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  • Josh With paw print
  • Josh with Lennies
  • Josh Cooks Rig and Bait choices for the week
  • Dan Jones with a super stocky known as Dustbin

The Mighty Pips


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 13/08/2022

With a bunch of anglers who have all been here before, it would be interesting how it would fish! With the weather looking spot on with pressure drops and thunderstorms forecasted, it looked bang on for a few fish. Although when the weather front did come through it killed the lake for a 24hrs. Enough about the weather get onto the anglers catch report…


First up is top rod for the week Daniel Jones, came out late in the draw and opted for Oblivion. Dan had a game plan to fish long so he pushed his limits fishing 31 wraps. Dan had a mega first 24hrs landing 8 carp! With the pick of the bunch being dustbin at 50lb 4oz and a new PB alongside buzz’s half linear at 40lb 8oz. Fishing little and often approach, he baited up with 5 spombs after every fish and then 5-10 spombs to top up the spot twice a day once bites dried up. Dan ended up with 11 fish all on spinner rigs with snowman hook baits. Bait choice was trent baits boilie with a mixture of the house pellet and maize. 


Josh Cook went straight into Co’s Point after its recent form and carried on the form, landing 8 fish for the week with the pick of the bunch being a 50lb common in form on Lennie’s and a 51lb mirror know as paw print… two mega carp!! Josh fished spinner rigs and found white pop ups to be the best hook bait to keep bites coming. Josh fished 30 wraps towards the tits and baited up with 8-10kg a day with mainly DNA bug boilie and maize. 


Paul Carpenter started out in the Beach and nicked a fish on the first night catching a proper old original known as Quasimodo at 34lb. Followed by the following morning with a small stockie. Fishing at 25 wraps and baiting with 5kg a day Paul was unable to have any more bites from the beach until he moved to Scotties Corner on Friday and 3 solid bags fished at 18 wraps to the left of the weed bed proved productive having 3 bites in short succession with the biggest being a 37lb common known as my bait. 


Tom Burns fished Stink for the week and set out fishing 28 wraps to the left hand side of beach. Wasn’t until Monday night tom managed his first bite being a 46lb common known as terminator. The bite came after baiting heavy the day before with 10kg of boilie and maize. Baiting heavy again on the Tuesday, early hours Wednesday morning another bite came with a 57lb 14oz mirror known as the clean fish. Toms rig choice for the week was noodle rigs fished with 20mm bottom baits with 16mm matching pop ups. Using Trent baits hot water shrimp. 


Barry Yoemans came out late in the draw and dropped into Pole Position. Set out fishing to his where he was comfortable and found a spot at 25 wraps and stuck to it with 3 rods. Baiting daily 3-4 times a day with a mixture of sticky krill boilie, pellet and mix particle, putting in around 6kg a day. Fishing spinner rigs with 20mm tough ones matching bottom baits proved to be a tactic to keep bites coming. Ending the week on 5 fish up to 38lb 11oz known as Kool Karp. 


Jamie Woodman fished Big Southerly, having a frustrating start to the trip losing his first 2 bites on the long spot, after a couple of small changes he managed to land his first fish on Tuesday morning being the stratus family common at 46lb. The following day at mid-day the next bite came along this time with a 52lb mirror known as the Weld and a PB! These two came off a spot at 25 ½ wraps, baiting with 3kg a day of boilie and maize. But Jamie had another spot 12 wraps down the left hand margin which he had been trickling bait onto (nothing to heavy few spombs each day) fishing for a bite at a time. This paid off on Thursday morning when he landed Pips at 67lb 4oz! what a trio of carp. His fish fell to combi rigs fished with snowman style baits. The boilie choice for the week was active bait solutions plan zero in 20mm 


The return of Chris Clarke, this bloke doesn’t need any introduction. After coming out 11th in the draw, he wasn’t impressed but had faith and ended up in Treeline. It took a few days to figure out the peg but after a change of tactic fishing solid bags to the left margin at 20 wraps managed to produce a couple bites with the pick of the bunch being the bullet at 38lb. 


Bob Flisher fished Alamo and fished it long at 31 wraps, baiting with 8kg a day of maize and boilie from active bait solutions. Fishing simple blowback rigs with snowman styled hook baits. Bob only managed 1 bite for the week, but it was a lovely scaley one at 47lb 6oz known as sashsquash.


Overall it was a funny week with the first couple days fishing very well and it just died off! But with consistent solid angling from the lads, they put in a good effort to end the week with 36 fish with some crackers amongst them!

Until next time