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  • Baby Cluster at a new top weight!!
  • Big rig with his big fish rig!!
  • Mega common!
  • Ians baiting approach worked a treat!
  • Jay with The Lippy Common!
  • Snowmen with pink toppers are throwing up big guns at the moment!!
  • Another big common!
  • Mr. Tong!
  • Ben with Makers Mark!
  • Matt was buzzing with "Buzzing Fish"
  • There's that pink topper again!
  • Such a mega carp!
  • Match the hatch wafters for Dean!
  • What a peach!...get it?
  • Classicooooo
  • Who put goo in the buckets????
  • We do love a scaley!
  • Digits made a special guest appearance after 3 years away from the bank!
  • Henry with a lovely stocky!
  • Blank saver for Dave!
  • I couldn't help getting involved in the action!
  • Scaley bangers!
  • Cool common!

Baby Cluster at a new top weight!!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 02/07/2022

Summer is well and truly here…how will the fish react??


Hot weather forecast this week and the fish are really getting on the feed after spawning, it looked really good for a bite or two! This is how the week unfolded…


Lets start proceedings with Ian “Big Rig” Bland who dropped into The Stink for his week on the Main Lake…fishing bags on his first night to no avail he had a good plumb around the swim on Sunday and found a lovely clear spot at 93 yards towards The Beach swim. Baiting with with 10kg a day of Baitworks Royal Marine and some house pellet  and fishing snowmen over the top with match the hatch Royal Marine with a pink topper. The weekend past but when Monday came around he had fishing all over the long spot and it didn’t take long for him to be into a hard fighting brute of a mirror that slipped over the net cord and ended up being a fish that hasn’t been out for a while and was well up in weight!! “Baby Cluster” at 67lb 8oz was the prize! What a mega result! Ian kept the bait going in and had “The Heart Tail Common” at 43lb on Tuesday…followed by “The Viking” at 37lb 4oz on Wednesday! It went quiet for a couple of days after that losing a fish on Thursday night to a hook pull he then finished the week in style with a lovely 33lb stockie on Saturday morning! Mega week that mate…


Jason Williams had a mega week in Treeline fishing 2 rods at 12 wraps towards Big Girls and 1 rod at 18 wraps straight at Stink. Baiting up around midday with 100 mixed size boilies using a throwing stick for the short spot and around 20 large spombs a day of mixed tuna boilies, house pellet and maize. Jay rested the swim during the day making sure he was prepared and ready to get fishing straight after dinner (not tea) putting a little bit more bait out before recasting just to spook off any fish that may have been in the area. Jason first fish came on Sunday morning in the shape of “The Lippy Common” at 61lb 12oz WHAT A START!! This was followed up by “The Virgin” at 51lb 4oz the day after…both fish coming from the short spot…he also landed “Bullet” at 38lb which came from the spot towards the Stink and then had a mega 49lb 8oz mirror from the short spot and Saturday morning but that one had other ideas about having its picture taken! Top angling mate


Ben ‘Mr Personality” Keirle was buzzing to get into The Alamo and didn’t mess about finding a spot at 120 yards between the dead X-mas tree and Bobs Beach, he found that anything right of Beach started to get a bit weedy. Ben decided on Alamo hoping that the forecast wind would push the fish into that area of the lake! Baiting with 6kg a day of 50% maize 25% pellet and 25% chopped Mainline Link  he fished combi rigs with super sharpened Kurv shank hooks, he landed Makers Mark at 46lb on Monday on half a dumbell wafter topped with an upright pink piece of fake corn, he then went on to land “The Windy Common” at 36lb on the same hookbait on Tuesday evening. Ben decided to up the baiting on Wednesday, Thursday and he lost a fish Friday morning! 


Matt Selby had a good feeling about Big Southerly so dropped in there for the week and got off to a flier landing “Buzzin Fish” at 57lb 12oz on Sunday night. Fishing to a clear spot at 25.5 R/L just to the left of Alcatraz landing the fish on a snowman set up with a pink topper (seems to be doing the business for the bigguns now). Matt baited with  5kg of house pellet, maize and boilie , he didn’t have any luck for the rest of the week but not a bad start to your Main Lake adventure, pleasure meeting you mate and well done!



Dean Marshall returned to the Main Lake and was amazed that Co’s Point was remaining after coming out low down in the draw and jumped in there for the week without hesitation. Fishing at 28.5 R/L towards the “old tits” he baited with 10kg a day using a mixture of Active Bait Solutions Plan B boilies, sweetcorn, hemp, maize and house pellet. Fishing kombi rigs over the top consisting of size 4 Klor ready tied loops on 30lb arma kord. Baiting up in the middle of the day when it was least likely to be fishing well was a good plan from Dean. He managed to land some mega carp during the week including one of the best scaleys in the lake “The Peach’ at 47lb 4oz and “Giuseppe” at 31lb coming early in the week. It went quiet for a few days and Dean tried to make a bite happen by flicking around with a zig to no avail, but it all came good on Wednesday when he landed the mighty “Shoulders” at 64lb!! What a mega result! All of Deans fish fell to match the hatch Plan B wafters…Good angling mate!


Ian Day on his first visit to the Main Lake managed to get into the famous Alcatrazafter coming out low in the draw and did not take long to open his account, landing “Classico” at 52lb 12oz on Saturday night just after dark,,,mega start mate! This fish fell to a white 12mm pop up fished at 29 wraps towards the “scary tree”. Sunday morning came around and another good common was in the net, “Gums” at 40lb 12oz! Same hookbait and same tactics. Baiting with sweetcorn, house pellet and boilie he had a 3rd fish on Monday afternoon in the shape of “Little Easton” at 29lb 8oz, it slowed down a bit for a couple of days after that causing Ian to change his approach slightly, putting 5kg of straight sweetcorn onto the spot and fishing a single grain of plastic corn on the hook he kickstarted the spot again landing “James” at 37lb and a cracking 19lb 8oz stockie! This goes to show that if you think you should be getting bites then you have to ring the changes and not sit behind motionless rods wondering whats going on,,,mega result mate and up the Spurs!


Neil Allen decided on Oblivion for the week and fished 2 rods at 17.5 R/L towards the poplar tree right of Beach and one rod at 20.75 R/L on a clear spot just to the left of Alcatraz! Baiting with Trent baits boile, maize and house pellet he went on to land 3 fish for the week the biggest being a mega original called “The Kreature” at 37lb! All these fish fell to Trent baits match the hatch wafters fished on German Rigs…


Ed Prosser went for a big fish tactic in Bob’s Beach baiting heavily with Baitworks Royal Marine 18mm and sitting on it, fishing at 26 wraps towards The Alamo he landed a fish that hasn’t been caught for 3 years!! “Digits” at 48lb, such a cool carp and one that I would dearly like in my album! Ed landed the fish on a snowman with an 18mm Royal Marine hardhooker and pink topper. He went on to land two more stockies totalling 3 fish for the week, we love a rare one though, Digits is a special special carp!


Henry Collins up next who fancied his chances in Big Girls for the week and didn’t take long to get amongst the fish landing a pretty stockie called “Crucible” on Monday at 23 R/L towards Stock Pond on a spinner rig with 2 grains of fake maize as a hookbait. Henry was baiting with a mixture of house pellet, whole and chopped link and a small amount of maize and went on to land 4 more fish for the week either on 2 grains of maize or spicy squid wafters fished with a fake maize topper. He didn’t get amongst any of the Big Girls this time but still went home with a few fish under his belt!


Martin Prosser dropped into Baxters Hole and found a spot at 15 R/L just to the right of Alamo. Fishing 2 grains of plastic corn on a widegape hook and a super natural hooklength. Feeding 5kg a day of pellet, sweetcorn and chopped Baitworks Royal Marine and Mainline Cell… Martin landed a 37lb 8oz common early on in the week and then had 2 mirrors at the latter end of the week coming in at 31lb and 22lb respectively. Good stuff mate


Regular Dave Anderson and his lovely wife Melanie plotted up in Stock Pond for the week and started fishing 2 rods at 24 R/L to Oblivion and one in the corner at 9.25 with solid bags, nothing was happening for Dave so he searched out two new spots one at 14 wraps just to the left of Oblivion and one at 13.25 wraps towards the pipes. He switched over to d-rigs with a snowman hookbait and managed to snare one on Thursday evening, an uncaught stockie at 22lb. Saved a blank with that one mate, good angling!


I dropped into Pole Position and decided to try something different and fish close in, finding a spot at 13 ¾ wraps towards the scary tree I baited with 5kg of house pellet per day and fished solid bags with pink wafters over the top, landing 10 fish to 37lb, no big girls yet for me but I am certainly due one!

Mega week had by all on the Main with 47 carp landed and proably close to 60 bites it fished really well! We have some hot weather forecast for next week but also The Full Moon, so I am interested to see what happens,


Until then,


Tight lines,