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  • We Love Bacon!!!
  • Gavs first bite of the week!
  • Another super cool Common!
  • Got some front...and the fish
  • Chris with Pearly Linear
  • Mooney!!
  • Prodger with The Patched Fully
  • Wiggly Cnut!
  • Gordon with The mighty Shoulders!
  • PB for Kieran!!
  • Sean Stoner, 25lb 13oz, Stock Pond, 06/08/2022
  • Twisted scale for Clacky!

We Love Bacon!!!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 06/08/2022

Anyone for some Danish Bacon??


With 12 super keen Main Lake anglers ready to rock and roll, we got the weekly walk around completed and got cracking with the draw!


Lets start off proceedings with Gavin Hall who decided on The Alamo for the week. Doubling up with his pal Ash he fancied fishing the right hand side of the swim…What a good choice this turned out to be! Starting the week well landing a pristine 32lb common on Sunday morning after casting singles into some fizzers at around 80 yards it went quiet for a little while after that. A change was required and Gav decided to find a spot out long..Fishing 30 wraps towards the Beach Gav upped the ante on the baiting introducing 10kg of Oxford Carp baits LTK, hemp, pellet and maize and fishing Spinner rigs with a variety of hookbaits over the top! Things got interesting after this change with a. couple of 20lbers coming from the spot Gav decided to up the bait again to 15kg per day and wow did this pay off….Friday came and an absolute monster was in the net in the shape of “Danish Bacon” at a huge summer weight of 71lb! This was finished off with a 28 common using the same tactics!! WHAT A RESULT!! Working your swim is a must and if you feel like you should be getting bites then do not hesistate to make subtle changes! 


The ever consistent and ever present Chris Clarke couldn’t stay away from Co’s Point. With absolutely no need to do anything different to the last time he fished it 2 weeks ago, Chris just pressed the repeat button! Fishing all 3 rods at 120 yards to the “tits” using a mixture of solid bags and blowback rigs fished snowman style with pink toppers. Baiting with 10kg a day of his favourite Sticky Baits Krill Active 12mm, house pellet and maize. Chris lost a few fish in the earlier part of the week prompting him to make a few tweaks to his rigs including hook pattern and hooklink length! This tweak worked as he went on to land 10 fish from 15 takes for the week! Some of the better ones included, “The Upfront Mirror” at 49lb 10z and “Pearly Linear” at 43lb 8oz! As always mate great stuff and good luck next week!


Lee Prodger fancied his chances in Bobs Beach and decided to fish all 3 rods straight out on a silty area at 100 yards. Incorporating blowback rigs with hybrid bottom baits and pineapple toppers, Lee baited up with 10kg a day of Mainline Hybrid Boilies and house maize split 70:30. After landing a couple of smaller fish early on in the week the main prize turned up early Thursday morning in the shape of “The Patched Fully” at a post spawning weight of 53lb 8oz! It went quiet for Lee after that but who cares when a fish like that turns up for a few snaps! See you in October mate…


Gordon Harman decided to give Big Girls a whirl for the week! Gord fished simple combi rigs with size 2 JP euro hooks, with 2 bits of Slow Sinking Maize at the business end. Fishing 3 different sp[ots, one at 14 wraps into the bay, “The Pipes” spot at 21 wraps amnd a longer spot at 26 wraps to the spit. Gordon baited with 10kg per spot per days, consisting of 8kg of maize and 2kg of Mainline Essential Cell. After dropping a couple of fish it all came good at the back end of the week when Gordon landed the mighty “Shoulders” at a whopping 62lb 4oz! This bite came from the long spot! Not a first fish for the week! Well stuck out mate and I’m glad it came good in the end!




Kieran Moran next and his first visit to the Main Lake he fancied his chances in Stink for the week…Starting off fishing 2 rods at 16 ½ wraps at the Poplars he noticed a lot of activity on Saturday night straight out in front of him fairly close in. Thinking on his feet he cast a solid bag with a 12mm DNA Bug Dumbell tipped with pink corn into the area where the fish were showing and it didn’t take long for the rod to burst into life resulting in a new P.B “Joshs” at 37lb 8oz! Mega stuff mate, Kieran lost 2 during the week but this was to be the only action for him! Still another P.B broken well done geez!


Lewis Waters also on his first trip to the Main Lake and dropped into Oblivion… Fishing 2 rods at 19 wraps towards the Beach he landed one off this spot on a spinner rig with plastic maize over a bed of DNA Bug, Pellet and maize! Lewis also kept feeding a spot at 6.5 wraps down his right margin but it didn’t produce anything for the week so he changed that rod to a zig mid week and landed a 29lb 11oz mirror which was another new P.B! Well done mate.


Sean Stoner came out last and went into Stock Pond after a few days of fish showing in the area but nothing being converted into a bite he made a few tweaks and it all came good on Thursday Morning when Sean landed a mega mid 20 original known as “Apple Crumble” This fish was landed on a spinner rig with2. Grains of SSM fished at 25 wraps towards the outlet pipes in the corner of Stock Pond margin! Sean was baiting from the bank with 8kg a day of Pellet and Boilie! Well stuck out mate


Main Lake Regular Paul “Clacky” Clack went into Big Southerly for the week and fished 2 rods at 25.5 towards Alcatraz and 1 rod down his left margin to the marker pole at 14 wraps. All of his fish came from the long spot on 2 pieces of SSM fished on a spinner! Paul landed a 26lb 4oz, 27lb and a 32lb 8oz Mirror! Clacky fed 7kg a day per spot of Boilie and Pellet with a sprinkling of maize thrown through the mix for a fleck of colour!


Ash Stay started the week off on the left side of Alamo but after a wuiet week he dropped into the newly vacated Baxters for the last couple of nights snaring a lovely old dark 23lb leathery original. Fishing short towards Co’s Point using a German rig with the ever consistent SSM with 15spombs of corn and pellet over the top saved a blank for Ash!


We managed to get some raking done this week in some of the swims where the weed is starting to pop up. Alcatraz and Pole Position. I dropped into Alcatraz and fished solid bags in the freshly raked areas and had bites so it really does get the carp interested when the bottom is so stirred up! This will be continuing throughout the summer to keep lost fish to a bare minimum and to keep the spots nice and clean! We appreciate the help from the anglers this week massively! Lots of originals out again this week! Lets try and keep it up! 


Until then,


Tight lines,