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  • The Queen Of The Pond!
  • The winning rig! Keeping things simple paid off!
  • First appearance for nearly 2 years! Mega carp!
  • Roys winning bait combo!
  • Buzzinnnnnn!!
  • Not a bad end to the week, ridiculous carp!
  • Chris got off to a flyer!
  • Solid bags for Mr. Clarke!
  • Mammut!!
  • Spences, what a cool carp!
  • Pecs for Daz!
  • New P.B for Daz!
  • SSM for the win!
  • This sums Daz up, always smiling and making everyone laugh! Absolute legend
  • Lovely Common!
  • The Rudder, what a cool carp!
  • The Kreature!
  • Simple is the winner!!
  • The originals kept on coming!
  • Such a mega mega carp!! Patched Fully!!
  • Makers mark!
  • Long live the King Fully!!!
  • Rusty for Ant!
  • Nice one for Neil!
  • Scott with Arcimedes
  • Uncle G for Big C!
  • A blank saver for Paul!
  • Percy for me!

The Queen Of The Pond!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 09/07/2022



 Repeat of last week? Yes Please!!


With the full moon pending and 12 confident anglers raring to go it was time to get cracking!


I must start the week with Mr Roy Prodger, who after a couple of unsuccessful trips earlier on in the year was ready for revenge and what better place to seek that than the famous Co’s Point?? Starting off at 28 R/L towards the ‘tits” a couple of quiet days passed and Roy was bringing in his rigs with a bit of a stink to them…deciding to fish an extra rod length at 29 made all the difference as after this change his week certainly took a turn for the better! Starting off procedings was a fish named “Chester” a stockie that has really come up through the ranks and smashed over the 40lb mark now! Next up on the Co’s train was “Buzzin Fish” at 57lb 8oz! We were really moving along now…after a chat in the lodge with Roy after dinner on Wednesday night I asked him what fish he would really want to catch if he could choose just one…his immediate answer was “Fudgys” without a shadow of a doubt…well, guess what was in his landing net the next morning?? The Queen of the pond! The mighty “Fudgys” at a whopping 75lb 12oz and a new P.B MEGA TIMES! But Roy didn’t stop there, going on to land “Clarkeys” at 68lb 12oz and its first time on the bank for nearly 2 years!! Then the icing on the cake…one of the mega scaleys Gigantica has to offer in the shape of “Equalled” at 46lb!! What a way to end the trip, Roy baited up with a mizture of Mainline Prototype Fishmeal, House pellet and maize with a good dousing over Fish Smart Liquid, baiting with 4-5kg a day fishing simple blowback rigs with 18mm hard hookers topped snowman style with a Shellfish and black pepper pink pop up doing the business. Great stuff mate! 


Next up we have the ever consistent Chris Clarke who dropped into his favourite swim Big Southerly, Chris knows this swim like the back of his hand and didn’t hesitate in dropping 2 rods on the 25.5 wrap spot and 1 rod on the 14 spot towards the marker pole…Chris fished his ever faithful solid bags on 1 rod and 1 rod on a d-rig fished snowman style with a pink topper….baiting with 6-7kg per day on the longer spot with Sticky Baits Krill Active in 12mm, house pellet and maize. Chris waited until the early hours of Monday morning to land his first fish after losing one on Sunday…Wasn’t a bad one to get off the mark with…The “Lippy Common” at 63lb 4oz was the prize! Reset and go again…24 hours later 2 bigguns were in the slings, “Mammut” at 51lb 7oz and according to Chris “another 50lber” this 50lber turned out to be “Spences” at a whopping 70lb 1oz! Not a bad weight for post spawning and a 50,60 and 70lber in the space of 24 hours!! Things went quiet for Chris until Friday morning when he landed Mooney at 37lb. Chris is joining us for another week next week so I’m excited to see if things continue! Great angling as always pal… 


Next up we have the ever smiling ever bubbly Darren “T-Rex” Watkins who was absolutely made up with getting to fish The Alamo for the week! After having a lead around at range Darren found a lovely clear spot at 31 wraps just to the left of the Beach swim. Setting all 3 rods on combi rigs with slow sinking maize, Daz baited with 8-9kg a day of mixed Mainline Cell and Link, house pellet and maize. Well what can I say, Darren’s week didn’t disappoint…he landed a 35lb common first morning followed by an upper 20 common and “Macks Mirror” at 35lb 4oz…but more was still to come! The mighty “Pips” ended up in Daz’s net the following morning at a P.B smashing weight of 66lb 12oz, he braced this with “Smartie Pants” at 46lb 12oz and then went on to land two commons at 40 and 32lb, what a morning!! Daz went on to land “Pecs” at 38lb a lovely scaley original! Daz went on to land 10 fish from 15 bites this week in what was a session of a lifetime! Always a pleasure having you here mate and looking forwards to the next time…


Ian Ockwell dropped into Bob’s Beach and decided to follow some advice and fish within his comfortable range so he could be accurate in any weather scenario…finding a lovely hard spot at 80 yards straight out infront of the swim and baited throughout the week with 20kg of Baitworks Royal Marine boilies and 10kg of maize and fishing really simple knotless knots made up of 7 inches 20lb dark matter and a size 4 wide gape with a Royal marine boilie and a 3 bait stringer attached! Ian caught consistently throughout the week landing a couple on his first night. He then went on to land “Patched Fully” at 52lb 12oz! Unreal capture mate well made up for you! He also then went onto land Sashsquash at 48lb and “The Kreature” at 35lb 8oz, two more wicked originals! “Rudder” was up next 45lb 8oz and another original for the list! It went quiet for 24 hours after that and then it went a bit mad when he went on to land 4 more fish up to 34lb 4oz on his last night! Simple angling mate it really doesn’t need to be made complicated, well done!!


Jake Evans next who fancied the style of fishing I was using in Pole Position the week before so beelined straight for that peg and did not mess about getting stuck into them! I cannot stress enough that when we tell the anglers a spot or somewhere we have caught fish from, it’s because we want you to catch fish!!! Jake listened and hit the repeat button fishing at 13 ¾ R/L to the scary tree and baiting with 10kg of just pellet from the off and fished solid bags with little pink wafters in them! Landing “Makers Mark” at 44lb 8oz and in my opinion the one of the best scaleys in the lake, “King Fully” at 45lb 7oz and a new P.B!! Jake went on to land a few smaller ones from that spot before switching his efforts to the 28 wrap spot straight at Stink as there were fish showing over the area constantly all day on Friday, this switch was a good one as he went on to have 3 more bites in the final 24 hours landing 1! Good stuff mate


Ant Bennett dropped into Oblivion and landed 2 stockies at 26lb 12oz and 17lb from the 17 ½ wrap spot just to the right of Beach fishing with SSM on Blowback rigs fishing Boilie, Maize and House Pellet over the top! 


Neil Jaundrell next and he decided to give Stock Pond a go for the week, after a couple of quiet days he landed a 38lb 4oz mirror on a solid bag with a pink wafter inside, fished at 20 wraps towards oblivion. Neil baited with house pellet and boiie. 


Scott Higham couldn’t really get amongst the Big Girls in Big Girls this week but went on to land a few of the smaller residents with “Roy” at 20lb 8oz and “Arcimedes” at 25lb! Scotts fish came from the pipes spot at 21.5 wraps and were landed on SSM fished on a combi rig! Scott baited from the bank with maize and House Pellet


Charlie Higham had a couple out of Treeline fishing along the treeline with pink pop ups and spinners over the top, baiting with Boiles, House Pellet and Maize! The biggest being Uncle G at 30lb!



 Last but by no means least Mr Paul Higham who kept us all laughing our heads off all week dropped into Stink and had a tough week but managed to save a blank on the last knocking with a 21lb 4oz mirror from his long spot at 30 wraps towards the left side of the Beach Swim! The bite coming on a SSM Spinner rig, good save mate!


I dropped into Alcatraz and landed a couple fishing a hole in the weed at 33 wraps towards the scary tree, baiting with pellet and 10mm cell I landed “Thackery” at 27lb and “Percy” at 37lb that hadn’t been caught since Mr Andy Savage had it in 2019 at 25lb! Both fish fell to spinners with 12mm salty squid pink wafters!


Well another week with well over 50 bites and 49 Fish landed, these last couple of weeks have been mega, so I am looking forward to next week with much anticipation…with soaring temperatures it might have an effect on the fishing but we shall see!


Until then,


Tight lines,