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  • The smile says it all, the illusive "Pierre Cardin" at 55lb 8oz
  • You could of smiled Keith haha well done buddy
  • Talk about last knocking I nearly burnt the pastries for our departing guests well done mate "Slate Grey" at 45lb
  • One for the future, well done Gareth
  • "Buzz's half linear" super cool carp
  • Managed 1 out of Stock pond "Broadys mirror" at 45lb

The smile says it all, the illusive "Pierre Cardin" at 55lb 8oz


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 18/06/2022

Is Going Long right or Wrong??




Well that was the question Danny Leigh In the Alamo was asking in himself, after watching the Gaffer smashing them short on Spooners latest Vlog.

With temperatures reaching 39 degrees it was going to be a hard slog fishing at range.


When I say it was hot I mean it, me and Mike where sweating like nuns in a cucumber field, so I take my hat off to the lads that put the graft in that first day.


Danny deposited 10 kilo of fishmeal boilies on to a clear firm area at 31.5 wraps towards the big tree left of beach and was rewarded on his first night with the very elusive “Pierre Cardin” at a spawned-out weight of 56lb 8oz what a result top effort mate.


Danny added another 2 fish to his weeks catch sheet with a 27lb common and a 42lb mirror,

Tactics deployed where spinner rigs with slow sinking maize and combi rigs with high attract wafters.


Keith Hunt in Baxter’s caught steadily at 24 wraps depositing a mixture of house pellet and particle, fishing a combination of spinners and blow back rigs with tuna pop ups and wafters for a total of 5 carp up to 35lb.


Gareth Spurgeon fishing in Alcatraz fished at 25 wraps and after initially struggling with lost fish managed to catch “buzz’s half linear” at 40lb on the dot.

Snowman presentation fished on IQD rigs did the damage fished over fishmeal boilie and particle.


Gareth Powell in Big girls fished steadily all week for 5 fish up to 30lb. 

Working 2 separate areas of 14.5 wraps and 25.5 down the treeline. Feeding super accurately from the bank for a bite at a time.

Rigs where spinners with match the hatch Link pop ups fished over boilies.


Jan Pirzkall fishing in Co’s point had 3 fish up to 36lb 8oz, fishing a boilie only approach with match the hatch hook baits on IQD rigs.


By now conditions where truly testing,

Personally, I would have reeled the rods in and gone to Troyes got drunk and looked for female company.


It’s a good job it was Mark Bridges who was fishing in The Stink then and not me as at last knockings he managed to pull one out of the bag.

Slate Grey was his prize at 45lb and it was smiles all around.

About time hay mate your face could have turned milk sour the prior 6 days.

Good on you for keeping the faith buddy.

Mark fished match the hatch wafters on IQD rigs over heavily soaked link boilie.


All in all, a tough week for guys 

I couldn’t really pick out a stand out approach this week 

It was good to see the Alamo being fished long.

Something that hasn’t been done for a while and I’ve got to say was a monumental effort in that heat.

Accurate baiting and trap setting also paid off well.

So, when your next coming to Gigantica keep that in mind sometimes you need to be as versatile as an egg.


Until next time,

Tight lines,