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  • Stunning Common for Jason enough said 68lb 4oz
  • 2 C,s at 51lb 12oz
  • "Spotty leather" , tricky fish to hold due to its length but at 61lb well worth the effort
  • Robs Rig at 49lb a young fish that is destined for big things!
  • Zig Power, Clarkey's looking awesome at 64lb 4oz

Stunning Common for Jason enough said 68lb 4oz


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 30/07/2022



After what can only be described as an epic last 3 weeks on the Big G main lake, it was clear to see my guests were well up for it.

So, ice cold Kronenburgs in hand we set off on the customary Gigantica walk around, to give our intrepid 12 anglers a good insight of each peg.


It was clear to see from the off it was going to be a great week just from the banter if nothing else.


Lee McGlone fishing in Pole Position was first out of the traps fishing 28 wraps towards The Stink, fishing match the hatch boilies with slow sinking maize toppers on Blow back rigs over the top of a buffet style mixture of house pellet, maize and Boss baits CCM fishmeal boilies,

Landing “Acquiesce” at 28lb and following up with a 21lb stocky.


With Co, s Point throwing up plenty of lovely big original’s the past 3 weeks it was no wonder Andy Lewis was biting at the bit to get going.

Andy chose to position all 3 rods at 30 wraps towards “the tits” fishing Blow Back rigs with match the hatch hard hookers fished over DNA SLK and S7 boilies.

The first fish to grace his net was “Spotty Leather” at 61lb, what an awesome way to open the account especially as in the dark he thought it was a lot smaller, (we won’t go there hey Mate ha-ha).

Next on the bank was “Chippy” at 24lb 7oz, followed by ‘2 C’s at 51lb 12oz,” Borris the barsteward” at 35lb 8oz and finishing the session in great style with “Robs rig” at 49lb on the button, great effort mate.


Another swim that’s been in great form as of late is “Big Southerly” and Jason Donaldson delivered with the second biggest common in the lake in the shape of “Cut Tail Common” the Rueben’s span around to 68lb 4oz, what a carp!

Going on to back this up with “Two faces at 39lb 4oz,

Tactics deployed where match the hatch fishmeal boilies on D rigs over boilie and maize fished at 25.5 wraps towards Alcatraz.


Ash Rich fishing out of Alcatraz only had the 1 fish, but what a fish it was.

After seeing a lot of fish high in front of him a 18ft Zig was deployed and not long after “Clarkeys” was in the net looking awesome at 64lb 8oz.

Not a bad effort on 11lb zig line and a size 6 hook top effort mate.

Jim Povey in Baxter’s had 2 fish short off his 16-wrap mark fishing Pop ups on Spinners with “The Rudder” being his biggest at 45lb.

Luke Williams fishing out of The Beach managed 3 of the smaller residents catching at 25 wraps fishing, fishing solid bags over pellet maize and boilie.

Craig Norton in Big Girls also had 3 fish with his biggest being the lovely “Cookies and cream” at 38lb 4oz, spinner rigs with slow sinking maize fished over house pellet and maize doing the do at 21 wraps.


All in all, a quieter week than the last few,

But that’s fishing and lovely to see some of the big Girls and Original’s.

Until next time guys,

Tight lines