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  • He certainly knows how to catch em!!
  • Chris always has spare solids tied up and ready to go!
  • The Leney!
  • The biguns started to turn up!
  • Another mega common!
  • First time over 50!
  • The Clean Fish!
  • Mega original!
  • A great start to the week!
  • One of my favourites in the Lake!
  • Jem getting in on the action!
  • This is certainly one to watch out for in the future!
  • happy daze!
  • Slap Head for Jack!
  • Copey with The Upfront Mirror
  • Always "Looking Busy"
  • Such a cool carp!
  • Aaron with 2 Scales

He certainly knows how to catch em!!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 16/07/2022

Chris and Buzz at it again!


With a mega week last week and the weather looking good the lads were raring to get going! A quick beer on the walk around and a chat about last weeks action commenced before getting down to the draw! Here’s how the week unfolded!


Chris Clarke staying on for a second week (alright for some) came out high in the draw and didn’t hesitate in dropping into Co’s Point after it fishing so well the week previously, he was chomping at the bit to get going! Fishing solid bags at 29 wraps towards “The Tits” he baited with 10kg of Sticky Baits Krill Active in 12mm with some secret liquids (he wont even tell me!), maize and house pellet per day. Chris was catching consistently at the beginning of the week but only getting through to the smaller fish. A slight tweak to his baiting strategy (making his mix more boilie biased) and his luck began to change, going on to land The Leney at 40lb, The Centurian at 41lb 5oz, The Long Common at 47lb 6oz and the icing on the cake…Shoulders at 62lb 3oz!! Chris was fishing pink hookbaits in his bags and ended up with 15 fish landed for the week! Not bad going at all mate


Next up we have Adrian “Buzz” Burrett who is absolutely no stranger to the Main Lake, he jumped at the chance of fishing The Alamo for the week and after a very quiet few days he started to get amongst them! Fishing at 30 wraps just to the left of Beach, baiting with 6kg of boilie and a little bit of maize thrown in the mix and fishing solid bags over the top. Buzz landed The Clean Fish at 55lb, Soft Focus at its top weight first time over 50lb! a few mega scaley originals and the absolute weapon of a carp “Fred” at 61lb 4oz!!! This carp is unreal and we shared a mega moment whilst attempting to photograph decided to do the Houdini off the matt and ended up getting away without any shots. But it’s the memories that count and we all had a little chuckle to ourselves afterwards with Buzz and Danny swimming up the bank trying to get hold of her!! Great angling as always mate!


Up next we have Ben and Jem Oakes who certainly had a score to settle after coming up blank on their first visit to the Main Lake,,,they certainly made up for it on this trip fishing in Big Southerly Ben landed “La Boheme” at a spawned out 42lb but what a way to kick start your Main Lake account!! Baiting with about 5kg a day on each spot with maze, hemp, pellet and boilie. Ben fished this one from 25.5 wraps just to the left of Alcatraz on a combi rig with a 12mm Tuna boilie tipped with SSM. He landed another one right at the end of his trip from the same spot, No Veg at 37lb 6oz! The other bites for the week came from his left hand rod fished at 14 wraps down towards the marker pole! Using a variety of the combi rig or solid bags (He landed fish on both) he went on to land “Mad max” at 40lb 10oz what an absolutely ridiculous carp that one is!! Jem was looking after the rods whilst Ben went round to the toilet and got involved in the action too landing Robs Rig at 47lb 2oz!! Ben also landed a wicked stocky called “Squeaky Clean” at 35lb 1oz and finished with 6 fish for the week! Well done guys and see you in September!


Jack Bower fished in Alcatraz and after his casting practice before heading out to the lake he made good use of it fishing at 31 wraps inbetween the boulders just left of Stink, Jack used 40kg of bait for the week and fished essential cell IB wafters on D rigs. He had to be patient and stick to his spot waiting until the last couple of days to get amongst the fish! He didn’t land anything massive but had a couple of nice 30lbers with the pic of the bunch being a mega scaley one called “Happy Daze” which is a rare visitor the bank and and its first time over 30lb! Patience paid off lad!


Chris Copey Cope up next and he had his holiday made on his first full night! Fishing in Treeline he landed “The Upfront Mirror” at 49lb smashing his PB in the process!! Chris landed this one from 20 wraps towards the tree on Co’s Point using 2 grains of yellow SSM on a combi rig set up, he landed a 24lb mirror from the 12 wrap towards Big Girls spot on the same morning! Great start! It went a bit quiet after that for Copey until he had one later on in the week casting a solid bag to a show a bit shorter than his spot out towards the tree resulting in a 29lb 10z mirror! Chris was using Baitworks Atlantic Heat and a mixture of maize and house pellet! Cheers for the laughs mate really enjoyed the week!


Mark Birchmore set his stall out in Bobs Beach for the week, starting with all 3 rods at 21 wraps and stuck it out for the week at this range, picking up 1 fish (But what a fish it was) “Epicano” at 37lb 12oz, another mega mega scaley original! Fishing Spinners with SSM on a heli set up. Mark baited with cell, maize and pellet throughout the week and after having a chat on Saturday morning he reckons if he had of started a bit further out, he thinks he would have been in with a chance of a few more bites. But in his own words “there is always something to learn” it’s all about unlocking that code! Stick at it mate and see you in late August!


Aaron Boyle next and after coming out 8 in the draw there was still a few of his preferred swims left, deciding on Pole Position for the week. Aaron fished at 20 wraps towards Stink and baited with 10kg of maize and 5kg of Sticky Manilla to start and then dropped it down to 6kg per day after that. Landing “Two Scales” at 41lb 4oz on the Wednesday evening on an Essential Cell IB wafter fished on a d-rig. Aaron also baited the short spot 13 ¾ towards the lightning tree with 2kg of boilie per day in hope of a real biggun coming over the spot but this ended up being Aarons only bite of the week!


James Evans dropped into Stock Pond and fished 2 rods at 20 wraps towards Oblivion and one in the “Dolly hole” at 9 ¼ wraps into the corner. Landing a 30lb 13oz common on the Sunday bight from the 9 ¼ spot on a cell bottom bait tipped with yellow SSM over a bed of maize, pellet and crushed boilie. Landing another one later on in the week as well! 


Another good week on the Main Lake with some really cool carp being caught. I absolutely love seeing these scaley originals coming out! Such wicked creatures!


Lets see what happens next week!


Until then,


Tight lines,