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  • Pimple at 41 to Martin
  • Kent common to George
  • Rowan Hill with Danish Bacon at 45lb from The Stink in May 2010

Pimple at 41 to Martin


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Welcome back Gentlemen,

Another week over with, some great new friends, some good fish - a few PBs and a couple of firsts here at Gigantica.

First off, Danny F and myself actually managed to fish together, the plan to work in the day, haul at night....ha, how wrong was we. We worked o.k. but I never even saw a fish fart in front of me so a big blank for me.......Dan didnt,as usual, but his action was short lived. A small double at the start of the week, and he hadn't blanked, it was that tough!  A crazy half hour saw a huge number of fish move in over his baited area, for a short but intense time a lot of fish showed constantly over him and so it was, with a 30 in the net the other rod roared of and a high 20 joined its scaly friend. The 30 'the bean' and the other fish, a 27.12 mirror ended up being all Dan would catch for the rest of the week, not for the want of trying but conditions were against us from day one.

Marcin drove from Poland to fish a week in the 'beach' but never made the score card unfortunately but Martin, a fellow Polish angler in 'the tree line' did ! he lost 4 through the week due to the snags and hook pulls and after increasing the amount of shrink tube under his size 4 wide gape b's he did manage 3 x 30z and the pot bellied 'Pimple Tail common' @ 41lb. He was well pleased and is booking for July, hopefully he will bring back his lovely partner Barbara who brightened our week!

Les, picked Co's Point on his second visit this year unfortunately had to sit and watch as the fish grouped up on mass ready for some spawning, extremely hot weather at the start of the week saw the fish ALMOST get under way but a huge storm on Tuesday night put spawning to the back of their minds for the forseeable, until the sun shines again that is.

George and Rowan, both on there second visit here this year had a great week. George first of the mark with '2,3,4' @ 42, an awesome fish, then mid week banked a beautiful 36+ common which, as we have no images of it, we named the Kent common after George. Rowan, next door in the 'Stink' got in on the action as well with a 31+mirror on friday afternoon, then early Saturday morning, had the awesome 'Danish Bacon' at a new high of 45lb and a new pb for Rowan who will not be bringing George next time so he gets a few more bites! it just goes to show you have to keep plugging away, one decent 24 hour spell can make the week.

Then to what can only be called 'the comedy zone'. Our first Asian carp angler continually tried to outwit his 'B'arch' 'No fish Trev'. Tony aka 'The foot flicker' aka 'Gupta Singh' aka 'better than Trev'  snared a 22 and a 17 after what ended up being a very very frustrating week in The Alamo for the two Dagenham reprobates. Gupta eating his way through his own body weight in chocolate each evening to keep his impressive midrift in shape - Eating and drinking are a way of lif for the old foot flicker, its the only way to drown out the noise of 'her indoors' and 'No fish Trev' forever telling him what to do and what to carry back to the swim each an ol'married couple !

Jaki & Ryan, down in 'Oblivion' had an up and down week, well from the noises coming out of the bivvy they did! Ryan having his 40th birthday here, we baked a cake and put on a bit of a doo for all on the lake. Ryan hated the sun and spent most of the early part of the week under his impressive pink frilly parasol, or was it his hat, were not quite sure! Then thunder and lightening scared the b Jesus out of Jaki. Ryan even managed to bag a 32 mirror after a right ol' tussle and a 24 common later in the evening. Happy Birthday Ryan.

So, another week over, more bites, 19 in total - improvement on last week but they have yet too spawn so we wait, fingers crossed that they get under way as soon as possible so we can draw a line under it and get back to some serious hauling !

As usual, be safe, be lucky.

Danny + Danny