockie!!
  • One sulking in the sling!!
  • What a carp!
  • The switch to pellet really turned Chris's week around (thanks Steve)
  • Buzzing to catch Buzzin Fish!!
  • Lovely and simple, snared the biggun!
  • Another mega original
  • Mark with AWOL
  • Lone Survivor
  • John with The Stranger
  • Johns first bite came in the shape of this mega mirror
  • Wiggly Cnut, this fish lived up to its name on the bank!
  • The Runt!
  • Scott with Shmokin
  • The Exclusive!
  • Ryans Riches!
  • Steve with The Hump Back
  • Matt with The Almost Nude Fish
  • I helped myself to a few this week too!

P.B smasher for Sam...The Mighty Pips!!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 04/06/2022

Spawning out the way, time for a feed up??


With some regular faces and a couple of newbies this week everybody was full of anticipation! The Main Lake carp had a really good spawn the week before and everybody was hoping that they would be getting on the munch!! Well they didn’t disappoint…


Starting off the week with Sam Barnard who fancied Co’s Point! After a discussion with me about recent activity he decided to have a plum around close in and found a spot at 16 wraps towards “the tits”. Fishing all 3 rods fairly tight together and baiting with 5kg a day of Mainline Link and house pellet fishing Northern Special pink barrelled wafters on Spinner rigs over the top. Sam landed the mighty “Pips” at a very healthy spawned out weight of 63lb 8oz! Absolutely buzzing and obliterated his P.B He also landed “The Grey Plated” at 42lb and one of the super stockies “Pearly Linear” at 34lb 12oz! Not a bad week at all mate, well done!


Everyones favourite northerner Chris Clarke up next and after coming out 11 out of 11 in the draw he begrudgingly opted for Baxters Hole as his swim for the week! Well what a week it ended up being! Fishing solid bags with white/pink pop ups at 21 wraps towards the left edge of Stink he really got amongst some mega carp! Landing “The Virgin” at 49lb 12oz, “Maddy” at 41lb 12oz, “The Centurion” at 42lb 8oz, “Wrap Around” at 41lb and “Cookies and Cream” at 39lb 12oz!! These were backed up by another couple of mega 30lbers and a smaller stockie! 8 fish and 4 over 40lb…not bad going at all! Chris was baiting heavily with Creamino and Krill boilie and maize at the start of the week but switched over and added pellet into his mix after a couple of days of no action, this really seemed to switch the Fish onto the spot and I think its definitely a massive edge at the moment! Top angling as always mate



Greg Jones came out 8th in the draw and dropped straight into Big Southerly as he had a great week when he fished it last year. Dropping straight back onto the 25.5 wrap spot to the left of Alcatraz he kept things simple with Blowback rigs fished snowman style over a bed of boilie, corn and house pellet. Greg landed the mega “Buzzin Fish” at 57lb 4oz and a fish known as “Wipe Out” at 41lb!! Getting amongst the originals which was a mega buzz!! Greg also landed a 27lber to back these up! Mega week mate well in. 


Mark Newson was buzzing that he managed to get into Scotties Corner as it really suits his style of angling and he really took advantage of the fish being in the area at the beginning of week! Fishing 2 rods at 15 wraps towards the V in the horizon next to Pole Position he fished white pop ups and 12mm manilla bottom baits with a pink topper on Spinner rigs over the top of his bait mixture that consisted of crushed and whole Manilla and sweetcorn. He landed “The Leather” at 42lb 4oz on Saturday evening…what a start! This was followed up by 4 more fish with “AWOL” at 38lb 12oz and “Lone Survivor” at 33lb the pick of the bunch! The fish moved out of the area in the middle of the week and that was the action over for Mark, but just goes to show that you need to take advantage of an opportunity when the fish are in the zone! Good angling mate


John Daniel came out low in the draw and decided to fish Stock Pond as he had fished it before in October 2019…Fishing 2 rods to a clear area at 20 wraps towards Oblivion and one rod down his right margin at 14.75 wraps on the bottom of the shelf in 23.5ft of water. His baiting approach at the beginning was a mixture of corn, maize and crumbed up Manilla boilie, with fish in the area but no bites occurring after a few days John decided to change his approach and started baiting with whole boilies and house pellet! The pellet certainly switched the fish on and the back end of the week saw him land 7 fish with “The Stranger” @ 44lb 8oz and “Rising Star” at 34lb being the pick of the bunch! Fishing Ronnie rigs with stuff booms and a size 4 Kurv Shank his hookbait of choice was 12mm Manilla pop ups, fishing helis on the open water spots and running cog system on his margin spot, John really showed that if you think you should be getting bites then slight changes can really make the difference to your week! John baited his open water spot with 3kg of boilie and 2kg pellet every night and his margin spot with 1kg of boilie and 1kg of pellet! It started off slow mate but really came good in the end well done!


Mr Scott Hesling came out 4th in the draw and got in his 3rd choice of swim which was Big Girls…. Starting off with a kg of boilie and pellet over each spot he didn’t pick anything up first night so decided to up the bait. 3-4kg Baitworks Atlantic heat and 2kg of pellet on each spot per night started getting the bites flowing for Scott. The 21.5 sdpot to the pipes was the most productive but his 11 wrap spot in the bay also produced fish, using Northen Special Pink Dumbell wafters on spinner rigs he landed 9 fish for the week! “Shmokin” at 37lbn 8oz and “The Exclusive” at 35lb 8oz being the pick of the bunch. None of the bigguns graced Scotts net this week but he still got amongst them which is what it’s all about!


Steve Newell fancied a week in The Stink on his first trip to the Main Lake and managed to go home with a few bites in the bank! Fishing IQD rigs with Northern Special Pink Wafters he had 3 rods at 17 wraps towards the Poplars in the corner of Treeline which is a lovely clear spot over the back over a weedbed! Using DNA Bug, house pellet and sweetcorn he went on to land 3 20lber’s for the week the biggest coming in at 27lb 4oz! Well in mate and bigger ones to come next trip!


Matt Jenkins came on his first trip to the Main Lake and saw himself set his stool in Alcatraz for the week! After finding a clear spot at 25 wraps just left of The Stink it was game on! Introducing a good bed of bait with Mainline Link, pellet and maize in the mix he landed a couple of fish for the week, a 35lb mirror and “Linzee ooo” at 22lb, both fish were landed on Link Wafters fished on D-Rigs…good stuff mate


I dropped into the vacant Pole Position for the week and landed 4 fish up to 34lb fishing at 29 wraps towards Stink with 12mm pink wafters over a large helping of 10mm Mainline Link and house pellet!


Well what a mega week, 60 bites with 46 fish landed up to 63lb!! lots of fish coming out a good 7-8lb down in weight which indicates a good healthy spawn! Onwards and upwards and bring on the carnage! 


Until then,


Tight lines,