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  • Size doesn't matter when they look like this
  • "shoulders" looking super impressive at 62lb 8oz
  • Kling on at 45lb 8oz
  • Well done Ellie was great to see you gaining confidence whilst showing great skills handling them

Size doesn't matter when they look like this


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 11/06/2022

Hot and Horny!!!!


With the sun blazing and the some of the carp visibly having sexy time on their mind it was fair to say the 12 anglers joining us this week where going to have to work hard for their fish.


It was clear on the walk around that a large group of fish where up in the layers between The Beach and Baxter’s.


It was no surprise then that Darren Watkins in Baxter’s was the first into a fish with a small mirror being his prize,

Darren managed to add another 6 fish to his catch sheet, including 2 x 20s 3x 30s and Kling-on at 45lb 8oz.

Darren fished slow sinking maize on combi rigs fished at 19 wraps.


Ant Bennet next door in The Beach was into action early too with a 24lb mirror and caught steady throughout the week adding another 6 fish up to 32lb.

Ant fished squid wafters on spinner rigs at 24 wraps.


Craig Moore in Stink managed a 27lb mirror for his efforts.


With his dad Robert showing the way in Treeline landing none other than “Shoulders” at a spawned-out weight of 62lb 8oz, still looking super impressive.

Robert used match the hatch bottom baits tipped with slow sinking maize on IQD fished at 24 wraps into open water.


Ellie Goodenough was flying the flag for the ladies and fished solidly, in Big girls to land 7 fish in total up to 29lb 4oz.

Ellie kept things simple fishing 2 grains of maize on size 6 Klor hair rigs fished into little clear spots on the treeline baiting lightly with maize and pellet.


Not the easiest of weeks all in all,

With the heat and hormones definitely having a negative effect, let’s hope for better conditions next week.

Until then,

Tight lines,