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  • Grant with the Queen of the Pond!
  • Solid bags at range for Grant!
  • 1 of 3 50's for Grant this week!
  • 50 number 2
  • 50 number 3
  • And a 60 thrown in for good measure
  • Blank saver and a new P.B to boot!
  • Danny with Boreas
  • Another nice one for Danny
  • Jack with a lovely common
  • Tom with "The Dustbin"
  • Last knockings for Tom!
  • Lashes is certainly one for the future!
  • The newly named...Baby Hunter

Grant with the Queen of the Pond!


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 23/07/2022

Fudgys loves it in Co’s!!


Right then, with the Main Lake fishing very well over the last couple of weeks everybody was full of anticipation! Lots of originals coming out and a few of the bigguns still haven’t been seen this year! This is how the week panned out…


Grant Dilloway returned to the Main Lake after fishing Alcatraz previously and having a mega session but not really getting amongst the larger residents, he certainly had a score to settle this time round! Coming out high in the draw he didn’t hesistate to drop into the inform Co’s Point. After having a lead around in the zones that have done fish over the previous weeks he decided on 30 wraps towards the “tits”. Grant baited heavily from the off with 10kg of mixed size Sticky Baits Krill Active and 5kg of house maize per day and fished solid bags over the top with a variety of hookbaits from dumbbells to 12mm wafters in a variety of colours!!  Grant started off the week with “Parker” at 44lb 12oz and a mega scaley original “Pecs” at 36lb 14oz, followed up by a really cool common named “Petal” at 41lb 1oz! Grant had a little bit of a mare getting the rigs in the right place on Big Fish Thursday and honestly thought he had blown his chances for the night…this was not to be the case as the mighty “Fudgys” graced his net giving him a new PB of 73lb 12oz! Well done that man. Grant backed this up with “The Stranger” at 52lb, “Mammut” at 52lb 12oz, “Timelapse” at 53lb and “White Lines” at 60lb 4oz!! WHAT A SESSION!! Great angling mate 


Tom Grifiths up next who after coming out 8th in the draw still managed to get into one of his top 4 swims…Big Girls was the choice as he had never fished this peg before and was surprised it was still available after picking a fairly low number! After what turned out to be a very hard week, losing a fish on the opening night it was important for Tom not to lose his head and start moving spots. Consistent baiting at 14 wraps to the left hand margin, 21 wraps to the pipes and 26 wraps to the reeds just in front of the spit. Finally on the final night the long spot produced a last minute blank saver in the shape of “The Clean Fish” and a new PB for Tom!! Well done for sticking it out mate. This one was caught on triple pop up maize on a spinner rig from the 26 spot! Getting to share the buzz with his pals and a certain Mr. Darrell Peck made it even more special!! Lovely stuff mate


Danny Bleach dropped into Pole Position for the week and baited with 5kg of maize and 5kg of Sticky Baits Krill everyday, fishing at 29 wraps towards The Stink fishing combi rigs with SSM over the top. Danny had 5 takes and landed 3 fish for the week. “Boreas” at 34lb, “The Ingot” at 29lb and another mega 34lb common! Nice one mate see you next December!


Next up we have Jack Maltby and Tom who doubled up in the famous Alamo swim and it didn’t take long for Tom to get amongst the carp! Fishing 1 rod at 14 wraps towards the clubhouse roof he landed 2 fish on Saturday evening! “The Dustbin” at a well spawned out weight of 47lb 4oz and one of the stockies! Both fish were caught on solid bags! Jack fished the left hand side of the swim and concentrated all 3 rods at 28 wraps to the U shape gap just to the left of Beach. Baiting with 7-10kg a day and fishing Spinner rigs with A DNA Bug Dumbell he landed “Butterfly” on Tuesday morning at 33lb 8oz. Good stuff lads




Keith Fugill up next who decided on Alcatraz for the week. Fishing at 29 wraps in between the boulders left of stink, Keith fish multi rigs with Royal Marine hard hookers and a pink pop up. Baiting with Royal Marine and maize. Keith went on to land 5 fish for the week including one of the new stockies that he got to name and one of the super stockies!! Lashes at 44lb 7oz! This fish is certainly one to watch out for it has the frame to be absolutely massive!! 


Paul Williams and his lovely wife Kath fished in Oblivion for the week. Paul managed 1 of the stockies on Wednesday evening at 18lb which saved a blank! Fishing at 17 ½ wraps to the poplars right of Beach he used 20kg of link and cell mixed through with some house pellet and maize! Looking forward to next year already!!



28 fish out this week which isn’t a bad total! Bites coming from all around the lake which is great! Lets see what next week brings…


Until then,


Tight lines,