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  • "The clean fish" at 52lb 6oz enough said
  • Epicano looking very spawned out but super cool as always
  • Almost scale perfect hey Tim,had to look again for this one
  • Lovely to see"Mr Chow" looking Good
  • "Apple Slices" well worth battling through that hangover hey mucka simply stunning

"The clean fish" at 52lb 6oz enough said


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 25/06/2022

What a difference a week makes!!


With Temperatures dropping and regulating and the fish clearly very active after a good spawn, what would this week have in store?


The answer is plenty of action!!!


Jake McDonnell fishing in Oblivion was first off, the mark with a small mirror,

He followed this up with the stunning” Mr Chow” at 49lb 8oz adding another 5 x30s, 4 20s and a small mirror to his tally to give him a total of 12 carp for the week.


Jake started off with spinner rigs before swapping to noodles using match the hatch bottom fishmeal boilies tipped with slow sinking maize.

All his action came from a clear area out to his right towards the poplars at 17 wraps.

Super accurate baiting and fishing definitely where the order of the week in this swim (good skills buddy).


Father Tom McDonnell in Baxter’s Hole wasn’t resting on his laurels neither landing 5 lovely originals with the cream of the crop being A.W.O.L at 40lb 2oz.


Tom fished white wafters on combi rigs over cell boilie and particle, fishing 20 wraps towards Alamo.


A few of our German comrades from Korda Europe where here this week.

So, it was interesting to see how they approached things.


Nico Brocher fishing in Alcatraz was not holding back and went straight to work with the spomb, introducing 10 kilo of enhanced cell boilie with 5 kilos of maize and pellet at 30 wraps towards the hole.

He was soon into action landing the stunning “Epicano” at 39lb 8oz.

With steady application of bait and some fine tuning of rigs Nico went on to catch another 8 fish including “La boheme” at 42lb 4oz.

With a last night call of “ITS MASSIVE”  me  “Dont worry mate we all say that",

He really put the cherry on top of the cake with “The Clean Fish” at 52lb 6oz.

A proper result for top fella.


Richard Edge in Treeline showed some real balls going short in a swim that’s always fished long or up the obvious treeline this move payed off big time with 8 fish landed, the most fish I’ve seen out of there so far this year, showing that thinking outside of the box can really pay off.

The tally being 3 x 20s, 4x30, s and “Two Scales” at 42lb 5oz.

Hair rigs with cell bottom baits topped with slow sinking maize, fished over cell and maize where the tactics that did the do.


Stephen Dayne’s in The Beach had two fish of 35 lb and 21lb, fishing at 24 wraps pairing up Slow sinking maize with Spinner rigs.


Tim Jake fishing in Big girls opened his account nicely with “Soliid” at 50lb 4oz and backed it up with a 31lb 4oz mirror.

Slow sinking maize and essential cell on spinners did the damage at 23.5 wraps.


Chris Morris in Co, s Point was a little slow out of the blocks, after telling me in his strong welsh accent he got “absolutely wankered” the night before in the hotel down the road.

Not the best idea but I’ve done it and can’t call you mate ha-ha.

Anyway, he made up for it with a worldy of a carp in the form of “Apple Slices” at 46lb and backed it up with fish of 37lb,28lb and a stocky.

Fishing wafters on combis at 28 wraps.


Markus Postertz in Alamo managed 2 fish up to 39lb switching between spinners with pop ups and bottom baits on combis at 17.5 wraps.


Last but not least was the captain of Team Germany Christopher Paschmanns fishing in Stink.

Not joining us until Wednesday he did really well to make things happen in the form of 2 fish of 38lb and 45lb 4oz.

Multi combi rigs paired with topped bottom baits did the damage, glad you could make it mate.


Well that’s it from me until next week,

Keep it reel,